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Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Candid photography plays an essential role on a wedding day. Moments that build up on the day are essentially unique to every individual in their own ways. Such fond memories and stages can never be recreated. Photographs are not only to reminisce but also to preserve those precious emotions which are not only limited to the bride and groom but also encapsulates their friends and family.

If you ask your parents about their wedding day, they would definitely recall what they felt and how in their heads but the photos during their era surely did not capture the entire essence of it. Candid
photography is hence, the new favourite of this generation.

While traditional photography was all about look-here-smile-please, candid photography does not at all believe in that mantra. This new vogue is all about unawareness. The candid photographer is
always on the move and has the eye of an eagle. At the time and also years later when these
captured moments will bring a smile to many faces, appreciation will also come for not just the
frames but the emotions too.

Let us look at a few reasons why you should try candid photography at your wedding as well instead of going for just the traditional one!

1. candid photography capture the emotions, just as they are. When the candid photographer captures, down the line a story is formed. As more and more of the moments unfold, so does the story. Couples usually miss out on the fleeting moments for they remain way too busy during the wedding itself. The traditional photographer too remains busy in clicking the much-required events and other family photographs. On the other hand, the candids capture the essential feelings that float on their faces. It is only later that the couple can really get to enjoy those precious stages, in form of candid photos and candid photography.

2. You are most beautiful when you are natural. This does not at all hint at the groom or the bride
without getting married without the use of any kind of cosmetics. When we say natural, we mean
the natural flow of sentiments and reactions. Imagine at some point in time, the bride sees her
mother beside her and it creates an emotional upheaval. All that the traditional photographer may
be doing then is capturing the fun and frolic around. Who is the one who will pay attention to and
capture the minute most details? None other than the candid photographer will.

3. The events in the wedding may be planned but there are many occurrences which are absolutely
unpredictable. One cannot anticipate when the bride feels like dancing or the groom and his friends
share a private joke. These are the times when reactions are priceless. Many times the traditional
photographer misses out on capturing these. The candid photographer, on the other hand, can nail
it when it comes to framing responses, be it funny, adoring or emotional.

4. Let us get it straight. It is quite annoying to be asked to look at the camera a million times during
the wedding and especially during the sacred ceremonies. What are you to do? Smile at the camera
when your feelings are way beyond just smiles? It is also quite a challenge to flash your teeth all the
time in the presence of unknown people and even your own ones. What candid photography does is
an alternate to this by providing a quiet coverage of the events.

5. Should we even talk about the circus that is made out of the array of lights which not only
brighten up the room but also blinds the bride and the groom? They almost make you feel like
jailbirds on an escape mission. The new age photographers use not only their impulse but also
modern gears and lenses which adjust with the lighting around and create beautiful shots, even
without too much illumination.

6. Timing is essential for candid photographers. Remember the time when the groom had to keep on
putting vermillion until the time that the photographer is pleased with the shot? Gone are those
days. Candid photographers don’t wait for the events to occur and then get ready to capture them.
They are on their toes all the time, no matter how small or how big the situation is. No more will the
groom have to hold the mangal sutra near the bride’s neck till the right shot is captured. Candid
photographers have proved themselves to be no hindrance in the occurrences of the wedding. The
will capture the most intricate details but will not intrude your space.

7. The wedding is not only and only about the bride and the groom. They have school friends, college
friends and then colleagues probably. To top it all there are family members and distant relatives. It
is a big fat Indian wedding and you just can’t turn away from those. There will be nostalgia, there will
be craziness. A candid photographer captures that beautifully for his focus is not on asking them to
pose but he captures it right at the moment. So rather than a stand-in-straight-line photo, the end
product may just be a gang of friends pouting for a selfie.

Candid photography involves a lot of patience and hence the end product is golden. They find
inspiration not from frames but majorly from the emotions that arise during the wedding. It is for no
reason that candid photography is the new wedding cool and old wedding albums are passé. Down
the way when you look back and glance through the candid captures of your wedding, you will be
compelled to be wowed at every frame.

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Importance of candid photography at wedding
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Importance of candid photography at wedding
Candid photography plays an essential role on a wedding day. Moments that build up on the day are essentially unique to every individual in their own ways.
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