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Why get a Family Photoshoot?

Why get a Family Photoshoot?

Looking at your family picture fills you with lots of memories attached to it.  The snapshots of your innocent childhood or the pictures with your cousins gives you some unforgettable memories. But a perfect and complete family portrait is the best gift you can have for you and your family. To know more about “why get a family photo shoot?” read the article below.

Why get a family photo shoot?

The Realization

 On my recent holiday, when I was at my parent’s house, I was struck by a random bolt of nostalgia. I brought out those old albums and sat down with my family looking at the snapshots of my past. There were pictures of me and siblings in almost every stage of life growing up – my first day of school, birthdays, festivals, holidays, first time I ate on my own, etc.
While I was taking a walk down this vivid pictographic memory lane, I realized that there was something missing. It took me a while but then I figured it out – there were too many pictures of just me and my siblings in these albums. There was not a single photo available where my entire family was together, with our home in the background. There were a few photos that we had taken by requesting random strangers while on our annual family holiday, which came close to family portraits. However, from the quality of those photographs, I can most definitely conclude that none of those strangers was a photographer.

The Revelation

A little disappointed with my discovery, turned to my mother and inquired, “Why do we not have a single family photo?” First, my mother gave me a mildly exasperated look (I usually get that look from her when she feels like I have asked a dumb question), then she replied, “Because it was usually your dad or me who were chasing you around with the camera.” It was as simple as that.

Time flies by in a jiffy and all parents want to do is freeze their baby’s precious moments in time before they grow up. However, sometimes in a race to capture all the memories behind a lens, they tend to miss out the importance of including themselves in these pictures too. They prefer to give more importance to their kids than themselves when it comes to capturing them on camera.

The Regret

This is when I realized that we do legitimately take the time we have with our families for granted. I agree that they will always be there for us, but know this that not only does our physical structure but the dynamics of our relationships within the family also evolve over time. As toddlers we are one hundred percent dependent on our parents, we get our first taste of independence when we start school, as teenagers we all have that rebellious attitude and when we grow up, we finally begin understanding them better and learn to look up to them.

The same goes for our parents and therefore, family pho shoot play a very important role to help us capture these stages or changes in our family dynamics. We need to realize that having an attitude of procrastination will only lead to lost memories but also regrets.

So next time you meet your entire family at home, get a photographer, get dressed and get yourself that perfect family photo shoot!

All pics credit: ClickBaby

Why to get a family photo shoot?
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Why to get a family photo shoot?
Why get a family photo shoot? A perfect and complete family portrait is the best gift you can have for you and your family.
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