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Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an airbrush makeup is relevant to Weddings?

Blame it on these awesome professional wedding photographers, I tell you! Airbrush makeup technology is the makeup industry’s way of keeping up with the photography technology that’s now available. HD (High Definition) video and photography can now capture details like no other. While earlier, Airbrush makeup was a movie / TV celebrity favorite for shooting, as wedding photographers shoot with such high-quality gear, they are likely to catch little flaws. 

PC: Sourav

Why an airbrush makeup is awesome? 

  1. It looks very even and gives a very natural look in comparison to foundation applied otherwise. You’ll look ‘naturally radiant’ even in your HD photos and videos. 
  2. It looks far from the typical dramatic look. Normally applied makeup usually settles and can appear in pores and wrinkles but not the same with it.
  3. You get that ‘almost nothing’ light feeling. It’s super light!
  4. It’s great if you already have good, clear skin and want that added flawlessness in your bridal or party look.
  5. If you have oily skin, it’s a great option because it’s unlikely to melt away like normal makeup that is applied otherwise. It stays but is not sticky. 🙂
  6. It’s long lasting makeup idea. It tends to stay put for 12-24 hours in a day.
  7. It’s more hygienic for your skin because there’s no direct contact with brushes, hands etc. 

Why an airbrush makeup is not so awesome? 
  1. If you have more pimples or acne, don’t choose this makeup type. It’s so sheer that it’s not suited for those with acne on their face. Those who would need high coverage foundation to hide their scars, an airbrush makeup is not a good choice for them. 
  2. An airbrush makeup is more expensive than a regular makeup. It’s better to watch on your budget too. Don’t be coaxed into opting for this if it’s out of your budget or if it’s not correct for your skin type.
  3. It’s important to make sure that it’s actually being done by an airbrush makeup artist or a makeup artist who specializes in an airbrush makeup. Different makeup artists have a different style of work so be careful while you choose or it can go horribly wrong.
  4. If you have a lot of facial hair or baby hairs, they may still be visible in an airbrush makeup.
  5.  Don’t be taken in by the trend in the city ever. Apply what suits you and your skin.

PC: Sourav
You need to pick what is right for you. If your budget/skin type doesn’t call for airbrush makeup, don’t go for it; You can look just as flawless with regular makeup as well. At the same time, if you are investing in very expensive HD photography and cinematography and have a high budget for your makeup and you have oily, non-acne scarred skin, then it’s worth investing in airbrush makeup.

Looking for some good ones? Check out our curated lot of makeup artists on flatpebble.com. Find your dream makeup artist.

All PC: Chocolate Box  Photography

Be the Coolest Bride

Be the Coolest Bride

Remember the stress we take when we have to attend a friend’s marriage in a few days? We start planning and scheduling parlor dates and cool makeup ideas just in time to look pretty for their big day. Imagine to what extent that stress will be magnified when it will be your turn to take the walk down the aisle on your wedding day. And well it is damn fair to be that nervous too. After all, you have most probably been planning for this day for a while now – weeks or maybe even months? So, how to be the coolest bride on your D-day?

Well, this article aims to ease some of that nervous energy on your big day. Why not make a style statement by a display of cool makeup ideas on your wedding day? Instead of following the quintessential trends that have been going around in that season, you can opt to stand out. Unleash your inner diva and go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding. 

How to be the coolest bride?

1. In the Spotlight

Your make-up should be structured in a way that you become the focus of any photograph that features you in it (even by mistake!). Usually, make-up artists opt to go for the safer nude or pastel pallets of color when structuring your basic look. This belief stems from the fact that you will need to look fresh and charming through the day. Not vulgar and lost in the brilliant flood of night lights.

2. Bold Is Beautiful

Gone are the days when opting for bold shades and gold hues were considered to be an abomination. Nowadays you, the bride, must have a brand new look with cool makeup ideas and look the most amazing.

3. Keep It Ambiguous

You’ll have no time at all to go to a make-up artist to change your day make – up for an evening one. Therefore, make sure that your cool makeup ideas match both your outfits and ambiances.

4. No Last Minute Regrets

A last minute fix make-up in the bathroom isn’t appropriate for the self-respecting bride. Wedding make-up should be not only ideal but additionally long-lasting. Don’t economize money on bridal make-up artists as well as professional cosmetic products on your wedding day. 

5. The Colour Code

In case your wedding dress is in a pale shade, pick up cool makeup ideas with colors like light blue, light gray, and muted purple. In case the dress has a beige hue, concentrate on warm colors, like all tones of beige, sand, soft turquoise, as well as champagne.

6. Lip Love

The color of lipstick needs to be chosen in pastel, not bright colors. An exclusion is only if you put on a red wedding gown. In this case, the lips must be the second brilliant spot, and eye make-up should be minimal.

7. Tuning The Tone

When choosing a tone basis, you must be guided by skin tone. Not only the face but additionally the hands and décolleté. It is sensible to visit a solarium several times ahead of time so the skin can look far healthy and smooth.

8. Daylight Dilemma

Since the wedding timings are usually in the mid-day as well as the whole photo shoot normally happens in daylight, the alignment of the skin must be given particular attention.

Opt to stand out and unleash your inner diva. Go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding and set a magnificent style statement!

Different Kinds of Bridal Makeup

Different Kinds of Bridal Makeup

Waiting long to decide on your makeup must have gotten you stuck occasionally. It is only when everything else is done and you think you can eventually unwind for a while, you make-up person comes up and asks how you would like your make-up to be done. Sure you know how to place makeup to go to work as well as to go out during the night with pals, but wearing it for the very own wedding is an entirely new ballpark. You need the make-up to make you look your best. You might have anticipated the make-up person to simply know precisely what they’re doing, but usually, they ask you because everybody has their very own preference and style and there are so many different kinds of bridal makeup. Let us help you out with a few different kinds of bridal make-up from which you can choose your wedding day look.

Different kinds of bridal makeup

Do you dream of becoming the men and women that are on magazines covers? You must have wondered how someone can look so wonderful at every point of the day. You also do know that a box of brushes is running behind the same. Champagne eyelids, contoured cheekbones, and red lips! Can it get classier?

Go for more soft look

Go for the Bohemian Rhapsody if you are a free-spirited bride. Use softer shades of foundation and feminine hues. Berry-hued lips go perfectly with that windswept hair. Something breezy and not formal and may be a pearl necklace and a cuff. If you are experimental, embrace bold pops of the lip colour. No other kind of bridal make-up could be better than this than for a beach wedding!

Simple yet beautiful look

If you are not the outrageous glamour kind, try simple yet beautiful bridal looks. Contour lightly and tone down the lipstick. Add a spark of shimmer to your eyelids and a thick line of eyeliner though for you don’t want to look pale on your marriage day. A thick line of eyeliner will add to your gorgeous yet sheer look.

The vintage look

There is something about vintage. Vintage make-up for your wedding day is as good a choice as wine. To start with, the eyelashes must be fluttery. Nothing like luscious lashes to wow the groom as well as everyone present at the event. Coral lips go perfectly with it. You can also pair your look with a bit and parcels of retro. Keep the hair and the dress vintage, the make-up modern and you are good to go!

Modern bridal look

Be modern and chic about your wedding day if that is what you are real life. Some brides don’t like heavy jewellery and dress. Simple and stylish can be carried out and how! Keep a sharp and precise cat eye for those killer eyes. A pretty pair of eyes is the first thing that any bride wants in her kitty. For lips, go for a shade that is cheery or blushy, may be a toned pink or coral orange. Bun your hair if your want a neat style or go for the super romantic side swept, over the shoulder hairdo! Brides can never go wrong with that.

The stunning bright look

When it is a damp and cloudy day then maybe a bright make-up would actually make you look stunning. In case the day turns out to be too sticky, make certain of the fact that you apply water based make-up essentials as opposed to the oil-based cosmetics. Try a subtle flick of eyeliner at the corner of the eyes if it is a humid day. You definitely do not want smudged kohl all over your eyes and cheek on the day you tie the knot.

Looking forward to a lot of glitter and glamor on the day of your wedding? We have already talked about the subtle part of it. You can also add a dramatic touch to your makeup and look super bold and beautiful. Remember the old Hollywood movies? Fall back on time with shades of bronze on your eyes and dusty-rose shade of lips.

Highlight your killing features

If sultry is your style, you definitely should consider rich and smoky eyes. Add striking details to your make-up like a maroon matte lip or flushed cheeks. Grab a choker for a neckpiece instead of the regular pearls and emerge as the most unconventional bride ever.

For many, heavy make-up is like any other everyday essential while for others a little lipstick is enough. During a wedding, there are times when the bride doesn’t hire a make-up person but it is one of her family members who help her with it. It is very important to know the different kinds of bridal make-up before you decide on anything else. Only when you know the different kinds of bridal make-up, you can zero down on the kind you want. That is the last thing that you want to stress about on the day of your wedding. Professional bridal makeup is a necessity and different kinds of bridal makeup will bring out the kind of individual that you are. Make sure you check for all the services of your make-up artist before hiring them. Or you’ll end up firing them. How important do you think make-up is on a wedding day? Share your thoughts with us.

All pics credit: Candid Affair

Myths On Bridal Makeup   

Myths On Bridal Makeup  

Say farewell to January and hello to Feberuary. The best season, neither cold not hot. Just perfect as you. Get into the spirit, carve out that crease and gleam. It’s time to follow the latest trend although not blindly. Especially, the bride-to-be should be more careful while choosing their bridal makeup artists. Do not go with the world. Follow what suits you. Be comfortable in your skin and check out the myths on bridal makeup.

Myths on bridal makeup

Make-up artists don’t have professional qualifications

Taking up cosmetics and makeup is more than just a hobby. You have to tend to people hair, skin, and sometimes even their well-being. Therefore, you cannot afford to make mistakes. It is mostly assumed that makeup artists do not have any professional qualification or colleges or standardized institutions, but that isn’t the case.

Before an individual may become a successful bridal make-up adviser, he/she’ll will be expected to attend a licensed cosmetology school. In compliance with the Occupational Outlook Handbook, high schools, professional schools and post-secondary public and private colleges offer programs in skin care, cosmetology along with other personal care providers and curriculums which will usually last 9 months or more. All claims need cosmetologists to undergo a licensing examination. Possibility licensees should be at least 16 years old, possess the equivalent of the high school diploma and have finished from the state-licensed cosmetology school. Once a prospective bridal make-up artist is informed and certified, he should create a collection of work that may act as a pictorial resume.


They cannot be judges unless you see them work on you.

Sometimes you may reject a good make-up artist based solely on the fact that he/she is unavailable for a practical demonstration – Think again. You have got to be patient and make sure that you select them only when you have witness them do a small practical display on you. Here you need to go by the saying – never judge a book by its cover. They may possess a record of extravagant make-up accomplishments however it is up to you to make sure that their style and forte’s compliment your physical characteristics i.e. complexion, eye colour, hair etc. along with other factors like your outfit.

Most of the professional artists diversify by including pictures from subtle, classic make-up to spectacular and more extreme, that’ll appeal to a broader audience of brides of diverse tastes and fashions. They develop a portfolio of their work, network with some other professionals in the marriage business, like wedding planners, photographers and bridal stores.

Advertisements cannot be trusted

Most of the professional make-up artists and networks include lavish advertising components, including business cards and pamphlets, that’ll emphasize their services and costs. If you are not up to date or familiar with the industry it is highly likely that you will fall prey to these marketing entrapments.

When it’s convenient (and affordable), attend bridal shows and expositions a few weeks prior to the wedding. Another way you can get to know various trends and tricks of the trade is by browsing social media handles and blogs. Most professionals tend to establish a reputation on social networks sites to develop fans following. For example, according to Education Portal.com, they can join a marriage business organization like Wedding Industry Professionals Association. They get to work with eclectic customers, all with individual preferences and needs. Therefore, their most significant abilities when working with a customer is hearing and adhere to her needs and wants.

Keep reading to get more on makeup. We have a lot in our basket. Stay pretty. 🙂

The North Indian bridal makeup

The North Indian bridal makeup

India is a country of diverse culture and tradition. A traditional North Indian wedding is a combination of vibrant and bright colours. Don’t be afraid to wear a bold colour for a North Indian wedding. If the bridal dress is bold and bright, the makeup should also compliment the wedding outfit. A North Indian Bride is cool and chirpy, she loves being traditional, but she loves being modern too. The North Indian Bridal makeup is bold, loud and a mix of its culture and traditions. Watch this video, which features a North Indian Bride, getting ready for her D-day.

Video credit: Beauty Mantra

Wedding Outfit

As a bride, you have the freedom to choose your wedding outfit. So choose what you are comfortable in. You can wear Saree or Lehnga for your big event. In the North, girls normally prefer Lehnga over Saree. The bride looks glamorous and soft in this bridal attire. The wedding dress is important to decide before your search for a good a bridal makeup artist for your North Indian Bridal Makeup.

North Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

A North Indian bridal makeup artist should understand the requirement of the would-be bride. Her wedding outfit, wedding jewelry, everything should be known to the makeup artist for creating a beautiful bride.

Bridal makeup kit

The bridal makeup kit should must have bold color lipsticks and eyeshadows. The foundation, primer, corrector, and concealer are important for a bridal makeup kit. Eyeliner and mascara should be waterproof. MAC, Bobbi brown, Krylon, Lakme are some good brands, which offers great makeup products.

Bridal hairstyle

In North Indian bridal makeup, the bridal hairstyle is completely different from South Indian Bridal makeup. The hair remains under the dupatta, so making a bun is the best option for a North Indian bridal hairstyle.

Saree or Dupatta draping

This is one important aspect of a North Indian bridal makeup. Saree or dupatta draping completes your look as a bride. This should be done in such a way that the bride should feel comfortable even if she is wearing a fully embroidered heavy Saree or Dupatta.


Jewelry completes your North Indian Bridal Makeup and look. Make sure that your bridal jewelry matches your bridal outfit. It should be shiny and glittery because you are going to be a North Indian bride. These days rental jewelry are quite in demand. They save your money and makes you look gorgeous at the same time.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the North Indian Bridal makeup. To read more on makeup, stay connected. 🙂

Top 5 Bridal makeup artist in Malaysia

Top 5 Bridal makeup artist in Malaysia

Looking great is as important as feeling good on your D-day. Choosing a great bridal makeup artist is as tough as choosing your groom. 🙂 Don’t tell me that you are not aware of the best bridal makeup artist in Malaysia! Don’t worry, we were also in the same court. But now we can clear all your confusions with this article. Every bride wants to look ravishing on her wedding day. This is one day where nothing short of perfection can come to pass. All your wedding work will need to do up with tiny details, that might or might not materialise.

Bridal makeup artist in Malaysia

Here, with this piece of writing, we are coming up with a list of top 5 bridal makeup artist in Malaysia to let you find the right style of makeup for your wedding day.


A bride of today’s generation loves the latest trends in makeup. More so if it is an event as big as a wedding. Don’t go anywhere, Ananti is the best bridal makeup artist in Malaysia, because the secret is, she knows that you love being traditional with a trendy twist. She has an expertise in engagement makeup,bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with a great mastery in hairstyle and Saree draping. Here, you have only one choice given by your bridal makeup artist, and this is to look marvelous.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Ananti


If you want to look flawless, then go for Surjeet, she is one of the best bridal makeup artists in Malaysia. This makeup artist excels at engagement makeup, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with expertise in hairstyle and saree draping. She is the one who you can rely on blindly for your bridal makeup. She promises outstanding bridal makeup with economical packages.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Surjeet


If you want minimalist and subtle bridal makeup, Veron will be the best choice. This bridal makeup artist really knows her work, everything from saree draping, hairstyle, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception makeup, and other party looks of your wish. She has the knack to have her brides at ease during their bridal makeup session. With an eye for perfection, she is one of the best bridal makeup artists you could hire in Malaysia.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Veron


SG is best known for her amazing makeup sense for engagement makeup, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with expertise in hairstyle and saree draping. This makeup artist is one whom you can trust for such a big event of your life. If you are looking for an economical bridal makeup artist for your wedding, we can recommend SG.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: SG


Marvelous is going to be the word for you on your wedding event by Sofistiq. They will never let you down with their bridal makeup. Sofistiq is simply perfect in the field of bridal makeup. They understand the requirement and confusions of a bride with regards to their requirement and are completely able to take you out of all your fears. As a bride, you can trust Sofistiq for the engagement makeup, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look. Sofistiq is an expert in different hairstyles and saree draping. This bridal makeup artist can make you look miraculous and sensational at the same time.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Sofistiq

Whether you decide to do your own bridal makeup on your wedding day or utilize the services from a professional bridal makeup artist you need to search the best. Hope this article has helped in some way. We would love to share your words on this article. All your opinion and suggestions are welcome. Read our blogs to know more about bridal makeup. Happy makeup. 🙂

What to put in your Bridal makeup kit!

What to put in your Bridal makeup kit!

The wedding day is the most important day, which a girl wants to make the most beautiful and memorable in her life. As a bride, you spend on a bridal outfit, bridal accessories, bridal jewelry, and bridal makeup, for a perfect look. But with all this, you need to keep your bridal makeup kit ready , which you will require for touch up and which you are going to use after your marriage also. In this article, we are going to help you with “What to put in your Bridal makeup kit”.


We can count lip balm as the first bridal makeup kit essential because you can’t do without it. A chapped lip looks bad and makes you feel uncomfortable.


As a bride you surely need a touch up at regular intervals, so keep your lipstick handy.

3.Eyeshadow palette

You require this in your bridal makeup kit, for the wedding day and for your later days. So buy some good color combination for your regular use.

PC Makeup artist: Aarti

4.Eyebrow pencil

Keep your eyebrows in shape with your handy eyebrow pencil.


Buy eyeliners of different colors to match up with your dresses. MAC, Bobbi brown are some good brands which you can try without a second thought.

6.Mascara and Kaajal

Without those flashy, big eyelashes your makeup is not complete. Get a waterproof mascara for your bridal makeup kit. For a more hot and smokey look apply kajal to your beautiful eyes.

7.Concealer, Primer, and Foundation

Hide your blemishes and unwanted spots with the help of a foundation, primer, and concealer. Primer is also best to support your long-lasting makeup.

PC Makeup artist: Aarti


A highlighter to highlight your features and make you glow.


Shine like a star with the right application of bronzer on your face.

PC Makeup artist: Anitha

10.Compact powder

To set your makeup and make your skin tone even, a compact powder is very important.


You need a big bottle of one good moisturizer which can keep your skin dehydrate all the time.

12.Makeup brushes

You can buy makeup brushes of Vogue or MAC, they can assure you of good quality and durability.

PC Makeup artist: Aarti

13.Nail paint and Nail paint remover

You need to keep both in your bridal makeup kit because as a bride you need to wear makeup and look presentable even after your marriage gets over. Various shades of nail paint can go with your different colors of outfits, that you are going to wear for your post marriage days.


Hairspray can set your hair in place and will save you from getting messy.

15.Wet tissues

Wet tissues are very important for a bridal makeup kit. If you need to refresh your makeup or smudgy eyes, wet tissue can help you.

16.Safety pins

Safety pins can help in keeping your saree and pallu in place.


For your touch up, simple. 🙂

PC Makeup artist: Aarti


Without sunscreen, your color is going to fade for sure. So keep it handy in your bag.

19.Cleanser and Toner

You can’t sleep with makeup on your face, so cleanser and toner are important for a bridal makeup kit.


To remove your makeup you definitely need cotton.

21.Comb, Hairpins, and Rubber bands

Without comb how you can take care of your gorgeous hair! Keep your comb, hairpins, and rubber bands handy to manage your hairs.

Hope, this list will help you in managing your bridal makeup kit. If something else you want to add, please write to us in our comment box. Happy makeup. 🙂

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Wooohooo! See what we have in our basket today? “Indian Bridal makeup trends 2016.” We have everything in our platter for you, to know more about the latest Indian Bridal makeup trends. Weddings are fun and can be adventurous if you are going to try new trendy bridal hairstyles, Saree draping, and wedding makeup this time. Let’s jump and try new indian bridal makeup trends this wedding season.

Why a professional Indian bridal makeup artist?

Now every bride wants to hire a professional makeup artist who can take care of the demands of would-be bride. Bridal makeup artists use international products, that are long-lasting and never look over-done. These professional bridal makeup artists are also aware of the latest Indian bridal makeup trends.

bridal makeup captured by Candid Affair

Image courtesy:Candid Affair


Your bridal makeup artist should know how to create a perfect base for wedding makeup and it starts with the right application of the foundation. If not blend properly, it can leave patches on your face. MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior are some good brand, which you can trust on.

Mineral makeup

Love that flawless look then goes for mineral makeup. That offers a dewy look and stays longer on your face. Mineral makeup is one of the most popular Indian bridal makeup trends, as it gives you a three-dimensional look and goes well with your bridal attire. The best brands are MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior.

bridal makeup clicked by WeCapture

Image courtesy:We Capture

Go bold and bright

Go with smoky and smudged eye makeup this season’s one the hottest Indian bridal makeup trends. Golden and bronze eye shadow is a great hit with brides. We would recommend, MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior. False eyelashes can only enhance your beautiful eyes.

Lipsticks for bride according to Indian bridal makeup trends

Bold red lipsticks are still popular with the brides and will remain so in the list of Indian bridal makeup trends. Colors like matte reds, hot corals, mineralised peaches, and hot pink and fuchsia are in this season’s Indian bridal makeup trends. You can try colored liners for your sangeet, engagement,and reception. You can pair your red lipstick with winged eyeliner. You can try that to add instant glamour to your bridal look.

bridal makeup artistry clicked by Ankit

Image courtesy:Ankit

Why should a bride know Indian bridal makeup trends?

These days brides need a bride makeup artist who is more realistic and trendy in her approach. The advance makeup is more technical and well researched in Indian bridal makeup trends. Selecting a good makeup artist for you wedding day is a big commitment.

Hope, this article has helped and inspired you in some way. Your comments are always welcome. Stay in touch with our writing and your reading.

Makeup tips: 10 Handy tips for you

Makeup tips: 10 Handy tips for you

In this article, we have come up 10 handy makeup tips which are quite trendy and easy too. Before applying any makeup on your face you should know the type of your skin and what products are best for your skin.

Makeup tips- No. 1: Cleansing the face

Our skin has different moisture level. Some of us have oily skin, others have dry and some really lucky person have neutral skin, not affected by oil or dryness. Indian Brides are normally intended to use bright colors for their marriage and ceremony also happens for more than 8-12 hours. So, in order to obtain a long-lasting makeup, cleansing is very important. don’t leave any patches of dirt or oil on your skin before your bridal makeup.

Makeup tips- No. 2: Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate means getting rid of dead skin cells of your skin. Do it but not over do it. That will make your skin dry.

makeup by vishnu

PC – Bridal Makeup artist: Vishnu

Makeup tips- No. 3: Base preparation

Moisturize your face before applying any other beauty product on your skin. Do it in circular and gentle motion. This will give your skin a smooth and even touch.

Makeup tips- No. 4: Fix your face

We would suggest use primer instead of direct jumping on a foundation. Apply and blend it well. Primer is basically used to help your foundation and concealer stay in place. In this way, your makeup will last longer. Sephora and Mac are the best brands in this category. You can also go for Bobbi Brown, YSL,Dior,and Krylon.

Blend your foundation well with your skin, with the help of brush or sponge. Don’t rub it hard on your face but simply pat it otherwise you will get a patchy skin. Always blend them outwards. Use a highlighter to make your skin glow . Cover the blemishes of your skin with a good concealer. The highlighter of Sephora and  MAC  are good.

PC Makeup Artist: Swati

Makeup tips- No. 5: Bronzer

Your make artist will use bronzer to contour your face, so choose some good brand. Bronzer makes your face look sharper in the photographs. You can apply bronzer with a makeup brush (preferably angular) with strokes.

Makeup tips- No. 6: Shades of Eyeshadow

The color of eyeshadow completely depends on the color of your attire and time of day. If it’s a night function you can go for gold and darker shades, but for day time always prefer some lighter shades of eyeshadow. MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL,Dior, Krylon, and Sephora are some good brands in this category. For an Indian bride, we suggest the gold eye makeup, that suits Indian skin color too.

Use an angular eyebrow brush to give the preferred shape to your eyebrows.

PC Makeup Artist: Green Trends Diamond Point

Makeup tips- No. 7: Blush

Blush, blush, blush. Use blusher in a circular motion and blend it upwards, towards your ears. Don’t forget to pat the excess off of blush powder from your blush brush.

Makeup tips- No. 8: Eyeliner for your pretty eyes

Always use an eyeliner that is waterproof. We would suggest black is always good to go with. But you can surely match your eyeliner with your outfit. MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Dior, and Krylon, Sephora are some brands which you can try. Draw a thick line of kajal and  smudge it with your finger tip, to add that Oomph factor to your look. 😉

makeup by bridal trends

PC – Bridal Makeup artist: Bridal

Makeup tips- No. 9: Mascara

How come you can forget mascara, which can add volume to your eyelashes. For getting the curly lashes use curl mascara brush. You can also use false eyelashes for making your eyes appear more beautiful.

Makeup tips- No. 10: Lipstick to complete your look

Fuller lips look good, so if you have thin lips use a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick. Line your lips and fill lipstick with the help of a lip brush. But if you have already plump lips, then line your lip line and wear a lipstick that compliments your look.

makeup by bridal rends

PC- Bridal Makeup artist: Bridal

How has this article helped you to know more about makeup? Please share your words with us. Stay in touch because we have more on makeup this week. Happy reading. 🙂

Bridal makeup artist: top 5 in Chennai

Bridal makeup artist: top 5 in Chennai

The south Indian weddings are a complete reflection of its tradition and culture. Flowers and fragrances are the striking features of any South Indian wedding. Any bridal makeup is not complete without flowers and when you get the right bridal makeup artist all your effort is worth. Tamil brides are pretty and look gorgeous in their golden border saree.

Best Bridal makeup artist in Chennai

In our earlier posts, we have listed the top 5 Bridal makeup artist of Hyderabad and top 5 makeup artist of Bengaluru. This article is about the top 5 bridal makeup artist of Chennai. The makeup artist listed below are fabulous in engagement makeup,bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with a mastery in hairstyle and saree draping.

1. Bridal Trends

If you are hiring a bridal makeup artist for your wedding but don’t know how to find the one, try Bridal Trends. This bridal makeup artist ensure that the makeup stays on and looks fresh all day long. They are fabulous in creating various hairstyles and Saree draping. A Tamil bride looks beautiful in her Saree, but a true makeup artist completes her look. To get the”marvelous-you” look one can rely on Bridal Trends.

bridal makeup by bridal trends

PC Makeup artist:Bridal

2. Reena

Every bride wants to look beautiful and stand out on her wedding day, so she goes ahead and buys the best color combination of Saree that suits her. A great makeup artist can assure you of the prettiest look and Reena is one of them. She excels in engagement makeup,bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with a mastery in hairstyle and saree draping.
bridal makeup by reena

PC Makeup artist:Reena

3. Priya

Like all other aspects of your wedding, plan ahead with our wedding beauty routine. We can suggest Priya, because she can suggest you what is good for getting a radiant skin on your wedding day. She is adept in wedding makeup, engagement makeup, bridal makeup, reception, party look, hairstyle and Saree draping.

bridal makeup by priya

PC Makeup artist:Priya

4. B U Bride

A wedding day is a very special moment for all women and as a bride-to-be, a girl wants to look and feel like a fairytale princess.You can surely trust  B U Bride for your engagement makeup,bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with an expertise in hairstyle and saree draping. B U Bride can actually give you that princess touch.

bridal makeup by B U Bridal

PC Makeup artist:B U Bride

5. Urmi’s Creative

For those looking for bridal makeup that’s a little more well defined, Urmi’s Creative is the right choice. They are skilled in all types of party makeup, bridal makeup, engagement makeup. They know how to drape saree in different styles along with beautiful hairdo.

bridal makeup by Urmi's creative

PC Makeup artist:Urmi’s Creative

Preparing for your wedding day is always about attention to detail. Hope you have enjoyed this. Please write to us in our comment box and do share your valuable opinion. We are coming up with bundles of articles on makeup in coming days. So, keep reading..:)

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