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Why you should be a working mother?

Why you should be a working mother?

Being a daughter, wife and mother are the three key roles a girl plays in her lifetime. She should not be guilty of what she is doing with her love care and concern, she binds her family in a strong bond. As a person, she evolves herself from a girl to a woman. As a wife, she learns to take care of her husband and his family. Then why you should be a working mother?

Later as she stepped into the world of motherhood everything seems so complete. With that little bundle of joy in her arms, she cannot ask for more. Now she has found her true love because she has fallen in love at the first sight. Nothing can change this fact that a baby gives you an immense sense of joy.

After being born as a mother, your husband, family, and baby take the center stage leaving you far behind your dreams and passion. In India, a mother shares more responsibilities than a father does. Now many things have changed and the society has become much progressive but still, you cannot change the mentality in a day if it has been surviving there for years. As a mother, you have to be more responsible for your baby.

Why you should be a working mother?

Today the society has evolved to an extent and a woman, today, are now independent and speak up their opinions. That is what we needed for a long time or we can say we were missing from a long time. Their choices in life have come out of the kitchen and decorating their house interiors.  They still love to do it, but while doing so they want to spend their own money for buying the things for the interiors of their choice and are not dependent on their husband’s money. This is where we can mark a difference. A financial stability and independence.

Being a working mother is again not easy, it has its own downsides. Sometimes getting too busy with office works makes you feel guilty that you are not able to fulfill the responsibilities as a mother. The pressure to excel at your work, taking care of your kid, husband and family can sometimes be burdening and it may leave you exhausted. Being a supermom is surely not an easy task.

Let go of the guilt and stay calm, you cannot make everyone around you happy at the same time. Stop expecting a lot from yourself, the best part is when you are trying your best then there is no point in proving yourself as a perfect mother or wife or daughter-in-law. Share your responsibilities with your partner, both of you should become the role model for your growing kid. All parents go through challenges while growing up their kid, so whether you are working or not it does not make much difference. Parenting is tough anyways.

Stay away from the negative sources who make you feel guilty, you are better than them because you are a working mother. Remember that you are setting a good example for your kid. Take a day off for your kid, spend some free time and do whatever makes your little one happy. Overcome your guilt because you are setting an example and not avoiding your part of responsibilities. Let the people talk, kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna…….

Stay happy. 🙂

All pics Credit: 9 Blocks Photography

Baby Photo Shoot Ideas For Home

Baby Photo Shoot Ideas For Home

Many might shiver in the words -photographing infants. It is indeed one of most ambitious photography genres ever. When infants sleep, they are immobile. When they move, they are all jiggly and wiggly. Babies are very difficult to predict, especially the newborns and up until at least four months. It is consistently the case that one finds trouble having infants to present a certain posture or be in compliance with the photographer’s wants. After a certain age, your baby will react to the noises you make, making it a tad bit easier for the photographer. They will start to grin and lift their heads to your silly and long funny sounds. Soon they will start recognizing voices. A baby photo shoot is not more hectic than fun. Here are a few baby photo shoot ideas for home which can inspire you if you’re planning on getting one for your baby.

Best baby photo shoot ideas for home

Get a prop

Throw pillows, toys, lego or whatever and let your baby have fun with them. It is indeed a treat to watch children play as if no one is watching. Capture those beautiful moments for the most candid shots ever. Documenting the first moments with his stuffed toys and candies will be something that your baby will hold on to forever.

Get a pet

There is no better friend to an infant than a pet. Be it a puppy or a kitty, kids and pets are adorable together. This photo shoot will capture the baby’s early years with his or her probable best buddy and it cannot get more special than that. Can it?

Get a theme

If you were a great fan of Harry Potter or loves Thumbelina, let this be the time to showcase your potential of being the most creative parent in the world. Make a studio in the comfort of your home, dress your baby up and design a dream world out of it. The classic sleeping beauty for your princess is a winner every time!

Get a chalkboard

It is funny how drawings around your baby can change the whole photography game. This kind of shoot will be the most camera-friendly when your baby is sleeping. These blackboard DIYs are cute, innovative and very much capable of giving your baby a character!

Get a doodle

Photoshop is a friend to you if you are planning a baby photo shoot for home. And doodling just takes it to the next level. Capture your baby in natural poses and then let your fun and creative side do the rest. Scribble funny dialogues and use a lot of colors for doodling. Make him look like a pirate or a prince, go crazy with your ideas!

P.S. – For more photo shoot ideas for home, check out the Instagram handle of Laura Izumikawa, mommy to Joey Marie Choi! Her creative prowess has taken baby photo shoot to a whole new level.

You also may want to consider these suggestions before starting the shoot. Put the child on a bed or anyplace else that’s soft. Next, lie on the bed next to the infant with the camera also lying on the bed. This could result in a great photo of the infant you photograph. Use pillows for support if your child is too wobbly and delicate to support herself. Be aware of the places you are shooting at and the things you are using. Remember to look out for the infant’s safety. If you have baby photo shoot ideas for home, feel free to let us know. We would love to hear from you. We are surely coming up with more on kids. Stay in touch. 🙂

All pics credit: Inderpreet

Photo shoots with Props

Photo shoots with Props

Nothing is in comparison to the tremendous joy that a baby brings to a family. Those cuddly joyful bundles just grow up in no time. No one can deny their utmost adorableness at almost everything that they do. Be it drooling every now and then, catching up with the sleepy sheep or pooping and giving away an ‘oops’ glance, countless moments add up to make their childhood a memorable one for the parents. A kids photo shoot with props influences the whole photo shoot. It is certain that babies grow up at an insane pace. Days seem like hours and years like months. They grow up even before the experiences materialize into feelings.

Why photo shoots with props?

Photo shoots or just photographs are important to have as children. Those things don’t only help the parents reminisce their child’s early stage of growing up but also helps the child see his own self and the miracle that he was when he grows up. If we recall the photographs we have as children, for most of us, it would be the one with the missing front tooth, one in the bathtub, the one with all the giggles but no clothes, the one during the fifth birthday and so on. Those were days that were plain with the photographs and simple with the emotions. But the world is changing and so are the photo shoot concepts for babies. Earlier anything around a child would become a prop.

Nowadays, things are exceptionally placed in the frames for it to compliment the baby. Baby photo shoots are not only cute and delightful but they are also highly creative and fun to be worked on. Indoors, outdoors, home studios, amusement parks or just a bed, the possibilities are endless now. Photographers are also giving their work an edge nowadays by tailoring the subject and concepts according to the baby’s and the parents’ personalities.

Cuteness is not the only things that these shoots bring to the plate these days. They are playful and exceptionally smart. Every day and regular objects can be used in a manner to make ordinary photos look out of the box. We have made a list of props that you can take inspiration from for the photo shoot of your baby.

Props you can use for the photo shoots.


There is the ordinary baby photo napping or playing on a hammock. And then again you could go crazy with your ideas. Set up the room like it is a beach.
Make your baby don a pair of oversized cool sunglasses or a beach hat.

2. Diaper cover sets

If your baby is too whiny about objects around him, you can go with the easy but beautiful choice of diaper sets. Pick up the dinky little diapers and make creative usage of those things other than just throwing them away when the deed is done.

3. Chocolates

No, we are not talking about the usual chocolate bars but candies, gummy bears, and gems. Those colorful with not only pop up the fun quotient of the photos but also make your child all giggly in the sugar, honey and lollipops.

4. Stuffed toys

Soft toys are the ever so favorite choice amongst parents. And why should it not be? They are the perfect things to go alongside your baby, just as pretty and adorbs!

5. Colorful furniture

By furniture, we don’t only mean furniture. Apart from baby chairs, colorful cots and swings, there can also be bricks, blocks or legos. There can be nothing more exciting than letting your happy baby just play on his own
and the photo shoot take its desired course.

6. Faux furs

Make your baby sleep in furs and they are having their very own Thumbelina
moment, sleeping in feather or petals. Wrap her up in the exciting fleece and coats and built up the swag quotient of the photos.

7. Wings

Wings can turn your little one into a fairy, a birdie or anything fantastical of your choice. Give your giggly pooper wings and see the new heights that the photos reach.

8. Baby hats

The bizarre use of hats of kinds can look a very ordinary photo shoot turnabout in 360 degrees. Your cuddly little terror will also be amused with hats that come in different shapes sizes and forms. Play with the hats and the faces on your child. You will just never have enough of that fun!

9. Headbands

Any kind of headgear is actually going to make your baby look squishy and cuddly. Think of the animal ones; turn your baby into a bunny, puppy or a kitty! You can try out laces and knits and make patterns out of them. Or can also go for the many available options in the market.

10. Flowers and vegetables

While vegetables are quite an uncommon choice for its infamous relationship with babies, they could make for a notorious group of photos. Make sunflower headgears, cabbage dress or a swing of roses, this shoot could be more exciting than think. It is a fun choice but also be careful, for too close a contact
can make get your baby sneezey for the longest time.

11. Crates

Make the crates look like a fruit basket, birds nest or make a wrecking ship out of it. Imagine your cuddly baby boy playing around in a crateful of fruits, lying beside the hatching eggs of little birdies or in the sailor avatar, there to save the day. That’s a sight for sure.

12. Pet

Nothing compliments a baby more than pets do. Be it an angry boxer, lazy pug or a playful frenchie, the funny moments and crazy photos will just be countless. Pets as props, imagine! 😉

13. Blankets

If you want the photo shoot to have a very relaxing and cozy concept, go for blankets. Make the bed look like the morning sky or the night sky, with the sun, stars or even the moon. Wrap your baby up in the cutest of blankets and make a dreamy tale out of the entire setting. Blankets are best as props for a newborn baby.

You can share more with us in our comment box. We would love to hear from you. Happy Shoot. 🙂

All pics credit: Chocolate Box Photography

Different Forms Of Entertainment You Can Choose For Your Kid’S Party

Organizing parties for children is a great way to show your love for them and how much you love to shower your attention on them. There are various occasions for which you can organize a party for your child. There can be birthday parties, summer parties, Christmas parties, school year end parties, New Year parties and so on and so forth. A party has to be meticulously planned so that everything goes according to the plans and that the child and his friends enjoy themselves to the fullest. When it is a party filled with children, it is very plausible that the children will get bored at one point or the other. And a bored child results in nagging and a lot of other problems. Thereby it is imperative that you should organize for some Kids Party Entertainment in order to make your child’s party much more fun. Some ideas of kid’s party entertainment are as follows-
  • Clowns- Hiring clowns for your kid’s party is one of the best ways of children’s entertainment. Clowns come in the flashy outfits and with their funny acts will make the kids laugh and will keep them entertained throughout the entire time span of the party. Clowns are good for entertainment especially for kids below the age of 10 years.
  • Musicians- Musicians are for kids of any age. If it meant for kid’s entertainment for those kids below the age of 7, then you can easily choose a pleasant person who will sing nursery rhymes and kid’s songs. If it is meant for teenagers, you can easily hire musicians who know all the music of their favourite bands. Your children can also dance to the tune of the musicians and it will be a super fun day for all.
  • Caricaturists- These people will easily caricature your kid’s favourite cartoon and movie characters. Caricaturists provide extreme fun by helping all the kids in the parties to remain engrossed in his acts. Sometimes you can also request the caricaturists to play certain games with the kids which will be a great source of Kids Entertainment.
  • Costumed characters- Kids love costumed characters and it is a great way to make their day wonderful. So hire accompany which has the supply of your kid’s favourite costumed characters. The best companies usually have all the leading characters of the kid’s popular movies and cartoon shows.
  • Magicians- A good magic show is all that you need to make the party night magical. Hire for a magician who will do out of the world tricks which will keep your child engaged and in wonder throughout the party. If possible tell the magician to teach some simple tricks to the children and they will return home fully entertained with the grand memories of the party.
Organizing for children’s entertainment is not really a tough job. Just search for a good company which will provide you with whatever you require.

7 Easy ways to shoot babies/children photography

7 Easy ways to shoot babies/children photography

1.       Create a Story – children are very easily distractible. Create a story around the photo-shoot and ask them to enact the lead role. In this way you will have their undivided attention, it will be easier to shoot them and it will be fun for both the photographer and the child being photographed. Let’s say if I was a girl I would love being photographed as a princess or an angel but my brother on the other hand would love to portray his favorite cricketer. click here to check out Ankur’s porfolio 2.       Candid Photography – with children it is never easy to make them pose for a picture or keep their interest for long. In situation like these it is best to do a candid photo-shoot. After all natural pictures turn out to be the best. Click here to view Nikhil’s Portfolio 3.       Themed Locations – to bring out the best in children you need to make sure they are in their most comfortable surroundings. The idea is to make sure that the location you pick is best suited to a child. Let’s say I love the laughter of children in a park or a playground. This said the kid is going to give you some real vivid expressions you will be thrilled to capture. Click here to Vijay’s Portfolio 4.       Incorporate Props – get creative with props. There is nothing more that children would love than to be handed a balloon to play with or a lollipop to lick. These props symbolize an aspect of childhood and of innocence.                                                                           Click here to view iClickWedding’s Portfolio 5.       Family Feels – well it is no mystery that a child feels most safe around the people they know or recognise. Make their family a part of the shoot. Ask the parents to be around and on look what the child is doing, ask them to get involved with what the child is doing no matter how silly it can be.                                                                                    Click here to view Karthik’s Portfolio 6.       Get Pets – there is some pleasure in stroking the fur of your cat, some comfort in hugging your dog when you come home and some peace when you hear your bird sing or feed your fish. Pets just bring out a different side in every person, a side that needs love and care. Also it is great to watch kids interact with their pets, its two sinful doses of cuteness in one click.                                                                                  Click here to view Aksahy’s Portfolio 7.       Your chance to be an Artist – with children around you have to really up your game. Be an artist. Incorporate colors in the shoot it maybe an umbrella, a multicolored hat or funky coat or shoes. Imagine the rosy cheeks of the little one in some bright colored summer dress or winter coat. Now there is an idea for a great photo shoot.