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Kaala Chasma janchta oye! – Importance of Sunglasses

Kaala Chasma janchta oye! – Importance of Sunglasses

Do you use your Kaala Chashma to just pose for your selfies? Have you ever been like, “oh I have put sunscreen, what is the need of a sunglass”? Or maybe you just have overlooked wearing a sunglass for you are already carrying an umbrella. It is an area where many of us are mistaken. Sunglasses are as important as any other beauty product of daily use. Sunglasses provide necessary protection for the eyes.

Sunglasses are not just meant for flashy photos during vacations or when you are chilling in the pool. So what’s the significance of wearing sunglasses throughout the year? Take a look at the following advantages to understanding why we suggest the usage of sunglasses whenever you are out during the day.

The most obvious advantage of wearing sunglasses is the protection they offer from the sun’s dangerous rays. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, sun rays can harm the eyes in more ways than one way. Cancers of the eyelid make up for about five to ten percent of all skin cancers and might also lead to serious eye damage and face disfigurement. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, cataracts and macular degeneration may cause problems leading to eyelid cancers.

Squinting due to the sun is harmful to your eyesight. One thing that your optometrist may not have told you is that it is not only harmful to eyes but for your skin too. You must be wondering what squinting has to do with the skin. Let’s break the bubble and tell you that squinting causes your skin to wrinkle. Prolonged squinting causes wrinkles on the very sensitive skin around your eyes and will eventually damage your appearance. Hold on to those thoughts where you will find products that you think will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The truth is that there is no way to reverse the damage.

There is dust and debris on the road, apart from just sunrays. Those elements are present all year round, not just throughout the summer. People that suffer from dry eye syndrome often experience a rise in signs whilst in dry, windy environments. Special care must be taken in cases as such. The dusty roads can have an adverse effect on your eyes. It may not show immediately, but over time it is bound to have a negative impact.

A very practical thought that runs through my mind is that wearing sunglasses during driving does not only comfort you and your eyes but also for safety purposes. Sunlight glare increases your danger of getting into a vehicle accident, which is an essential reason for you to wear a sunglass during driving. In a way, it is not only about your security but of others on the road too. A thing as simple as a sunglass may prevent a collision on the road.

We hope that with this article we have put in light the favours sunglasses can so to you. You should not only think about your appearance and how beautiful you look with glares on. It is time that you also worried about the health of your eyes. Wear sunglasses, stay young and healthy, and look pretty. Have thoughts? Share them with us!



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