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Do your pre-wedding photo shoot post wedding

Do your pre-wedding photo shoot post wedding

Pre-wedding and post wedding photo shoots have become two extensions of the main wedding photography event. It is no more something that one avoids for they already have the main day event. It can well be called parts and parcels of the wedding. Now pre-wedding shoot, as the name suggests, are done before the wedding. It may feel like a ritual to do it beforehand but only the couple can tell you how hectic it can become. So why not do it after the wedding?

Why should you so a pre-wedding photo shoot post wedding?

Though there is no solid reason as to why you should do it, it can be broken down into a few advantages. Time is a key factor in a pre-wedding photo shoot. There are so many preparations before a wedding. Going by the generation that we interact with, most of them try to take the load of their parents. They try to do the most by themselves. So going for a photo shoot at that time can be a hindrance in the schedule.

You will surely not deny that weddings are chaotic. All that mess keeps you involved and your brains are always running. Photos clicked during a shoot at such a time will reflect how tensed and tired you are. On the other hand, after the wedding, you will be free. The ease of mind will definitely make it easy for you to enjoy the shoot. This will avoid the chances of doing it just for the sake of doing it.

There is also an emotional aspect to it if you think about it. All your relatives, friends and family are present at your home and your head out for a shoot. Well, even if that is needed, it only cuts down on your time to enjoy with them. Post the wedding, when mostly everyone is headed out, you will be free to take your own sweet time to get the shoot done.

Last but not the least:

Photographers are generally very busy before the wedding dates. According to the calendars, most of the weddings get scheduled on the same dates. It makes it very difficult to get a photographer during the day or before. Availability is much better after the weddings are over. In such a rush, even if you manage to get one, there might be compromising with the quality of photos. The time you want your photographer to dedicate to you may be compromised with. You don’t want to spend truckloads of money only to have photos with red eye or hazy subject. Post wedding dates give better options for roping in a photographer. To top it all, you might even get the package at a cheaper rate!

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