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Crazy Wedding Ideas

Crazy Wedding Ideas

Can’t seem to get enough ideas for your next wedding shoot? It is quite a tricky business, wedding photography, where you have to somehow keep the creative juices running in order to make each wedding look distinct from the previous one. Each couple is unique and they deserve to be captured in frames that suit their equation with each other. Getting everyone to pose as per your style makes no sense, for that’s not who they are. Try and make your subjects comfortable enough to be themselves around your camera. The trick is to make them look good while doing whatever they always do.

Personalize It

Analyse the traits of your subject- you can end up with an adventurous bride and a shy groom or people with various personalities. Get them to bring their essence out on the camera, instead of sticking to some clichéd poses. A bride to be can be just as beautiful in her streetwear, running around with shopping bags and planning everything ferociously, with her bridesmaids. Be sure to capture the moments where the mother teaches her little girl on how to go about the proceedings of traditional customs. Or where the groom’s father is fixing his son’s ensemble.

Be “Hatke”

Taking off to some hill station for a pre-wedding shoot is too mainstream. You can instead have the couple and a few of their close family and friends to dress up lavishly and take some fun shots in the city madness. Imagine the famous Beatles photograph, on the Zebra crossing, and try recreating that with the couple and their friends crossing the road in wedding ethnic wear.

Do Some Drama

Or you can save some travel cost and use a movie theatre for some dramatic shots at the wedding. You can even gather some amazing props and recreate the Great Gatsby shot with an Indian twist. Raid the parks with some fancy balloons or have a nice rock concert with the whole group rocking in fancy wedding clothes. You can even take the party to funky bar and have everyone pull off a Godfather.If anything, it’s always fun to sneak up into a library for some mischief. Let the books rescue you from the typical outdoor shoots and indulge into some devious shots of the two. Or how about introducing some dinosaurs using Photoshop and taking the wedding drama to a whole new level. Maybe you can add in some cupids running around the whole place.

Colour Crazy

There is ample amount of makeup lying around during weddings. Get in the bridesmaids to have some fun with all them colours and creatives, maybe even have fun with the guys dressing crazy. Gather in the pets and kids and create a fun set up at the wedding with all the added cuteness, where the bride and groom can be pretend parents of a whole army.

Music Madness

Get in those musical instruments that lie around the whole place and pump up the drama in the wedding with some happening beats, the groom could be play the ‘dhol’ while the bride gang could get on to do some bhangra  in the backdrop. The ideas are endless, and all you have to do is to just determine what fits. Voila! You have a perfect wedding album and some really satisfied clients.
Crazy wedding ideas
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Crazy wedding ideas
This wedding season do something 'hatke'. Get inspired by Flatpebble's crazy wedding ideas.
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