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Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an airbrush makeup is relevant to Weddings?

Blame it on these awesome professional wedding photographers, I tell you! Airbrush makeup technology is the makeup industry’s way of keeping up with the photography technology that’s now available. HD (High Definition) video and photography can now capture details like no other. While earlier, Airbrush makeup was a movie / TV celebrity favorite for shooting, as wedding photographers shoot with such high-quality gear, they are likely to catch little flaws. 

PC: Sourav

Why an airbrush makeup is awesome? 

  1. It looks very even and gives a very natural look in comparison to foundation applied otherwise. You’ll look ‘naturally radiant’ even in your HD photos and videos. 
  2. It looks far from the typical dramatic look. Normally applied makeup usually settles and can appear in pores and wrinkles but not the same with it.
  3. You get that ‘almost nothing’ light feeling. It’s super light!
  4. It’s great if you already have good, clear skin and want that added flawlessness in your bridal or party look.
  5. If you have oily skin, it’s a great option because it’s unlikely to melt away like normal makeup that is applied otherwise. It stays but is not sticky. 🙂
  6. It’s long lasting makeup idea. It tends to stay put for 12-24 hours in a day.
  7. It’s more hygienic for your skin because there’s no direct contact with brushes, hands etc. 

Why an airbrush makeup is not so awesome? 
  1. If you have more pimples or acne, don’t choose this makeup type. It’s so sheer that it’s not suited for those with acne on their face. Those who would need high coverage foundation to hide their scars, an airbrush makeup is not a good choice for them. 
  2. An airbrush makeup is more expensive than a regular makeup. It’s better to watch on your budget too. Don’t be coaxed into opting for this if it’s out of your budget or if it’s not correct for your skin type.
  3. It’s important to make sure that it’s actually being done by an airbrush makeup artist or a makeup artist who specializes in an airbrush makeup. Different makeup artists have a different style of work so be careful while you choose or it can go horribly wrong.
  4. If you have a lot of facial hair or baby hairs, they may still be visible in an airbrush makeup.
  5.  Don’t be taken in by the trend in the city ever. Apply what suits you and your skin.

PC: Sourav
You need to pick what is right for you. If your budget/skin type doesn’t call for airbrush makeup, don’t go for it; You can look just as flawless with regular makeup as well. At the same time, if you are investing in very expensive HD photography and cinematography and have a high budget for your makeup and you have oily, non-acne scarred skin, then it’s worth investing in airbrush makeup.

Looking for some good ones? Check out our curated lot of makeup artists on flatpebble.com. Find your dream makeup artist.

All PC: Chocolate Box  Photography

Wedding Fears For Would-be Grooms

Wedding Fears For Would-be Grooms

You are the would-be groom and it is your big wedding. The one you and your fiancée, along with both of your families have been planning for weeks. It is obvious that your nerves will be on the edge till you are through with the ceremony. With so many verticals involved, so many services and so much of assistance from so many people it is obvious that a would-be groom will be worried that something might not turn out the way he had imaged it. He will be constantly afraid of the arrangements not being up to the mark and disappointing him. However, a would-be groom should know that every person, ever married faces this anxiety.

Brides are better at taking control over these situations usually. They know each and every detail of the services that will be there and are usually prepared for the worst. But they will worry too (often more than a would-be groom). A would-be groom can knock among the bride’s inherent fears out from the ballpark by looking like one million dollars on wedding day. As you will undoubtedly be made aware, the bride as well as the bridesmaids will start up big day by category in a salon where the bride as well as the party may get their hair, nails, and perhaps even make-up done. If they are going all out, the bride could have established for a massage whole with Ocean citrus herbal blends etc. 

Clearly, her journey to get in the wedding day begins a long time before, as your bride might have researched and analyzed hair salons or spas to find only the right spot to get everything right on big day. About 3 months prior to the marriage, find a salon that has experience in receiving bridegrooms prepared on the day of the wedding. A would-be groom should ideally schedule a consultation to get his own hair chopped leading up to the marriage. Three months is the ideal period of time to get that butchered own hair up to snuff and look perfect. 

Barber of a would-be groom – god bless him – has likely put a variety of trim lines in his hair which are going to show up in the marriage pictures. Three months of constant cutting by the same stylist may even that most out. A would-be groom may always return back to the barber after the wedding! Therefore, he should have final pre-marriage haircut no later than fourteen days prior to the big day. A would-be groom should be prepared to avoid breaking out into pimples like the senior high school weakling before the wedding. A trip to the spa or physician can make sure that his skin will look its best.

All in all when it comes to pre-wedding nervousness, when it is said that a bride frets more than a would-be groom does, it is said wrong. Both are equally worried for the ceremony and want every arrangement made to be delivered in the highest quality. This nervousness will significantly subside if the couple opts for reliable services like that of FlatPebble. So choose wisely and worry less!

Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Candid photography plays an essential role on a wedding day. Moments that build up on the day are essentially unique to every individual in their own ways. Such fond memories and stages can never be recreated. Photographs are not only to reminisce but also to preserve those precious emotions which are not only limited to the bride and groom but also encapsulates their friends and family.

If you ask your parents about their wedding day, they would definitely recall what they felt and how in their heads but the photos during their era surely did not capture the entire essence of it. Candid
photography is hence, the new favourite of this generation.

While traditional photography was all about look-here-smile-please, candid photography does not at all believe in that mantra. This new vogue is all about unawareness. The candid photographer is
always on the move and has the eye of an eagle. At the time and also years later when these
captured moments will bring a smile to many faces, appreciation will also come for not just the
frames but the emotions too.

Let us look at a few reasons why you should try candid photography at your wedding as well instead of going for just the traditional one!

1. candid photography capture the emotions, just as they are. When the candid photographer captures, down the line a story is formed. As more and more of the moments unfold, so does the story. Couples usually miss out on the fleeting moments for they remain way too busy during the wedding itself. The traditional photographer too remains busy in clicking the much-required events and other family photographs. On the other hand, the candids capture the essential feelings that float on their faces. It is only later that the couple can really get to enjoy those precious stages, in form of candid photos and candid photography.

2. You are most beautiful when you are natural. This does not at all hint at the groom or the bride
without getting married without the use of any kind of cosmetics. When we say natural, we mean
the natural flow of sentiments and reactions. Imagine at some point in time, the bride sees her
mother beside her and it creates an emotional upheaval. All that the traditional photographer may
be doing then is capturing the fun and frolic around. Who is the one who will pay attention to and
capture the minute most details? None other than the candid photographer will.

3. The events in the wedding may be planned but there are many occurrences which are absolutely
unpredictable. One cannot anticipate when the bride feels like dancing or the groom and his friends
share a private joke. These are the times when reactions are priceless. Many times the traditional
photographer misses out on capturing these. The candid photographer, on the other hand, can nail
it when it comes to framing responses, be it funny, adoring or emotional.

4. Let us get it straight. It is quite annoying to be asked to look at the camera a million times during
the wedding and especially during the sacred ceremonies. What are you to do? Smile at the camera
when your feelings are way beyond just smiles? It is also quite a challenge to flash your teeth all the
time in the presence of unknown people and even your own ones. What candid photography does is
an alternate to this by providing a quiet coverage of the events.

5. Should we even talk about the circus that is made out of the array of lights which not only
brighten up the room but also blinds the bride and the groom? They almost make you feel like
jailbirds on an escape mission. The new age photographers use not only their impulse but also
modern gears and lenses which adjust with the lighting around and create beautiful shots, even
without too much illumination.

6. Timing is essential for candid photographers. Remember the time when the groom had to keep on
putting vermillion until the time that the photographer is pleased with the shot? Gone are those
days. Candid photographers don’t wait for the events to occur and then get ready to capture them.
They are on their toes all the time, no matter how small or how big the situation is. No more will the
groom have to hold the mangal sutra near the bride’s neck till the right shot is captured. Candid
photographers have proved themselves to be no hindrance in the occurrences of the wedding. The
will capture the most intricate details but will not intrude your space.

7. The wedding is not only and only about the bride and the groom. They have school friends, college
friends and then colleagues probably. To top it all there are family members and distant relatives. It
is a big fat Indian wedding and you just can’t turn away from those. There will be nostalgia, there will
be craziness. A candid photographer captures that beautifully for his focus is not on asking them to
pose but he captures it right at the moment. So rather than a stand-in-straight-line photo, the end
product may just be a gang of friends pouting for a selfie.

Candid photography involves a lot of patience and hence the end product is golden. They find
inspiration not from frames but majorly from the emotions that arise during the wedding. It is for no
reason that candid photography is the new wedding cool and old wedding albums are passé. Down
the way when you look back and glance through the candid captures of your wedding, you will be
compelled to be wowed at every frame.

Article PC: Candid Affair

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

We girls have so many things to look after in our weddings, such as makeup, jewellery, grooming and wedding lehnga. We want everything to be perfect in any event and after all looking pretty is our right. 😉

A good makeup artist can take care of your look and that can be corrected at the last minute too but if your wedding attire is not perfectly made, it’s going to be a huge problem. You can’t change your wedding lehnga at the last minute. So it’s better to think about it before you buy one. Here, we have come up with some suggestions on how to choose your wedding lehnga?

PC: CandidAffair

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

To avoid all the chaos or before picking up your best designer lehnga for your wedding, it is much important to know your body shape and the necessary changes you want to your wedding outfit. None of us are perfect so we should be aware of what looks best for us and what does not suits us. The wedding lehnga should be selected on the basis of these two factors only. A costly but ill-fitted outfit can kill your look but a perfect fitted dress can enhance your beauty. Be a million dollar bride with your awesome wedding lehnga. 

PC: CandidAffair

1. Wedding lehnga for an hourglass figure

An hourglass figure can be defined as a girl who is busty but with a shapely waist, curvy hips, and well-shaped legs. She might have heavy buttocks with small bone structure. A fishtail or a mermaid-style lehnga would compliment her hour glass shape. These types of wedding lehnga are fitted till the knee and then flares out till the bottom, accentuating the hip area beautifully. As a bride, you can pair a fishtail or a mermaid-style lehnga with a halter neck choli or a corset for getting that perfect wedding look. This combination will compliment your figure like no other.

2.Wedding lehnga for a Pear-shaped

A pear-shaped girl is usually small on top but heavy at the bottom. An A-line lehnga will suit her figure because they have flares from the waist to the hem. A pear-shaped bride should prefer this option for an elegant look. Puffy sleeves and ornate cholis would compliment the whole look as it will focus the upper part of the body.

PC: Umesh

3.Wedding lehnga for a Petite figure

A tiny framed woman can be considered as a petite one. They are quite easy and quick to dress up. Girls having this body type can go for a wedding lehnga that is not much elaborated. The embroidery and all other details like sequins and beads should be dainty to go well with your body structure. An A-line lehnga with an off-shoulder short choli will look best on you.

4. Wedding lehnga for a straight or ruler-shaped figure

A girl who has an upper and lower torso that is equal in width with an average bust, an undefined waist, a flat buttock and slender legs. A straight cut lehnga would compliment the bridal look of a straight-figured girl. These wedding lehngas resemble a wrap-around skirt in appearance. A panel-cut lehnga will also suit them as they are flattering, providing the right amount of flare to the outfit. To complete your wedding look you can choose a choli with a neckline that falls down below your collarbone giving your upper torso an elongated look.

5. Wedding lehnga for a cone shaped frame

A woman having a cone-shaped figure are exactly opposite to a pear-shaped woman. They have broader top and a narrower bottom. A flared or a circular lehenga which has a large circumference (big ghera) along with lots of pleats near the waist is the best option for a bride having such body structure. This way you can balance the both the parts of your body in the right way. Keep the choli not too ornate with preferably a plunging neckline to complete your wedding day look.

PC: Bhushan

Even if you are wearing a designer lehnga by tailored by some top designers of town you should watch your body type. Getting the right look on the happiest day of your life depends on many small things. Choosing a perfect wedding lehnga is one of them. Understand your body before buying one. All the best dear. Happy wedding.

‘Jhoom barabar jhoom’ this wedding season

‘Jhoom barabar jhoom’ this wedding season

Wedding season is arriving and so butterflies are flying inside our stomach. We Indians love to celebrate each moment with our family especially if it’s a wedding! This is one of the best events of our life. Sangeet and mehndi ceremony is very special in any North-Indian wedding and without some crazy wedding songs these events are not possible.

Last year, at my cousin’s wedding I was dancing on the wedding songs like an alien. Ha ha, ha…….. Although I enjoyed because most of us don’t know how to keep the right move. But, later I realised if only I would have an idea about these latest wedding songs I would have got so many genuine applauds. But not again, I am going to watch and listen to all latest Bollywood wedding songs this time. Because it’s all about ‘Jhoom barabar jhoom’ this wedding season.

If you know even the simple steps, you will put the stage on fire for sure. For making this wedding event awesome, add the tadka of Bollywood songs and enjoy the moment with all the shor-sharaba.

Show your moves this wedding. Let’s dance in your best friend’s wedding, cousin or anyone else. Dance should be there to keep you going.

We have shortlisted some songs from Bollywood for you, which can help to find all event songs at one place. Jhoom barabar Jhoom this wedding season with our shortlisted songs.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom this wedding season

The entry of groom is one of the most awaited moment in a wedding day. We hope that you have not forgotten the song, Baharo phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai…

The entry of bride is something very special and stunning. Her wedding outfit and the people waiting eagerly to catch a glimpse of the bride as she enters the wedding venue is full of happiness and cheers.

1. Mehndi Laga ke rakhna…

2. Punjabi wedding song

3. Joote de do paise le lo

4. Navrai Manjhi

5. Awai awai loot gaya

6. London da thumka

7. Ghani bawari

8. Saadi galli khul ke bhi aaya karo ji….

9.  Chitiyaan Kaliyaan ve

10. Gal meethi meethi bol

Marriage means fun and drama and no drama is complete without some cool Bollywood numbers. Hope you have got the best top ten songs from our list for this wedding season. Do dhammal with your crazy moves, Jhoom barabar jhoom. 😉

Article image courtesy: Flickr

Mother-in-law vs Daughter-in-law

Mother-in-law vs Daughter-in-law

Oh man! This is one topic in the world which will always remain contradictory. So what have you got as a daughter-in-law, a mother-in-law or a monster-in-law? And what have you got as a mother-in-law, a daughter-in-law or a disaster-in-law? The adjustments and patience need to be from both the parts, from a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law. Both should accept each other with an open heart. Let the saga begin, Mother-in-law Vs Daughter-in-law.

PC: Ankit

Mother-in-law Vs Daughter-in-law

A mother is the first love of his son and she will be the one who will stand by him in any situation. But she should understand that her little boy is now a grown man and he has a family of his own. To let him grow and to let him understand the responsibilities of a family, you have to leave him free, to adapt the changes and his adult life. Let her wife become the person who can know and understand your son in the best way.

PC: Umesh

1.Accept each other with an honest smile

Your relationship with your son might have changed but the fact is you are still his mother. Accept your daughter-in-law for who she is and don’t try to make her what she is not.

PC: Umesh

2.Respect each other

As a daughter-in-law, you should also respect her age and experience. Your mother-in-law is surely more experienced than you. She might be stuck to traditional things but you should accept her with that. Always remember that our roots are there in our traditions.

PC: Umesh

3.The gateway of communication

Keep the gate of communication always open. Don’t ever stop talking to each other because that will create more problems in long run. Express your expectations clearly to each other. Don’t hide your feelings and keep discussing new things and ideas with each other.

4.Don’t be judgemental

Try to understand each other without being judgemental on certain things.Get to know each other as a person and not as a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

5.Don’t be shy to say sorry and thanks

Don’t be  a dumb while expressing your gratitude to each other. Thanking each other will bring a lot of difference in your life. And if you are wrong at a certain point you should be sorry for that. These two small words are able to bring a smile on the face and heart.

PC: Ankit

Grow together to nurture this mother-daughter bond. As a daughter-in-law feel happy that you have two mothers and as a mother-in-law feel good that you have again got a chance to live with your daughter, who will never live you and your family in any up and down of life. Let’s stop thinking much about this mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law topic.

PC: Joy

Live the sweetness of this relationship instead of wasting your time on counting the bitterness. However, we would love to share your personal experience with your mother-in-law. Hope you have loved this article. Your thoughts and experiences are welcome. Happy bonding. 🙂

Youtube Videos Banao, Dhoom Machao

Youtube Videos Banao, Dhoom Machao

Our life is full of wonder, beauty, excitement, and love of our well-wisher. The love and trust of our partner enhance this beauty and this beautiful journey of life. A wedding is such an experience of life where you leave your past happily to embrace your future again happily. Our relatives, extended family members , and friends bring life alive by sharing our love, sorrow, family, achievements, failure, and our growth. These ceremonies are there to bring them together, under one roof to relive our happy days and to create some more happy moments together. This is the beauty of journey of life. Reach your “miss you” cousins by taking the advantage of live streaming on YoutubeYoutube Videos banao, Dhoom Machao.

Youtube live streaming for your lovely cousins

Some of our cousins who are working abroad cannot make it to the wedding. At least you can bring a smile on their face by  this live streaming funda. And why you also miss all these pretty moments, especially the smaller one that  always remains uncaptured.

For a more real wedding

Capture the real drama of your bhabhi, when she gets irritated because her makeup is not better than your chaachi.

Don’t loose the essence

The ceremony, whether big or small carries same sacredness. You just have to make it awesome in your way. After all, you are an internet freak munda. 😉

How to get started with YouTube live streaming?

Sabse badaa sawaal? How to get started with YouTube live streaming? All right, don’t loose your patience. It’s not easy but super easy.

Enable live streaming from  Creator Studio tools.

Congratulations you are a director now. Once this thing got active you can start your live streaming. 

Stream now
 is one easiest way to start the live streaming process.

You can control and preview Events before you go live. So no worries at all. Anytime you can stop or start this live streaming on YouTube.

Make your wedding a Wow wedding with YouTube live streaming. We can make sure that this will become a genuine, unique, and special experience for all your family and friends with lots of giggles and love. YouTube Videos Banao, Dhoom Machao.

How much have you fallen for this? Please share with us your thoughts and great ideas to help us in improving more. You can also check our articles on “5 Tech Hacks For Your Wedding” and “Did You Periscope Your Wedding?” to get more ideas on live streaming. Happy streaming guys. 🙂

All Pic Credit:Umesh

Candid Photographer

“Life is full of wonder, beauty, joy and love. It is our relationships and our community of family and friends that brings life alive by the sharing of our experiences – our love, our children, our family, our achievements, our growth & change, and our sorrows. I believe ceremony, celebration and ritual can bring richness, intimacy and meaning to the changes, events, loves and losses that we experience in our life journey.

For your ceremony, whether it is a small or big event, the ceremony carries the same sacred and special proportions. My promise is to make it a WOW and special ceremony experience for you and everyone there. It will be a ceremony that speaks about you, your love, your relationship, family, your loved one in an authentic and real way. I take time and care to understand who you are, and give to your ceremony my creativity, passion and energy, so that it is a unique and genuine expression of your life and love

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Wooohooo! See what we have in our basket today? “Indian Bridal makeup trends 2016.” We have everything in our platter for you, to know more about the latest Indian Bridal makeup trends. Weddings are fun and can be adventurous if you are going to try new trendy bridal hairstyles, Saree draping, and wedding makeup this time. Let’s jump and try new indian bridal makeup trends this wedding season.

Why a professional Indian bridal makeup artist?

Now every bride wants to hire a professional makeup artist who can take care of the demands of would-be bride. Bridal makeup artists use international products, that are long-lasting and never look over-done. These professional bridal makeup artists are also aware of the latest Indian bridal makeup trends.

bridal makeup captured by Candid Affair

Image courtesy:Candid Affair


Your bridal makeup artist should know how to create a perfect base for wedding makeup and it starts with the right application of the foundation. If not blend properly, it can leave patches on your face. MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior are some good brand, which you can trust on.

Mineral makeup

Love that flawless look then goes for mineral makeup. That offers a dewy look and stays longer on your face. Mineral makeup is one of the most popular Indian bridal makeup trends, as it gives you a three-dimensional look and goes well with your bridal attire. The best brands are MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior.

bridal makeup clicked by WeCapture

Image courtesy:We Capture

Go bold and bright

Go with smoky and smudged eye makeup this season’s one the hottest Indian bridal makeup trends. Golden and bronze eye shadow is a great hit with brides. We would recommend, MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior. False eyelashes can only enhance your beautiful eyes.

Lipsticks for bride according to Indian bridal makeup trends

Bold red lipsticks are still popular with the brides and will remain so in the list of Indian bridal makeup trends. Colors like matte reds, hot corals, mineralised peaches, and hot pink and fuchsia are in this season’s Indian bridal makeup trends. You can try colored liners for your sangeet, engagement,and reception. You can pair your red lipstick with winged eyeliner. You can try that to add instant glamour to your bridal look.

bridal makeup artistry clicked by Ankit

Image courtesy:Ankit

Why should a bride know Indian bridal makeup trends?

These days brides need a bride makeup artist who is more realistic and trendy in her approach. The advance makeup is more technical and well researched in Indian bridal makeup trends. Selecting a good makeup artist for you wedding day is a big commitment.

Hope, this article has helped and inspired you in some way. Your comments are always welcome. Stay in touch with our writing and your reading.

Makeup tips: 10 Handy tips for you

Makeup tips: 10 Handy tips for you

In this article, we have come up 10 handy makeup tips which are quite trendy and easy too. Before applying any makeup on your face you should know the type of your skin and what products are best for your skin.

Makeup tips- No. 1: Cleansing the face

Our skin has different moisture level. Some of us have oily skin, others have dry and some really lucky person have neutral skin, not affected by oil or dryness. Indian Brides are normally intended to use bright colors for their marriage and ceremony also happens for more than 8-12 hours. So, in order to obtain a long-lasting makeup, cleansing is very important. don’t leave any patches of dirt or oil on your skin before your bridal makeup.

Makeup tips- No. 2: Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate means getting rid of dead skin cells of your skin. Do it but not over do it. That will make your skin dry.

makeup by vishnu

PC – Bridal Makeup artist: Vishnu

Makeup tips- No. 3: Base preparation

Moisturize your face before applying any other beauty product on your skin. Do it in circular and gentle motion. This will give your skin a smooth and even touch.

Makeup tips- No. 4: Fix your face

We would suggest use primer instead of direct jumping on a foundation. Apply and blend it well. Primer is basically used to help your foundation and concealer stay in place. In this way, your makeup will last longer. Sephora and Mac are the best brands in this category. You can also go for Bobbi Brown, YSL,Dior,and Krylon.

Blend your foundation well with your skin, with the help of brush or sponge. Don’t rub it hard on your face but simply pat it otherwise you will get a patchy skin. Always blend them outwards. Use a highlighter to make your skin glow . Cover the blemishes of your skin with a good concealer. The highlighter of Sephora and  MAC  are good.

PC Makeup Artist: Swati

Makeup tips- No. 5: Bronzer

Your make artist will use bronzer to contour your face, so choose some good brand. Bronzer makes your face look sharper in the photographs. You can apply bronzer with a makeup brush (preferably angular) with strokes.

Makeup tips- No. 6: Shades of Eyeshadow

The color of eyeshadow completely depends on the color of your attire and time of day. If it’s a night function you can go for gold and darker shades, but for day time always prefer some lighter shades of eyeshadow. MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL,Dior, Krylon, and Sephora are some good brands in this category. For an Indian bride, we suggest the gold eye makeup, that suits Indian skin color too.

Use an angular eyebrow brush to give the preferred shape to your eyebrows.

PC Makeup Artist: Green Trends Diamond Point

Makeup tips- No. 7: Blush

Blush, blush, blush. Use blusher in a circular motion and blend it upwards, towards your ears. Don’t forget to pat the excess off of blush powder from your blush brush.

Makeup tips- No. 8: Eyeliner for your pretty eyes

Always use an eyeliner that is waterproof. We would suggest black is always good to go with. But you can surely match your eyeliner with your outfit. MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Dior, and Krylon, Sephora are some brands which you can try. Draw a thick line of kajal and  smudge it with your finger tip, to add that Oomph factor to your look. 😉

makeup by bridal trends

PC – Bridal Makeup artist: Bridal

Makeup tips- No. 9: Mascara

How come you can forget mascara, which can add volume to your eyelashes. For getting the curly lashes use curl mascara brush. You can also use false eyelashes for making your eyes appear more beautiful.

Makeup tips- No. 10: Lipstick to complete your look

Fuller lips look good, so if you have thin lips use a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick. Line your lips and fill lipstick with the help of a lip brush. But if you have already plump lips, then line your lip line and wear a lipstick that compliments your look.

makeup by bridal rends

PC- Bridal Makeup artist: Bridal

How has this article helped you to know more about makeup? Please share your words with us. Stay in touch because we have more on makeup this week. Happy reading. 🙂

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