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Candid Photography at a Wedding, why?

Candid Photography at a Wedding, why?

As a girl, it is not even surprising anymore when you open your social media world to find a splatter of gaudy and amazing wedding photographs all over your news feeds. For your wedding, you also want the same! Well, you know it’s a hot trend and everyone from the hip-hop crowd of well-known celebrities to the simple girl-next-door dreams wants to have their entire wedding captured in a cool candid style. But it is not difficult to see the appeal. Candid photography at a wedding, why? A candid photography brings out and beautifully encapsulate the rainbow of emotions and feelings that are seen at a wedding. Then, why not break the age-long rules by giving your wedding a ‘candid twist’? Candid photography at a wedding will help you to feel alive with your wedding memories.

Candid photography at a wedding, why?

Breaking the monotony!

See, wedding is a once in a lifetime event for most of us folks here in India and therefore you should store it like any physical memoirs of this occasion of your lifetime, then it should be a thing that you are proud to show off, not embarrassed to look at yourself in future.

Do you want to be left making an excuse when you get old when someone says, “Hey! Let’s get some dust out of those old wedding photographs huh?” You know within a year or so I will walk down the aisle and down the bitter-sweet pill of marriage too, but you should make yourself a few notes when it comes to the kind of photography that will go on at your wedding. You should be able to recognize the quintessential the photos that we are talking about here are the ones without which any Indian wedding album is incomplete.

These photos have evolved over time and are subject to change according to the new fancy poster of a hit romantic Bollywood movie for the season. The photographers go like, “Bhabhiji, bhaiya ke saath woh DDLJ waala pose kijiye na??” and now it might be “Mehndi laga ke rakhna waala pose kijiye na??” Sometimes the couple gets the reference and is quick to obey, but god forbid if they don’t. The photographer will take this as an open invitation to come and manhandle you and your spouse into the required position for their ideal click.

Apart from being made to feel like a mannequin, there are these other typical photos where the photographer unceremoniously captures everyone eating at the delectable buffet line up. Or the ones where the photographer clicks a land space of a morose seated audience, who look like they are paid to be seated.

Paying a close attention to these photography clichés will help you to make mental notes of what not to do at your wedding! There is only one collective solution that you will be able to figure out – Candid Photography at a wedding.

Candid photography at a wedding carries the potential to make your wedding look as good as a fairy tale. Stolen glances among the couple, excitement among the peers on both bride and groom sides, satisfactory happiness among the elders and pure unadulterated chaos among the troupe of children. These are the perks that don’t end here. The crazy dance numbers by your besties add more to it. 😉

There are much more perks of opting for candid photography than the obvious advantage of having a bunch of photos that will make me look effortlessly royalty (Forever).

Don’t research through millions of ideal poses and stances through the google for your wedding or pre-wedding photo shoots instead jump for a candid photography. There are high chances that most of these you will forget by at the time of the event because come on, let’s face it, as a bride you will have enough on your plate already. Moreover, some of these stances might not actually look as good as you had thought they would.

Candid photography at a wedding saves you of all this distress – all you have to do is be your natural happy-self and enjoy getting hitched to the love of your dreams. Concluding it, we would like to say that there is a reason why candid photography at a wedding is a must – Happiness is best captured, not forced out in any case. Loads of love and wishes. Stay connected to us. 

All pics credit: Auromira

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

We girls have so many things to look after in our weddings, such as makeup, jewellery, grooming and wedding lehnga. We want everything to be perfect in any event and after all looking pretty is our right. 😉

A good makeup artist can take care of your look and that can be corrected at the last minute too but if your wedding attire is not perfectly made, it’s going to be a huge problem. You can’t change your wedding lehnga at the last minute. So it’s better to think about it before you buy one. Here, we have come up with some suggestions on how to choose your wedding lehnga?

PC: CandidAffair

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

To avoid all the chaos or before picking up your best designer lehnga for your wedding, it is much important to know your body shape and the necessary changes you want to your wedding outfit. None of us are perfect so we should be aware of what looks best for us and what does not suits us. The wedding lehnga should be selected on the basis of these two factors only. A costly but ill-fitted outfit can kill your look but a perfect fitted dress can enhance your beauty. Be a million dollar bride with your awesome wedding lehnga. 

PC: CandidAffair

1. Wedding lehnga for an hourglass figure

An hourglass figure can be defined as a girl who is busty but with a shapely waist, curvy hips, and well-shaped legs. She might have heavy buttocks with small bone structure. A fishtail or a mermaid-style lehnga would compliment her hour glass shape. These types of wedding lehnga are fitted till the knee and then flares out till the bottom, accentuating the hip area beautifully. As a bride, you can pair a fishtail or a mermaid-style lehnga with a halter neck choli or a corset for getting that perfect wedding look. This combination will compliment your figure like no other.

2.Wedding lehnga for a Pear-shaped

A pear-shaped girl is usually small on top but heavy at the bottom. An A-line lehnga will suit her figure because they have flares from the waist to the hem. A pear-shaped bride should prefer this option for an elegant look. Puffy sleeves and ornate cholis would compliment the whole look as it will focus the upper part of the body.

PC: Umesh

3.Wedding lehnga for a Petite figure

A tiny framed woman can be considered as a petite one. They are quite easy and quick to dress up. Girls having this body type can go for a wedding lehnga that is not much elaborated. The embroidery and all other details like sequins and beads should be dainty to go well with your body structure. An A-line lehnga with an off-shoulder short choli will look best on you.

4. Wedding lehnga for a straight or ruler-shaped figure

A girl who has an upper and lower torso that is equal in width with an average bust, an undefined waist, a flat buttock and slender legs. A straight cut lehnga would compliment the bridal look of a straight-figured girl. These wedding lehngas resemble a wrap-around skirt in appearance. A panel-cut lehnga will also suit them as they are flattering, providing the right amount of flare to the outfit. To complete your wedding look you can choose a choli with a neckline that falls down below your collarbone giving your upper torso an elongated look.

5. Wedding lehnga for a cone shaped frame

A woman having a cone-shaped figure are exactly opposite to a pear-shaped woman. They have broader top and a narrower bottom. A flared or a circular lehenga which has a large circumference (big ghera) along with lots of pleats near the waist is the best option for a bride having such body structure. This way you can balance the both the parts of your body in the right way. Keep the choli not too ornate with preferably a plunging neckline to complete your wedding day look.

PC: Bhushan

Even if you are wearing a designer lehnga by tailored by some top designers of town you should watch your body type. Getting the right look on the happiest day of your life depends on many small things. Choosing a perfect wedding lehnga is one of them. Understand your body before buying one. All the best dear. Happy wedding.

‘Jhoom barabar jhoom’ this wedding season

‘Jhoom barabar jhoom’ this wedding season

Wedding season is arriving and so butterflies are flying inside our stomach. We Indians love to celebrate each moment with our family especially if it’s a wedding! This is one of the best events of our life. Sangeet and mehndi ceremony is very special in any North-Indian wedding and without some crazy wedding songs these events are not possible.

Last year, at my cousin’s wedding I was dancing on the wedding songs like an alien. Ha ha, ha…….. Although I enjoyed because most of us don’t know how to keep the right move. But, later I realised if only I would have an idea about these latest wedding songs I would have got so many genuine applauds. But not again, I am going to watch and listen to all latest Bollywood wedding songs this time. Because it’s all about ‘Jhoom barabar jhoom’ this wedding season.

If you know even the simple steps, you will put the stage on fire for sure. For making this wedding event awesome, add the tadka of Bollywood songs and enjoy the moment with all the shor-sharaba.

Show your moves this wedding. Let’s dance in your best friend’s wedding, cousin or anyone else. Dance should be there to keep you going.

We have shortlisted some songs from Bollywood for you, which can help to find all event songs at one place. Jhoom barabar Jhoom this wedding season with our shortlisted songs.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom this wedding season

The entry of groom is one of the most awaited moment in a wedding day. We hope that you have not forgotten the song, Baharo phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai…

The entry of bride is something very special and stunning. Her wedding outfit and the people waiting eagerly to catch a glimpse of the bride as she enters the wedding venue is full of happiness and cheers.

1. Mehndi Laga ke rakhna…

2. Punjabi wedding song

3. Joote de do paise le lo

4. Navrai Manjhi

5. Awai awai loot gaya

6. London da thumka

7. Ghani bawari

8. Saadi galli khul ke bhi aaya karo ji….

9.  Chitiyaan Kaliyaan ve

10. Gal meethi meethi bol

Marriage means fun and drama and no drama is complete without some cool Bollywood numbers. Hope you have got the best top ten songs from our list for this wedding season. Do dhammal with your crazy moves, Jhoom barabar jhoom. 😉

Article image courtesy: Flickr