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10 Things You Should Know Before Your Pre Wedding Shoot

10 Things You Should Know Before Your Pre Wedding Shoot

You and your spouse are about to bid an adieu to your bachelor life. The excitement is running high for the both of you. Your pre-wedding phase is a hectic one. There are about a million things that you have to plan and keep ready. Both of your families are busy negotiating the do and don’t’s of the wedding. Advises, snippets of experiences, suggestions for your married life etc. keep pouring in from everyone you know. Well, in short your up-coming wedding is all that everyone close to you can seem to think about.

In the midst of this happy chaos you and your would-be need to take some quiet time out to organise a stunning pre-wedding shoot. This anticipatory phase that you both are going through is special in its own unique way. Moreover, for those who are having an arranged marriage,  pre-wedding shoot is a perfect opportunity to get to know your future life partner.

Here are a few things you should know to avoid regrets after your pre-wedding shoot:

1. Stay Natural

Most of the couples take being themselves for granted when it comes to  a pre-wedding shoot. For example, lets say you and your spouse like mountains. Then to do a  pre-wedding shoot on a beach just because it is what everyone around is opting for, is one of the worst mistakes you will make. Remember that if you are uncomfortable, it will reflect in your photos.

2. Why just one place?

This is where you take the phase “Change is the only constant” literally. Choose a couple of places or surroundings that are not connected to each other. For example, a field, an abandoned warehouse, your favourite car etc. Each place will add a unique dimension to your picture.  

3. Colour and Costume

Your dressing will set the tone of the  pre-wedding shoot. Matching, coordinated, contrast or mismatch, discuss how you want to be paired. Procrastination or ignorance in this regard will only be disastrous.

4. Props

This is the best and the most effective way to add some artistic creativity to your  pre-wedding shoot. There are no limits when it comes to props. From a simple swing set to a lavish tree house, you can take a simple thing and give it your own definition.

5. Destination Desire

This is a trend of  pre-wedding shoot which is slowly gaining massive popularity. You pick out a stunning exotic location with heavenly aesthetic scenery. Beauty of nature combined with your love is bound to translate magnificently in all your pictures.

6. Re-visit your memories

This  pre-wedding shoot is for those who have been long-time sweethearts. Revisit the places where your romance began and grew. Locate places which have contributed to be milestones in your relationship. It is among the best pre-wedding gifts you can give yourselves.

7. Call in the gang

Best friends play a crucial role in your personal lives. They have seen you through all the ups and downs of your relationships. So why not get them on board and give way to an epic group  pre-wedding shoot fun!

8. Not always about photos

Along with just these attractive stills, you can talk to your photographer to create small video snippets of both of you enjoying at your  pre-wedding shoot. These can later be strung together with your other photographs in an enchanting video of your dreamlike pre-wedding shoot.

9. Choose the right time

Appropriate lighting is an indispensable element in photography. Lighting is heavily dependent on time of the day. Therefore the wise way to go around have a talk with your photographer make sure you have appropriate lighting available for your  pre-wedding shoot.

10. Wedding Merchandise

Well now that you have a bunch of mind blowing photos, why not do a little flaunting? You can put these up on social media. You select the best one and have it printed on your wedding cards or create adorable little customized return gifts for your guests.


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