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Be the Coolest Bride

Be the Coolest Bride

Remember the stress we take when we have to attend a friend’s marriage in a few days? We start planning and scheduling parlor dates and cool makeup ideas just in time to look pretty for their big day. Imagine to what extent that stress will be magnified when it will be your turn to take the walk down the aisle on your wedding day. And well it is damn fair to be that nervous too. After all, you have most probably been planning for this day for a while now – weeks or maybe even months? So, how to be the coolest bride on your D-day?

Well, this article aims to ease some of that nervous energy on your big day. Why not make a style statement by a display of cool makeup ideas on your wedding day? Instead of following the quintessential trends that have been going around in that season, you can opt to stand out. Unleash your inner diva and go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding. 

How to be the coolest bride?

1. In the Spotlight

Your make-up should be structured in a way that you become the focus of any photograph that features you in it (even by mistake!). Usually, make-up artists opt to go for the safer nude or pastel pallets of color when structuring your basic look. This belief stems from the fact that you will need to look fresh and charming through the day. Not vulgar and lost in the brilliant flood of night lights.

2. Bold Is Beautiful

Gone are the days when opting for bold shades and gold hues were considered to be an abomination. Nowadays you, the bride, must have a brand new look with cool makeup ideas and look the most amazing.

3. Keep It Ambiguous

You’ll have no time at all to go to a make-up artist to change your day make – up for an evening one. Therefore, make sure that your cool makeup ideas match both your outfits and ambiances.

4. No Last Minute Regrets

A last minute fix make-up in the bathroom isn’t appropriate for the self-respecting bride. Wedding make-up should be not only ideal but additionally long-lasting. Don’t economize money on bridal make-up artists as well as professional cosmetic products on your wedding day. 

5. The Colour Code

In case your wedding dress is in a pale shade, pick up cool makeup ideas with colors like light blue, light gray, and muted purple. In case the dress has a beige hue, concentrate on warm colors, like all tones of beige, sand, soft turquoise, as well as champagne.

6. Lip Love

The color of lipstick needs to be chosen in pastel, not bright colors. An exclusion is only if you put on a red wedding gown. In this case, the lips must be the second brilliant spot, and eye make-up should be minimal.

7. Tuning The Tone

When choosing a tone basis, you must be guided by skin tone. Not only the face but additionally the hands and décolleté. It is sensible to visit a solarium several times ahead of time so the skin can look far healthy and smooth.

8. Daylight Dilemma

Since the wedding timings are usually in the mid-day as well as the whole photo shoot normally happens in daylight, the alignment of the skin must be given particular attention.

Opt to stand out and unleash your inner diva. Go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding and set a magnificent style statement!

Be the coolest bride
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Be the coolest bride
Make a style statement by a display of cool makeup ideas on your wedding day. Be the coolest bride on your D-day.
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