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How to plan your Bridal look?

How to plan your Bridal look?

Why women are so conscious about their beauty? Why can’t they take their imperfection as their perfection? We believe they do take their natural beauty as their best asset and there is no harm in taking care of your asset. Every bride wishes to look picture-perfect. This would involve days of work and planning – in fact, several months of detailed planning. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride. This would involve days of work and planning. This article comes up with how to plan your bridal look?

The market is flooded with all kinds of beauty products which promises you with a glowing, flawless skin and makes you want to buy the skin products immediately. But do you even realize if they will suit your skin type or not? Well, most of the times you buy it because your favorite Bollywood star is promoting the skin essentials without even realizing if they would prove to be good or not.

How to plan your bridal look?

To avoid all this confusion and chaos, we are here with this article to make you aware of your own beauty routines. We have figured out some best beauty tips that you as a woman- must know. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride.

1.Beauty Vitamins

Do you wish to look the best in your wedding photographs? You need to ensure longer, shinier hair and radiant skin. You need to focus on the vitamins like Biotin that are found in the food items like bananas and peanut butter. These food items can reduce the hair fall and can also encourage the growth of shiny nails. You need to include iron content in your diet as well. Iron is found in food items like spinach and cashew nuts. Iron too can promote your hair and skin health.

2.You can try a new hair color

Look different and stylish on your wedding day. You can try new hair color with the help of an expert to get the right look.

3.Revamp your skincare regimen

Adapt some healthy skincare regime on your chart and try to follow that for a glowing skin. You can take the advice of some beauty professional and can start your beauty treatment few months before your wedding. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week.

4.Nutrients and fitness

Don’t go for a crash dieting, instead, choose something healthy and fit. Check out your fitness plans with a professional and follow that.

5.Makeup and hair tutorials

Start watching the Youtube tutorials for your hair. Try out some stylish makeup and hairstyle tricks to help yourself out after your marriage.

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6.Teeth whitening

A Happy Dent smile is what you want for you on your wedding day. This is one of the most stylish trends followed by a would-be bride. Make your day the brightest one with your smile.

7.Beauty accessories

Go out on a shopping spree of the essential beauty accessories that you would need on the big day. These might include the essential hair accessories, makeup products, and customized accessories like small pieces of jewellery to adorn your overall look. You must ensure that your makeup kit is ready and intact a month before your wedding date. If you are confused about the list of items that you should buy for your wedding beauty and makeup, then you can take help from a professional beauty expert to help you out with the same.

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What to put in your Bridal makeup kit!

What to put in your Bridal makeup kit!

The wedding day is the most important day, which a girl wants to make the most beautiful and memorable in her life. As a bride, you spend on a bridal outfit, bridal accessories, bridal jewelry, and bridal makeup, for a perfect look. But with all this, you need to keep your bridal makeup kit ready , which you will require for touch up and which you are going to use after your marriage also. In this article, we are going to help you with “What to put in your Bridal makeup kit”.


We can count lip balm as the first bridal makeup kit essential because you can’t do without it. A chapped lip looks bad and makes you feel uncomfortable.


As a bride you surely need a touch up at regular intervals, so keep your lipstick handy.

3.Eyeshadow palette

You require this in your bridal makeup kit, for the wedding day and for your later days. So buy some good color combination for your regular use.

PC Makeup artist: Aarti

4.Eyebrow pencil

Keep your eyebrows in shape with your handy eyebrow pencil.


Buy eyeliners of different colors to match up with your dresses. MAC, Bobbi brown are some good brands which you can try without a second thought.

6.Mascara and Kaajal

Without those flashy, big eyelashes your makeup is not complete. Get a waterproof mascara for your bridal makeup kit. For a more hot and smokey look apply kajal to your beautiful eyes.

7.Concealer, Primer, and Foundation

Hide your blemishes and unwanted spots with the help of a foundation, primer, and concealer. Primer is also best to support your long-lasting makeup.

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A highlighter to highlight your features and make you glow.


Shine like a star with the right application of bronzer on your face.

PC Makeup artist: Anitha

10.Compact powder

To set your makeup and make your skin tone even, a compact powder is very important.


You need a big bottle of one good moisturizer which can keep your skin dehydrate all the time.

12.Makeup brushes

You can buy makeup brushes of Vogue or MAC, they can assure you of good quality and durability.

PC Makeup artist: Aarti

13.Nail paint and Nail paint remover

You need to keep both in your bridal makeup kit because as a bride you need to wear makeup and look presentable even after your marriage gets over. Various shades of nail paint can go with your different colors of outfits, that you are going to wear for your post marriage days.


Hairspray can set your hair in place and will save you from getting messy.

15.Wet tissues

Wet tissues are very important for a bridal makeup kit. If you need to refresh your makeup or smudgy eyes, wet tissue can help you.

16.Safety pins

Safety pins can help in keeping your saree and pallu in place.


For your touch up, simple. 🙂

PC Makeup artist: Aarti


Without sunscreen, your color is going to fade for sure. So keep it handy in your bag.

19.Cleanser and Toner

You can’t sleep with makeup on your face, so cleanser and toner are important for a bridal makeup kit.


To remove your makeup you definitely need cotton.

21.Comb, Hairpins, and Rubber bands

Without comb how you can take care of your gorgeous hair! Keep your comb, hairpins, and rubber bands handy to manage your hairs.

Hope, this list will help you in managing your bridal makeup kit. If something else you want to add, please write to us in our comment box. Happy makeup. 🙂