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Be the trend setter: bridal wear 2018

Be the trend setter: bridal wear 2018

Since most girls nowadays want something unique, something that can blend with the tradition but still look trendy. The latest trends or unique Indian wedding ideas are evolving to suit the style of an Indian bride. Women want something personalized for them. Apart from the color and design the bride also decides everything about the dress including the drape, the style, the cut, and the accessories to complete their look. We have come up with some latest bridal wear this time. Be the trendsetter: bridal wear 2018. If you are the would-be-bride anytime this year you can surely consider these options. 

  1. Shades of pastels

If you are the bride, then don’t limit yourself to the traditional pink, maroon anymore. Break the customs and try some new and sober shades of pastels. A lighter pastel shade is the new trend, it gets you the royal bridal look. Break the custom without qualms. Go for shades like lavender, sunset yellow, peach, turquoise,  beige and mint green.

  1. The princess theme

Planning for a themed wedding party? Disney bridal princess dress is something that fascinates a bride the most. Meeting your prince in a princess dress is like a childhood dream coming true. Why not give it a trial?? 😉

  1. Gown Saree 

An Indian bride is traditional, shy, but strong in her own way. Wear something that can define your personality. A gown saree mashup will be the true outfit for you. It looks elegant, soft yet confident. It is very comfortable too.

  1. Statement Hues

If you think pastels are also common than this one is for you. Statement colors include electric blue, brightest yellow, bright green, bold blue or any color that makes you a head turner. Although it’s not easy to pull off the statement colors but you can do it with your confidence and natural beauty.

  1. Metallic Shades

If you are talking about a metallic dress then it’s not just about silver, grey or golden. The fabric and texture play an important role in the overall appearance of this dress. Be the showstopper at your wedding, glitz, glam bride.

  1. Princess Tail

Feel like a princess at your wedding. Get yourself a princess tail dress but ask someone to hold it from behind while you climb up or down the stairs. 

An Indian bride can carry off these long flowing gowns with so much grace. Be that bride!! 🙂

  1. Layers layers everywhere

Layers can create Karishma. Trust us, with a  layered Indian wedding dress, you get to flaunt the silhouettes like a boss. If you have some weight issue a right cut layered dress can give you the most desired shape.

  1. Belts

A belt on a wedding dress is so much in fashion this season. But while trying a belt with your lehnga you should match the design and the fabric you are going to wear. You can have an elaborate one with studded gems! A belt will be a fitting accessory for your wedding outfit. 

  1. Flares

Why flares? Flares, because it enhances your curves. Want to look elegant, confident and delicate, wear flares.
So, if you are looking for an Indian wedding gown that you want to love, go for flares.

  1. Traditional with a Twist

A red and maroon bridal dress can never go out of fashion. Actually, it’s easy and safe to go for a traditional outfit. But your hairstyle and a bling to your dress will make you unique. Carry it with confidence and in your own style and you will look traditional with a twist.

Some more for your bridal bag!!

1. Hair and makeup stylist. Book them prior to your wedding. Go for a trial makeup and that way you can change the products or style that you don’t like. 

2. Get your dress ready at least 3 months before your wedding day, that way you have plenty of time to work on the rest of your look or the alterations to the dress.

3. Book your wedding photographer at least 3 months prior. Get your pre-wedding shoot date finalized with your photographer. 

Stop worrying much about your wedding fears, you look radiant and confident when you are happy. Be the happy bride. 🙂

All images: Pinterest

Be the trend setter: bridal wear 2018
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Be the trend setter: bridal wear 2018
Be the trendsetter: bridal wear 2018. Since most girls nowadays want something unique, something that can blend with the tradition but still look trendy.
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