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You are surely going to love this Bridal Hairstyle…!

Getting married is one of the most important events for any girl. Makeup artists can take care of your bridal hairstyle too. But choosing a good hair stylist is one of the most overwhelming decisions to make.  Your style of hair can effect your whole bridal look. So, choose your stylist by taking the right advice, or you may spoil your stunning look. In India, we normally wear Lehnga or Saree for wedding purpose. So, choose your bridal hairdo according to your wedding outfit. Watch this video to see a perfect bridal hairstyle and dupatta setting.

Video credit: Hafsa

Start with straight blowing the dry hair. Then decide whether the bride wants a middle or side parting. Tie the section of the front hair from the both sides. Make a pony tail out of rest of the hair. Spray to set and manage it. Then decide the size of hair doughnut you want to use. Place it towards the end of the pony tail and twist the doughnut with the hair of  ponytail. To secure it, first spray the hair setting spray and than pin it properly.Use the wig close to the colour of original hair. Divide it in four sections. Two going to the front and two to the back, pin the back portion.

Now, take the front section and fix it to the doughnut. Pin it using bobby pins. Split the remaining hair into two parts and taking each section upward and downward again. Always make sure that you are securing it with pins. Try to smooth hair through the whole process to set it right. Tuck the remaining portion of the hair under the doughnut. Now, take the strands from each side of the doughnut and braid it. Then, take the strands one at a time and cover the boundary of the doughnut. This way, you cannot find out where the hairstyle starts and where it ends. Use bobby pin to fix it in place. Twist the remaining under the bun and do the same thing with the other braid too. Put the ‘teeka’ in place and set the remaining portion of the front hair. Back comb the hair of both the sides and pin it. Your hair style is complete.

Next is setting the dupatta, to complete the bridal look. Start setting it from the boundary of doughnut. Styling of your dupatta is completely your choice. Pin one side to shoulder, to take the weight of your dupatta away from the head. Use U shape pins and pin it inside the embroidery boundary to make it invisible. Arrange the remaining part of dupatta to complete the look.

Today, we loved to share this article based on the above video with you, because we believe that a bride should get all the attention and praises for her stunning look on her wedding day. How many stars you are going to give for this? Do tell us in our comment box. Keep reading for more on bridal makeup…

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You are surely going to love this Bridal Hairstyle…!
Hairstyle is the main part of any bridal makeup. As a bride, you need to look beautiful and elegant with your unique hairstyle.
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