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Indian Bridal Makeup: Tips and Tricks

Indian Bridal Makeup: Tips and Tricks

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. This is one day where nothing short of perfection can come to pass. With all your long-awaited hopes, dreams, desires, and fantasies coming to life, it is easy to get indulged in so many things at the same time. All your work will need to do up with tiny details, that might or might not materialize. Indian Bridal Makeup needs to get a traditional touch along with a well draped Saree. Follow these Indian  bridal makeup tips and look breathtaking on your most special day.

Indian Bridal Makeup: Day or Night

Time is an important concern when you are in for an Indian wedding. In South Indian bridal makeup needs to be minimal and natural as they usually have day weddings and North Indian bridal makeup can be heavy with more colors since they have a wedding at night only.  You can use MAC, Krylon, or Bobbie Brown, they are some really good brands in the fashion world for rich Indian bridal makeup.

PC Makeup Artist:Dhanalakshmi

Have a look on weather

Weather is surely an important aspect since India is one of the warm countries. You need durable ethnic Indian bridal makeup for a summer wedding, while in winter anything will stay. Again we can suggest you to use beauty product by MAC, Krylon, and Bobbie Brown, which are actually long lasting.

Application of foundation

Apply foundation in all the exposed area of your body to get a more natural look. The foundation offered by MAC is truly amazing. Right shade and no patches at all to complete your Indian bridal makeup.

PC Makeup Artist:Dhanalakshmi

Match the makeup with your attire

Take a look at your clothes and jewelry. Consult with your makeup artist beforehand about the Indian bridal makeup looks which will go with the dress. Select the one which you want to do on the day. Do not go in for any last minute changes.

Eye makeup

If you have a morning wedding, choose pastel shades for the eye makeup. You can have a lot of option with MAC, Krylon, and Bobbi Brown in eye makeup range. For a night wedding, dark shades with glitter work well with your Indian bridal makeup.

PC Makeup Artist:Nirvana

Use a highlighter

Don’t use shimmer or glitter, but go with a highlighter. The main attempt should be to make your face  glow and not shimmer. Highlight the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and the higher planes of the face.

Right makeup brush

Use a makeup brush free of fungus and bacteria. Sanitize it before use, otherwise, it will give you pimples. The makeup brush by MAC is one thing you should have with you.

Don’t over do

Excess of makeup will give you a dramatic look. So better stick with your natural look for your Indian bridal makeup. Try to enhance the beautiful portion of your face.

PC Makeup Artist:Nirvana

Right shade and durable lipstick and liner

You can choose the lip liner which matches your lipstick. Don’t buy a lip liner which is darker than your lipstick. Your lipstick should be long wearing because you are not going to apply it every hour on your wedding day. The lipsticks of MAC, Krylon, and Bobbi Brown are quite durable to give you the perfect finish for your Indian bridal makeup. You can go for it without giving a second thought.

PC Makeup Artist:Nirvana

Is the makeup complete?

Finally, ask your best friend about your makeup, whether it is suitable or not. Ask for honest opinions from friends, and try to rectify your mistakes. Any Indian bridal makeup has to be traditional and elegant to be true to it’s nature of make the bride look graceful and beautiful.

Hope, this article has helped our would be Indian brides to know more about makeup. If so, then, please do share your views. Stay in touch with flatpebble to learn more on makeup.

Indian Bridal Makeup
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Indian Bridal Makeup
Indian Bridal Makeup. Follow these Indian bridal makeup tips and look breathtaking on your most special day.
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