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10 Reasons Why Smokey Eyes Look So Glamorous

10 Reasons Why Smokey Eyes Look So Glamorous

Kohl and smokey eyes were initially used by Egyptian women to supposedly protect themselves from eye ailments of any sort or from the harsh effects of the sunlight. It was used by the Indian women to protect their infant from any kind of evil or to even strengthen their eyesight. Whatever might be the reasons to use the cosmetic back then- we have surely come a long way since then. The whole concept of Smokey Eyes is nothing but a genius eye makeup technique that has managed to win the hearts of a million women across the globe. Smokey eyes are a trendsetter look, proudly worn by many celebrities and commoners with utmost confidence and panache.

You can easily achieve the look by using some extremely dark colors over your eyelids- just above the upper waterline and then slowly blending this with more neutral colors at the top, with extreme skills and caution. The whole idea is to create a nice gradient of contrasting colors and you can then finish the look using some nice highlighters and a finishing touch of kohl and mascara.
Here are the ten reasons why smokey eyes are bound to steal away a lot of hearts: 

  1. This makeup technique, when used correctly, withstands the power to uplift even the blandest of outfits and makes it look sizzling hot. 
  2. Depending on the shades that you use, you can pull of the Smokey Eyes with just any sort of attire- be it a formal pantsuit or a party dress.
  3. Smokey Eyes give you this bold confidence to sizzle away all evening, and attracts a lot of healthy attention your way.

  1. You can personalize this makeup technique to your tastes, by playing around with the color pallets that you use.
  2. Add an extra oomph factor and pull off a red-carpet look by adding some glitter to your Smokey Eyes, experimenting with the whole look and feel of the dazzle.
  3. You can add to the glamour and all that smolder, by wearing some hot new shades that you wouldn’t be able to wear otherwise at the risk of looking washed away.

  1. With Smokey Eyes, you can just get away with and hairstyle- it can be a scandalous bed head or you can tuck away your hair in a neat high pony.
  2. You play around with the intensity of this effect and proudly carry off this technique as a daytime stunner or a nighttime dazzler.
  3. Smokey eyes look the most glamorous when you have the strut to match the bold shades. Thus, make sure you feel the confidence you wear on your face.
  4. The most glamorous part about using this makeup technique is, that you don’t really have to worry much about the event you take the look too, you can always vary the whole thing by using different highlight techniques and throwing in some accessories here and there, and tone it as per your requirement.
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