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Be the Coolest Bride

Be the Coolest Bride

Remember the stress we take when we have to attend a friend’s marriage in a few days? We start planning and scheduling parlor dates and cool makeup ideas just in time to look pretty for their big day. Imagine to what extent that stress will be magnified when it will be your turn to take the walk down the aisle on your wedding day. And well it is damn fair to be that nervous too. After all, you have most probably been planning for this day for a while now – weeks or maybe even months? So, how to be the coolest bride on your D-day?

Well, this article aims to ease some of that nervous energy on your big day. Why not make a style statement by a display of cool makeup ideas on your wedding day? Instead of following the quintessential trends that have been going around in that season, you can opt to stand out. Unleash your inner diva and go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding. 

How to be the coolest bride?

1. In the Spotlight

Your make-up should be structured in a way that you become the focus of any photograph that features you in it (even by mistake!). Usually, make-up artists opt to go for the safer nude or pastel pallets of color when structuring your basic look. This belief stems from the fact that you will need to look fresh and charming through the day. Not vulgar and lost in the brilliant flood of night lights.

2. Bold Is Beautiful

Gone are the days when opting for bold shades and gold hues were considered to be an abomination. Nowadays you, the bride, must have a brand new look with cool makeup ideas and look the most amazing.

3. Keep It Ambiguous

You’ll have no time at all to go to a make-up artist to change your day make – up for an evening one. Therefore, make sure that your cool makeup ideas match both your outfits and ambiances.

4. No Last Minute Regrets

A last minute fix make-up in the bathroom isn’t appropriate for the self-respecting bride. Wedding make-up should be not only ideal but additionally long-lasting. Don’t economize money on bridal make-up artists as well as professional cosmetic products on your wedding day. 

5. The Colour Code

In case your wedding dress is in a pale shade, pick up cool makeup ideas with colors like light blue, light gray, and muted purple. In case the dress has a beige hue, concentrate on warm colors, like all tones of beige, sand, soft turquoise, as well as champagne.

6. Lip Love

The color of lipstick needs to be chosen in pastel, not bright colors. An exclusion is only if you put on a red wedding gown. In this case, the lips must be the second brilliant spot, and eye make-up should be minimal.

7. Tuning The Tone

When choosing a tone basis, you must be guided by skin tone. Not only the face but additionally the hands and décolleté. It is sensible to visit a solarium several times ahead of time so the skin can look far healthy and smooth.

8. Daylight Dilemma

Since the wedding timings are usually in the mid-day as well as the whole photo shoot normally happens in daylight, the alignment of the skin must be given particular attention.

Opt to stand out and unleash your inner diva. Go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding and set a magnificent style statement!

How to plan your Bridal look?

How to plan your Bridal look?

Why women are so conscious about their beauty? Why can’t they take their imperfection as their perfection? We believe they do take their natural beauty as their best asset and there is no harm in taking care of your asset. Every bride wishes to look picture-perfect. This would involve days of work and planning – in fact, several months of detailed planning. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride. This would involve days of work and planning. This article comes up with how to plan your bridal look?

The market is flooded with all kinds of beauty products which promises you with a glowing, flawless skin and makes you want to buy the skin products immediately. But do you even realize if they will suit your skin type or not? Well, most of the times you buy it because your favorite Bollywood star is promoting the skin essentials without even realizing if they would prove to be good or not.

How to plan your bridal look?

To avoid all this confusion and chaos, we are here with this article to make you aware of your own beauty routines. We have figured out some best beauty tips that you as a woman- must know. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride.

1.Beauty Vitamins

Do you wish to look the best in your wedding photographs? You need to ensure longer, shinier hair and radiant skin. You need to focus on the vitamins like Biotin that are found in the food items like bananas and peanut butter. These food items can reduce the hair fall and can also encourage the growth of shiny nails. You need to include iron content in your diet as well. Iron is found in food items like spinach and cashew nuts. Iron too can promote your hair and skin health.

2.You can try a new hair color

Look different and stylish on your wedding day. You can try new hair color with the help of an expert to get the right look.

3.Revamp your skincare regimen

Adapt some healthy skincare regime on your chart and try to follow that for a glowing skin. You can take the advice of some beauty professional and can start your beauty treatment few months before your wedding. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week.

4.Nutrients and fitness

Don’t go for a crash dieting, instead, choose something healthy and fit. Check out your fitness plans with a professional and follow that.

5.Makeup and hair tutorials

Start watching the Youtube tutorials for your hair. Try out some stylish makeup and hairstyle tricks to help yourself out after your marriage.

PC: SZ Photo

6.Teeth whitening

A Happy Dent smile is what you want for you on your wedding day. This is one of the most stylish trends followed by a would-be bride. Make your day the brightest one with your smile.

7.Beauty accessories

Go out on a shopping spree of the essential beauty accessories that you would need on the big day. These might include the essential hair accessories, makeup products, and customized accessories like small pieces of jewellery to adorn your overall look. You must ensure that your makeup kit is ready and intact a month before your wedding date. If you are confused about the list of items that you should buy for your wedding beauty and makeup, then you can take help from a professional beauty expert to help you out with the same.

Article cover photo credit: Chocolate Box

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Wooohooo! See what we have in our basket today? “Indian Bridal makeup trends 2016.” We have everything in our platter for you, to know more about the latest Indian Bridal makeup trends. Weddings are fun and can be adventurous if you are going to try new trendy bridal hairstyles, Saree draping, and wedding makeup this time. Let’s jump and try new indian bridal makeup trends this wedding season.

Why a professional Indian bridal makeup artist?

Now every bride wants to hire a professional makeup artist who can take care of the demands of would-be bride. Bridal makeup artists use international products, that are long-lasting and never look over-done. These professional bridal makeup artists are also aware of the latest Indian bridal makeup trends.

bridal makeup captured by Candid Affair

Image courtesy:Candid Affair


Your bridal makeup artist should know how to create a perfect base for wedding makeup and it starts with the right application of the foundation. If not blend properly, it can leave patches on your face. MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior are some good brand, which you can trust on.

Mineral makeup

Love that flawless look then goes for mineral makeup. That offers a dewy look and stays longer on your face. Mineral makeup is one of the most popular Indian bridal makeup trends, as it gives you a three-dimensional look and goes well with your bridal attire. The best brands are MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior.

bridal makeup clicked by WeCapture

Image courtesy:We Capture

Go bold and bright

Go with smoky and smudged eye makeup this season’s one the hottest Indian bridal makeup trends. Golden and bronze eye shadow is a great hit with brides. We would recommend, MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior. False eyelashes can only enhance your beautiful eyes.

Lipsticks for bride according to Indian bridal makeup trends

Bold red lipsticks are still popular with the brides and will remain so in the list of Indian bridal makeup trends. Colors like matte reds, hot corals, mineralised peaches, and hot pink and fuchsia are in this season’s Indian bridal makeup trends. You can try colored liners for your sangeet, engagement,and reception. You can pair your red lipstick with winged eyeliner. You can try that to add instant glamour to your bridal look.

bridal makeup artistry clicked by Ankit

Image courtesy:Ankit

Why should a bride know Indian bridal makeup trends?

These days brides need a bride makeup artist who is more realistic and trendy in her approach. The advance makeup is more technical and well researched in Indian bridal makeup trends. Selecting a good makeup artist for you wedding day is a big commitment.

Hope, this article has helped and inspired you in some way. Your comments are always welcome. Stay in touch with our writing and your reading.

How to choose a bridal makeup artist?

How to choose a bridal makeup artist?

How to choose your bridal makeup artist is for what is arguably the biggest day of your life? Confusion, confusion, and confusion. After all, you will have the memories of your D-day, and you want to be able to look back with a smile and not a smudged eye, overdone bridal makeup, or any other beauty blunders. Save yourself the dilemma before saying “I do”, pick the perfect bridal makeup artist.

Does your bridal makeup artist excel at wedding makeup?

If you want to book a professional bridal makeup artist, you should make sure that the person specialises in wedding makeup. You can consider the bridal makeup artist from her previous work. You can check their wedding makeup portfolio through social networking sites, personal contacts or E-Commerce platforms.

bridal makeup by makeupSiva

Image courtesy makeup artist:makeupSiva

Meet your bridal makeup artist in person

After hiring a wedding makeup professional you cannot go back on it. So, before choosing a bridal makeup artist try and meet the artist you have shortlisted for  trial run.  Share your requirements and thoughts, have a look on beauty products they offer or in order to sit down and talk through the look that you want to achieve on the day, and see examples of their wedding makeup work.

wedding makeup by prakruthi

Image courtesy makeup artist:Prakruthi

Book a trial makeup to understand the look

If you want to get any specific look, or using any particular product brand, tell your bridal makeup artist about all these things. Your favourite products from your makeup bag and few images of the looks you want can help the bridal makeup artist understand what works for you. Take time to talk through exactly what you’re looking for.

Will your look last for the whole day?

Longevity of makeup is important when you’re considering wedding makeup. So arrange an early morning trial  to see how long is it actually lasting along with a sturdy hairstyle. If your bridal makeup artist is taking care of applications and blending, then you are surely getting a look that will last all day.

Take a trial with your camera

Take out your own camera to check how you look both with and without the flash. Take a trial with your camera to ensure you see your face-to-face and on-camera bridal look.

bridal look by Venkatesh

Image courtesy makeup artist:Venkatesh

Rather than to delve into all the pros and cons,choose your wedding makeup artist based on your needs. Select the one who understands your requirement from your perspective. Hope you have enjoyed this discussion. If you can share your  ideas, we can make it better. Keep reading..:)