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Candid Photography at a Wedding, why?

Candid Photography at a Wedding, why?

As a girl, it is not even surprising anymore when you open your social media world to find a splatter of gaudy and amazing wedding photographs all over your news feeds. For your wedding, you also want the same! Well, you know it’s a hot trend and everyone from the hip-hop crowd of well-known celebrities to the simple girl-next-door dreams wants to have their entire wedding captured in a cool candid style. But it is not difficult to see the appeal. Candid photography at a wedding, why? A candid photography brings out and beautifully encapsulate the rainbow of emotions and feelings that are seen at a wedding. Then, why not break the age-long rules by giving your wedding a ‘candid twist’? Candid photography at a wedding will help you to feel alive with your wedding memories.

Candid photography at a wedding, why?

Breaking the monotony!

See, wedding is a once in a lifetime event for most of us folks here in India and therefore you should store it like any physical memoirs of this occasion of your lifetime, then it should be a thing that you are proud to show off, not embarrassed to look at yourself in future.

Do you want to be left making an excuse when you get old when someone says, “Hey! Let’s get some dust out of those old wedding photographs huh?” You know within a year or so I will walk down the aisle and down the bitter-sweet pill of marriage too, but you should make yourself a few notes when it comes to the kind of photography that will go on at your wedding. You should be able to recognize the quintessential the photos that we are talking about here are the ones without which any Indian wedding album is incomplete.

These photos have evolved over time and are subject to change according to the new fancy poster of a hit romantic Bollywood movie for the season. The photographers go like, “Bhabhiji, bhaiya ke saath woh DDLJ waala pose kijiye na??” and now it might be “Mehndi laga ke rakhna waala pose kijiye na??” Sometimes the couple gets the reference and is quick to obey, but god forbid if they don’t. The photographer will take this as an open invitation to come and manhandle you and your spouse into the required position for their ideal click.

Apart from being made to feel like a mannequin, there are these other typical photos where the photographer unceremoniously captures everyone eating at the delectable buffet line up. Or the ones where the photographer clicks a land space of a morose seated audience, who look like they are paid to be seated.

Paying a close attention to these photography clichés will help you to make mental notes of what not to do at your wedding! There is only one collective solution that you will be able to figure out – Candid Photography at a wedding.

Candid photography at a wedding carries the potential to make your wedding look as good as a fairy tale. Stolen glances among the couple, excitement among the peers on both bride and groom sides, satisfactory happiness among the elders and pure unadulterated chaos among the troupe of children. These are the perks that don’t end here. The crazy dance numbers by your besties add more to it. 😉

There are much more perks of opting for candid photography than the obvious advantage of having a bunch of photos that will make me look effortlessly royalty (Forever).

Don’t research through millions of ideal poses and stances through the google for your wedding or pre-wedding photo shoots instead jump for a candid photography. There are high chances that most of these you will forget by at the time of the event because come on, let’s face it, as a bride you will have enough on your plate already. Moreover, some of these stances might not actually look as good as you had thought they would.

Candid photography at a wedding saves you of all this distress – all you have to do is be your natural happy-self and enjoy getting hitched to the love of your dreams. Concluding it, we would like to say that there is a reason why candid photography at a wedding is a must – Happiness is best captured, not forced out in any case. Loads of love and wishes. Stay connected to us. 

All pics credit: Auromira

Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Candid photography plays an essential role on a wedding day. Moments that build up on the day are essentially unique to every individual in their own ways. Such fond memories and stages can never be recreated. Photographs are not only to reminisce but also to preserve those precious emotions which are not only limited to the bride and groom but also encapsulates their friends and family.

If you ask your parents about their wedding day, they would definitely recall what they felt and how in their heads but the photos during their era surely did not capture the entire essence of it. Candid
photography is hence, the new favourite of this generation.

While traditional photography was all about look-here-smile-please, candid photography does not at all believe in that mantra. This new vogue is all about unawareness. The candid photographer is
always on the move and has the eye of an eagle. At the time and also years later when these
captured moments will bring a smile to many faces, appreciation will also come for not just the
frames but the emotions too.

Let us look at a few reasons why you should try candid photography at your wedding as well instead of going for just the traditional one!

1. candid photography capture the emotions, just as they are. When the candid photographer captures, down the line a story is formed. As more and more of the moments unfold, so does the story. Couples usually miss out on the fleeting moments for they remain way too busy during the wedding itself. The traditional photographer too remains busy in clicking the much-required events and other family photographs. On the other hand, the candids capture the essential feelings that float on their faces. It is only later that the couple can really get to enjoy those precious stages, in form of candid photos and candid photography.

2. You are most beautiful when you are natural. This does not at all hint at the groom or the bride
without getting married without the use of any kind of cosmetics. When we say natural, we mean
the natural flow of sentiments and reactions. Imagine at some point in time, the bride sees her
mother beside her and it creates an emotional upheaval. All that the traditional photographer may
be doing then is capturing the fun and frolic around. Who is the one who will pay attention to and
capture the minute most details? None other than the candid photographer will.

3. The events in the wedding may be planned but there are many occurrences which are absolutely
unpredictable. One cannot anticipate when the bride feels like dancing or the groom and his friends
share a private joke. These are the times when reactions are priceless. Many times the traditional
photographer misses out on capturing these. The candid photographer, on the other hand, can nail
it when it comes to framing responses, be it funny, adoring or emotional.

4. Let us get it straight. It is quite annoying to be asked to look at the camera a million times during
the wedding and especially during the sacred ceremonies. What are you to do? Smile at the camera
when your feelings are way beyond just smiles? It is also quite a challenge to flash your teeth all the
time in the presence of unknown people and even your own ones. What candid photography does is
an alternate to this by providing a quiet coverage of the events.

5. Should we even talk about the circus that is made out of the array of lights which not only
brighten up the room but also blinds the bride and the groom? They almost make you feel like
jailbirds on an escape mission. The new age photographers use not only their impulse but also
modern gears and lenses which adjust with the lighting around and create beautiful shots, even
without too much illumination.

6. Timing is essential for candid photographers. Remember the time when the groom had to keep on
putting vermillion until the time that the photographer is pleased with the shot? Gone are those
days. Candid photographers don’t wait for the events to occur and then get ready to capture them.
They are on their toes all the time, no matter how small or how big the situation is. No more will the
groom have to hold the mangal sutra near the bride’s neck till the right shot is captured. Candid
photographers have proved themselves to be no hindrance in the occurrences of the wedding. The
will capture the most intricate details but will not intrude your space.

7. The wedding is not only and only about the bride and the groom. They have school friends, college
friends and then colleagues probably. To top it all there are family members and distant relatives. It
is a big fat Indian wedding and you just can’t turn away from those. There will be nostalgia, there will
be craziness. A candid photographer captures that beautifully for his focus is not on asking them to
pose but he captures it right at the moment. So rather than a stand-in-straight-line photo, the end
product may just be a gang of friends pouting for a selfie.

Candid photography involves a lot of patience and hence the end product is golden. They find
inspiration not from frames but majorly from the emotions that arise during the wedding. It is for no
reason that candid photography is the new wedding cool and old wedding albums are passé. Down
the way when you look back and glance through the candid captures of your wedding, you will be
compelled to be wowed at every frame.

Article PC: Candid Affair

Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Looking for a wedding photographer in Mumbai? Traditional to candid, Photographers to videographers, Photo albums to wedding films, name it and we have it. Choose from the best wedding photographers in Mumbai, to capture your memories. This list is in no particular order.

Wedding photographers in Mumbai

1.Fotografia 9

Fotografia 9 is a team of photographers led by Shruti Joshi & Saketesh Mohapatra specialising in creative & contemporary photography. They are featured amongst the Best Wedding Photographers in India by “Wedding Photography Select – UK, in Wedding Vows Magazine, in Smart Photography Magazine  and also are the Winner of Bridal Portrait at Wedding Sutra. They have also been featured in association with NDTV Good Times. You won’t regret your decision if you choose this wedding photographer in Mumbai.

Fotografia’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography, Creative, and contemporary photography.   

 Click here to view Fotographia 9’s wedding photography portfolio

2.Photo Shoto

Wedding moments are something that everyone wants to preserve for a lifetime.Photo shoto knows how to make even a simple wedding into an amazing memory. They bring a personal touch to the most important day of your life and capture all the memorable moments. One of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai.

Photo Shoto’s area of expertise  – Candid wedding photography ,event photography, Couple shoots.

  Click here to view Photo shoto’s wedding photography portfolio

3.Naresh Munigala

Naresh is a pass out from the National Institute of photography. Traditional wedding photography and candid wedding photography is his forte. Simple and pure moments are what you’ll find in Naresh’s pictures. Indian Wedding- Budget friendly and awesome quality – Naresh is your guy.

Naresh’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography (Traditional , candid , contemporary, documentary – however, you like it )

   Click here to view Naresh’s wedding photography portfolio

4. Sagar Vohra/Shotzzz

“There are always two people in a picture. The photographer and the viewer.” Shotzzz is an based imaging outfit specialized in providing exemplary and HD Cinematography quality in a variety of subjects such as architecture, interiors, food & beverages, still life, products, people and weddings, Shotzzz has been in existence since 2008, shooting on location as well as at its New Delhi and Mumbai studio, equipped with the latest technology.”

Shotzzz’s area of expertise – Wedding, Children, Fashion, candid wedding photography.

Click here to view Sagar Vohra’s wedding photography portfolio

5. Salim Khan

Salim shoots in multiple Indian cities and in his own words – Wedding photography is being there at the right place, at the right time, and most of all being ready when it happens. The best in wedding photographers in Mumbai. We are proud to show through our work, that we have been blessed with quick instincts to do just that making sure not a moment goes by, without we sealing it in our lens…for you…forever. When it comes to your day, hire the most capable photographer and then you do not have  a worry of how much he/she charges, because, what he/she delivers, will linger for the rest of your life. And of course, it is better to select the right, than think…”it could have been”.

Salim’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography, couple shoots, candid photography.

Click here to view Salim Khan’s wedding photography portfolio


6.Namit Narlawar

He is a Passionate photographer always ready to capture anything and everything. For him, photography is an art of looking at the things differently and giving life to the imaginations.He is looking forward to being a successful photographer who can capture pictures which are self-explanatory. Because for him, a photographer becomes successful when others are able to look at the picture with his eyes.

Namit’s area of expertise – Candid wedding shoots, portfolios, kids, events and automotive.

   Click here to view Namit’s wedding photography portfolio

7.Abhilasha Udaygeeth

Abhilasha shoots in Chennai, Nagpur, Delhi and Pune as well, and as she says, her style is informal, photojournalistic, and creative. She captures expressions and freezes the moments that are often missed. Abhilasha an easy, friendly and nice person to work with and also is known to deliver amazing pictures

Abhilasha’s area of expertise – Candid wedding photography.

Click here to view Abhilasha’s wedding photography portfolio

8.Darshan Ambre

Photography has been his passion since childhood. He’s’ a total camera aficionado.Loves to travel new unexplored places and forts. Darshan has a major in advertising and has 2 years of experience in the wedding industry, and seeks to capture the real emotions. He strongly believes in “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Also, he focuses more on actions than words and his work will speak for itself.

Darshan’s area of expertise – Candid wedding photography, cinematography.

   Click here to view Darshan Ambre’s wedding photography portfolio


9.Paromita Deb Areng

Paromita’s style of work is photojournalistic mixed with a set of aesthetical conceptualized couple/group photographs. In her own words “While shooting weddings I like to blend in with the crowd and capture moments which will add in the storytelling of your big day. The prime focus of the wedding is the bride & groom and the immediate family members.”

Paromita’s area of expertise – Wedding photography and wedding films.

  Click here to view Paromita’s wedding photography portfolio

10. Debi Sen Gupta

Debi has an impeccable eye for detail and seeks to capture the candid moments of your wedding and family portraits as well.Debi loves to shoot couples -“ for those who are young and in love; or maybe not so young but in love”

Debi’s area of expertise – Wedding photography, Children, Maternity and Baby Shoots and get-togethers.

    Click here to view Debi’s wedding photography portfolio


Hey, Mumbaikars and others, hope you have liked this article on top wedding photographers in Mumbai. If you have any suggestions please do share with us on flatpebble.com. To know more about the top wedding photographers of other cities, stay in touch. 🙂

Candid Photographer

“Life is full of wonder, beauty, joy and love. It is our relationships and our community of family and friends that brings life alive by the sharing of our experiences – our love, our children, our family, our achievements, our growth & change, and our sorrows. I believe ceremony, celebration and ritual can bring richness, intimacy and meaning to the changes, events, loves and losses that we experience in our life journey.

For your ceremony, whether it is a small or big event, the ceremony carries the same sacred and special proportions. My promise is to make it a WOW and special ceremony experience for you and everyone there. It will be a ceremony that speaks about you, your love, your relationship, family, your loved one in an authentic and real way. I take time and care to understand who you are, and give to your ceremony my creativity, passion and energy, so that it is a unique and genuine expression of your life and love

How to take close up shots of couples in natural light?

How to take close up shots of couples in natural light?

Close up shots of couples in natural light is not an easy task, as this needs more comfort and intimacy between the couple, since the shoot is outdoor. It shows a strong sense of involvement between the partners and adds a natural sort of vibe to the image. This is not going to be a traditional shoot but a personal and candid one. Check out this video for learning more on close up photography of couples in natural light.

Video credit: SLR Lounge

Picture Perfect Pose

The close up foundation pose reflects intimacy in photographs. When we say close, it is encourage the couple to be their natural selves. Instead of looking into the camera, they look into each others eye and the picture simply turns perfect. You can capture this cosy pose with lots of variations.This is a kind of intimate pose with romance in the air.

1.The partners hold hands on the outside, facing each other, gazing into the eyes. You can again give it a different look, one, by overlapping hands and other by interlinked fingers. 

2.For making it more natural, the boy should stand casually with one hand in his pocket, holding his girl with the other hand. The girl should slightly lean on his chest and they both look into the camera with a smile.

3.The partners should hold each other at the waist and look into each others eyes. This shows closeness between the couple.

4.Both of them can lean their heads against each other and look into the camera. This is a classic pose. All mothers would agree!

5.Boy looking at the girl and girl poses her face towards the camera with a beautiful laugh. This click looks so natural, its simply beautiful.

6.One of the variations is , the girl can put her hand around the neck of the boy revealing their closeness to their camera.

7.The boy can lift the girl by her waist and pull her up to get the pose nicely done.

The golden tip for getting the perfect couple shoot done is; take some pictures with joy on their faces and wholesome smiles. This minute change in facial expression can bring a huge difference in your photographs. Couple photography is about closeness, which can convey the couple’s love. The chemistry needs to be visible to others. Even if a shot is not technically perfect for you, remember that you have captured a moment.  So, move ahead, we learn from our mistakes, right! A mixture of natural and posed shots can create a varied set of images for their album.

The essence, emotions, interactions and love between a couple is not easy to catch. So let’s capture the flying sparks between the couple now with flatpebble.com. Share and add your ideas with us. Keep reading for more…….

Top Wedding Photographers in Lucknow

Freddy Das Freddy Das is one of the most successful wedding photographer on flatpebble.com, and has been booked by 11 unique customers. He provides complete array of wedding photography and videography services which includes Candid Photography, Traditional Photography, Cinematography and luxury photo albums. Fastest way to book Freddy’s wedding photography packages on flatpebble.com Click here to view Freddy’s Wedding Photography Portfolio
Puneet Malhotra He’s a photographer from traditional photography house of Galaxy Digital Studio Lab and he brings the of experience of both Classical and modern style Candid photography to the table. He offers premium photography packages at exciting prices. They take pride in shooting some timeless photographs and making your wedding memorable. Click here to view Puneet’s Wedding Photography Portfolio
Jalaj Pant Photography Do you want elegant, beautiful and memorable photographs of your wedding? Jalaj is one of the talented photographer from Lucknow to hire. He holds a PG diploma in professional photography and believes in shooting photographs which will be beyond your expectations. Click here to view Jalaj’s Wedding Photography Portfolio
Dushyant Human He heads a team of artists(photographers) called LookBookPictures and specializes in non-traditional, candid photography. He’s a veteran in the field of photography, holding a master degree in photography and have 10+ experience in this profession. Checkout his best wedding photography work at below link.  Click here to view Dushyant’s Wedding Photographer Portfolio
Saurabh Yadav Great clicks, capturing emotions, above client expectations and great price is what defines Saurabh photography. His services include complete photography as well as videography services.    Click here to view Saurabh’s Wedding Photographer Portfolio

Top wedding photographers in Kolkata

Trying to find the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, this is the list for you.
1.Candid Affairs
Looking for candid clicks that will blow your mind or looking to have a candid affair with all those pretty things that surround a wedding, look no further than Candid Affair. With some of the best reviews on flatpebble.com, candid affairs dates book out the fastest. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and click buy on a candid affair package to secure  a candid affair on your wedding date.

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2.Pixip Photo
Pixip photography offers some of the most affordable wedding photography packages in Kolkatta. With a great eye for a key moment, they can be booked without burdening your wallet.

  Click here to View PIXIP foto’s Portfolio

3.Axis Images
Pretty shots, great pricing, complete services, and a compassionate photographer. Axis images are the quintessential clickers who combine value and quality. Get a full range of services including great videography from Axis images, the fastest way to book them is to buy an Axis image package today.  

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4.The Sparkling wedding
Want a sparkling wedding, who’s images are enshrined forever. The Sparkling wedding photographers are a passionate set of clickers, who want to see the twinkle in your eye when you appreciate their work and a tear when you recall the memory. Get the best of the sparkling wedding on www.flatpebble.com

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