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7 unique bride entry ideas

7 unique bride entry ideas

Indian wedding comes with the most conventional rituals along with Bollywood music, floor breaking power packed dance performances by maternal/paternal uncles and aunties, and of course with the lifelong bonding of two different families. With time, the weddings have become extremely exotic and fascinating. Every small detail has turned important for the bride and groom. They want it big, awesome, and amazing. So, if you are the bride, get, set, ready for your ‘bindaas’ entry! Check these 7 unique bride entry ideas.

Beat the tradition, look at these 7 unique bride entry ideas!

1. Show your Swag: A Tractor entry with your partner

A tractor decorated with your favorite flower will definitely make a traditional bridal entry.

PC: Studio Kelly

2. The desi entry: Flower decorated rickshaw

A rickshaw, chasma and you, the perfect desi bridal entry.

3. The Cinderella ride

A Cinderella carriage decorated with loads of flower will simply make your wedding day memorable.

4. The chaadar with kaliras entry

The traditional entry balanced with your swag will make it so awesome.

5. The dhamakedaar bike entry with your BFFs

A wedding without friends is so boring. And your cool entry with your BFFs will make it more happening.

PC: Dipak Studios

6. A bride with her pet 

You can obviously decorate your bike with loads of flower and your cuddly pet.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Nama

7. The water ride entry

If you have a destination wedding in Goa or other beach regions, a water ride entry will be just perfect for you.

PC: Chocolate Box Photography

A wedding is all about fun, gathering, bonding, and love. Make it your dream wedding. Bring out the awesome and classy you with a bindaas bridal entry. Be greedy, look for new ways and unique bridal entry ideas for your wedding. Make it memorable for yourself and your family. What are your new bridal entry ideas? Share with us in the comment box. Cheers!!!!

10 best Pre/Post wedding locations in Delhi

10 best Pre/Post wedding locations in Delhi

Top 10 locations for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

We are perpetually flooded with wedding photographers. But with time we are getting more demand for couple photographers or pre/post wedding photographers. Nowadays, lovebirds are really fascinated and excited about their pre/post wedding shoot. This couple shoot has nothing ordinary but it captures extraordinary. This couple shoot requires no zoom, props or made-up stage. This is just about two people clearly in love with each other. The photographs are there to show their awesome chemistry that jumps off the screen.

These lovebirds are in need of a perfect location, a perfect outfit with a perfect look. They put lots of effort into finding the right photographer and right pre/post wedding location to get flashed. Actually, this pre/post wedding shoot is a great way of getting to know each other, especially in case of an arranged marriage. It also helps you get familiar with your wedding photographer.

Location of the shoot plays a very important role in pre/post wedding shoot. It can be done at an exotic location or somewhere you can connect to. For this pre/post wedding shoot, one can simply carry few dresses/outfits leaving the rest to your wedding photographer.

As a couple, you should feel free to pose and don’ bound yourself inside the lens. Be casual, have fun, have romance. The fun and romantic shoot, featuring the love between couples, will be your true pre/post wedding shoot. The picture should illustrate “Just two of you’ message. The excitement, compassion should be clearly visible in your picture to make it a perfect one.

Location is important because it adds an eternal beauty to the shoot. Your little research will help you in finding the perfect location for a pre/post wedding shoot. Here, we have come up with a list of 10 perfect locations for pre/post wedding shoot in and around Delhi.

1.Hauz Khas Fort for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

The Hauz Khas Fort is the first place which comes to mind when you are searching for a couple shoot. This place is historic and deserves to be on the top of the list. The couples who wants to play unique can blindly opt for Hauz Khas Fort. They would surely get some unique images of their couple shoot. The beauty of this place is just stays casual. Your casual look will contrast with the background of this Fort, giving you an awesome result in your final photos.

2.Humayun Tomb for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

Humayun Tomb is another great location for the pre/post wedding shoot in Delhi. This place provides the vintage feel which is very much required for a couple shoot. Humayun tomb gives a perfect background for a perfect picture. You will get the desired result smoothly. An old look with a new twist. 🙂

3.Okhla bird sanctuary for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

Okhla Bird Sanctuary is located at the Okhla barrage over Yamuna River. This sanctuary is a home for over 300 bird species, especially waterbirds. This place is a great location for pre/post wedding shoot because of it’s lakes, nature and historical movements. These natural things add vibrant colors to the background and highlight the subjects. Each time you shoot at this place it always comes away with a fresh perspective. Your unique and different personality will only enhance the image.

4.Lodhi garden for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

How to forget the lush green Lodhi garden, located on the Lodhi road. Not very far from Safdarjung Tomb. The greenery of this garden is a perfect setting for any pre/post wedding photographer.

Early morning is an ideal time to go for a shoot in Lodhi garden. Everything looks dewy fresh. The morning light plays an important role in a perfect image. The garden is full of flowers and that is enough to add beauty to your frame. What can be better than a colorful and natural background?

5.Neemrana Fort for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

Neemrana Fort is located on the outskirts of Delhi. A few hours of journey and there you are, at your desired place. It’s a perfect place for a soon-to-be-married couple. The perfect background of Neemrana Fort is something you will fall in love with. It provides some breathtaking images. If you want to look like a Nawab and Begum, please go to Neemrana Fort to those royal photographs.

6.Safdarjung Tomb for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

Safdarjung Tomb is one of the amazing places in Delhi which can be a great backdrop for a pre/post wedding shoot. Safdarjung’s Tomb is made of sandstone and marble.  This Tomb was built in 1754 in the late Mughal Empire style for the statesman Safdarjung. It is located in New Delhi and is a perfect location for pre/post wedding shoot. The royal look and background of this tomb will mesmerize you. The historic monuments accentuate your presence as they just look so grand in the background.

7.Deer Park, Hauz Khas village for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

In mid posh Hauz Khas colony, you will find this park. Away from the noise and pollution. You will love it. The Deer Park has a regal feel which makes it a great location for the pre/post wedding shoot. This place is very near to the Hauz Khas Fort. The natural beauty and greenery scores a perfect background for the pre/post wedding shoot.

8.Khan market for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

Khan market was established in the year 1951. The name was given in the honor of Khan Jabbar Khan. Khan market is located in the heart of Delhi and is one of the costliest markets in India. The location is simply perfect for a pre/post wedding shoot because of the area is so happening. You will feel alive when you are shooting in Khan market. This place will definitely make your wedding event memorable.

9.Garden of five senses for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

The Garden of five senses is a park located near the Mehrauli heritage area in Delhi. This park is opposite to Saket in Saidul Ajaib village. The name five senses is given to this park because it has various themes, including Mughal garden, Bamboo courts, Pools of water lilies, Herb garden, and solar energy park. This park is spread over 20 acres, giving you plenty of space to shoot.

The Garden of five senses is one leisure space for the public in Delhi. The beauty of this place is something that will add beauty to your pre/post wedding shoot too.

10.Suraj Kund for Pre/Post wedding shoot in Delhi

Weddings are not only rituals but is the most important day in a couple’s life. So the photographs from the special moments on these days should be more special. Surajkund will definitely be your perfect location for pre/post wedding shoot in Delhi. Surajkund means the ‘Lake of the Sun’ and is located in the Aravalli hill ranges.

The beautiful backdrop of Aravalli ranges is hard to ignore. The natural light and background make it a perfect pre/post wedding shoot location.

There are many trends dominating the Indian culture and this pre/post wedding shoot is one of them. This is most popular in the west but now is one of the most favorite parts of an Indian wedding. This is a must-have for all the Indian couples. Couples normally want to go for natural places and skips hotels or other such places. Photographers are also more comfortable with natural locations.

Delhi and its outskirts are laced with beautiful sceneries that are perfect for pre/post wedding shoot. You can create some unforgettable memories with your beloved in such locations. The names we have discussed above for the pre/post wedding shoot will make a stunning location for your memory.

Why you should go to a natural location for your pre/post wedding shoot?

The natural location keeps you natural and free from all the ordinary things. You can be in your skin. Although some couples still prefer the decorated venue, we suggest that you should consider a location that suits your body and mind.

The natural light

The morning lights in a garden are so blissful. It actually takes out the emotions and colors which most of the equipment cannot give. The colorful background created by natural flowers are hard to beat.

Saves your money

Choosing a natural location for your pre/post wedding shoot is always cost effective. It saves the extra lighting equipment, saves the decoration charges and many other such overheads can be given a miss when shooting at gardens or monuments.

Lavish feel

Professionally and well-shot images only add value to your photographs. You can enjoy this extravagant feel without using a prop or some lavish items if you were to opt for a studio.

The best time to know your partner, if it’s an arranged marriage. The best time for romance and fun. A pre-wedding shoot makes you go easy with your partner. The casual moments, laughs, talk, and walk, will only make you happy. Let the photographer capture all these candid moments.

Things you should keep in mind before going for a pre/post wedding shoot

  • Choose the right location with your partner.
  • Communicate with your photographer.
  • Clarify your requirements.
  • Discuss your ideas.
  • Discuss your outfits for the shoot.
  • Take the professional advice of your photographer because they are more imaginative.
  • Some places may require prior permission, so beware of that.
  • Visit your location before the scheduled time to get an idea.
  • Places like gardens are best to visit early in the morning. So plan your routine accordingly.
  • Trust your photographer, because they can play with the same place in various ways.

Hope, you have enjoyed this article on wedding photography in Delhi. Congratulations in advance for a wedding of your dream.

7 reasons: why you should book for a pre-wedding shoot?

7 reasons: why you should book for a pre-wedding shoot?

Pre-wedding photo shoots are a session that you book with your photographer a couple of months prior to your wedding. Many of our Flatpebble couples book a pre-wedding shoot with us to get comfortable in front of the camera, and they will often use their images to add an extra personal touch to their wedding. Here are 7 reasons: why you should book for a pre-wedding shoot?

Even if you’re already married, in a relationship, or having a destination wedding you can use a Flatpebble photo shoot like this to get some beautiful pics of you and your life-partner.

1. Knock out camera nerves

How to get rid of those camera nerves? Encountering countless heads in front of a camera lens and being photographer between the crowd is an entirely different story. You may find yourself camera shy and without any idea of what you are supposed to do to deal with this. In hindsight, you may feel that you should have had a shoot with your photographer prior to the wedding to build rapport with them and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Booking a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer will give you an opportunity to get to know each other, and get a feel for what to expect on your big day. You’ll have an understanding of how your photographer will direct you on your D-day to get the best images. If you book a Flatpebble pre-wedding shoot, on the wedding day we can assure you’ll feel completely at ease, which will reflect in your photos of course.

2. You can use your pre-wedding photos in your reception slideshow

For something truly special, you can feature photos from your pre-wedding shoot and even the wedding day itself, at the reception. Set aside 5-10 minutes in the evening, pick some beautiful music to go with it, and wow your guests with a slideshow highlighting your love story.

3. Use it on your invitations cards

We recommend doing your pre-wedding shoot at least two months before your wedding day so that it gives us enough time to work with you on putting together a signature guestbook or canvas. It also leaves some breathing room before your wedding so that you’re not stressed or rushed. Some wedding couples also choose to use one or two of the best images from their shoot as part of their save the date or invitation cards.

4. Feature your Pre-wedding photos in your wedding album

A wedding album is a true storyteller. It tells the story of the biggest day of your lives and your love story. What better way to start your love story by including some images from your pre-wedding photo shoot? It’s a fun and informal way to start off your wedding album.

5. A beautiful wall art with your Pre-wedding photographs 

After getting married, of course, you’ll display some of your favorite wedding photos on your wall. How about mixing it up with a few fun and colorful prints from your pre-wedding shoot? Nowadays, couples love to display one or more of their favorite image on a canvas at the entrance to the reception, and then take it hope to hang up at home later.

6. Get photos in a different location to your wedding day

A pre-wedding session is perfect for getting photos done somewhere completely different to your wedding day. You may want to get photos at a certain spot where you often spend time together, or where the proposal happened. Or you may want it at night to feel that intimate vibes with your partner.

If you are going to have it on your wedding day, it’s always good to choose a location near to your wedding venue to maximize time for your location photos. 

7. Guide your photographer

The images from your pre-wedding shoots can help you to tell your photographer which photos you like and why so that they can focus on those type of images on your wedding day. This will help you to get the photos you were expecting on your D-day.

We are sure that we have convinced you enough about how important a pre-wedding shoot is? If not for any of these compelling reasons, book a shoot just to have some much-needed time out with each other. Get some gorgeous images from a Flatpebble pre-wedding shoot to keep forever.

Interested in booking a Pre-wedding photo shoot with us? Book now on Flatpebble.

All Pics Credit: 9 Blocks Photography

Marriage is a beautiful journey of love

Marriage is a beautiful journey of love

A wedding is one of the most important events of your life when you want everything to be picture perfect. This is your special day that you have been waiting for and now it is finally happening. As a bride or groom, you don’t want to leave any room for the flaws. You start planning for everything in advance and dream of a bright and happy future.When newlyweds tie the knot, they hope for a long and happy marriage. But after some time, did you have the intimacy and passion… that made you feel alive? Were you able to talk to and share easily. Check out some because marriage is a beautiful journey of love.

Another year of marriage is quickly coming to a close. As you think about the past few years in your relationship… Did you feel loved and deeply cared for… the way you wanted to?  But what exactly happened? Have you lost the spark? If so, then why?

We are all so busy making a living that we often forget to live. Your relationship needs more of your time and less of your money. How to balance work and love? Are you one of those who is so lost in work that you don’t even get the quality time to spend with your wife all over again? Love never gets old unless you leave it alone. Sprinkle the fragrance of love again in your life. Small efforts bring a major change.

Marriage is not only about finding a soul mate it’s about standing with your partner in every situation. Love is picking you up when other is feeling low. Love is learning to love what you love.

Trust and honesty surely are the main factors behind the success of any relationship, but there are few other elements which are essential for a long-lasting bonding.

How to feel the spark again?

1. Never try to change each other. Your differences are your strength. Accept and appreciate the differences between you and your partner.

2. Compliment your better-half. Don’t you find her beautiful in every damn situation? But have you ever told her? Tell her, she will feel awesome. Love is saving the last for your love. Love is cuddling you is the best thing.  If your partner is a good parent or a good voice of reason, tell them that.

3. Revisit your old beautiful memories together. Skip the bad part and focus on the positive memories and times you shared.

4. Do your household chores together to avoid arguments and unwanted tension. Doing this will only strengthen your relationship with your partner.

5. Listen to your spouse. Pay attention to his/her words, it’s an essential element of any long-lasting relationship.

Working out together is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. Go for a weekly walk together, it’s a way to vent your frustrations together whilst keeping your mind and body healthy.  It’s a great way to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and walk away from life’s stress. The happiest couples are the one who dates, tell each other how beautiful and good they look and do fun things together to keep the spark alive.

Believe us, these are very small issues but your love and bonding are much much bigger than this. Do little things together for your love. Take care of some small things that can ensure the longevity of your union and will help you to survive the obstacles life throws your way. Work on it to make your marriage a true and beautiful journey of love.

All pics credit: Bhushan

Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an airbrush makeup is relevant to Weddings?

Blame it on these awesome professional wedding photographers, I tell you! Airbrush makeup technology is the makeup industry’s way of keeping up with the photography technology that’s now available. HD (High Definition) video and photography can now capture details like no other. While earlier, Airbrush makeup was a movie / TV celebrity favorite for shooting, as wedding photographers shoot with such high-quality gear, they are likely to catch little flaws. 

PC: Sourav

Why an airbrush makeup is awesome? 

  1. It looks very even and gives a very natural look in comparison to foundation applied otherwise. You’ll look ‘naturally radiant’ even in your HD photos and videos. 
  2. It looks far from the typical dramatic look. Normally applied makeup usually settles and can appear in pores and wrinkles but not the same with it.
  3. You get that ‘almost nothing’ light feeling. It’s super light!
  4. It’s great if you already have good, clear skin and want that added flawlessness in your bridal or party look.
  5. If you have oily skin, it’s a great option because it’s unlikely to melt away like normal makeup that is applied otherwise. It stays but is not sticky. 🙂
  6. It’s long lasting makeup idea. It tends to stay put for 12-24 hours in a day.
  7. It’s more hygienic for your skin because there’s no direct contact with brushes, hands etc. 

Why an airbrush makeup is not so awesome? 
  1. If you have more pimples or acne, don’t choose this makeup type. It’s so sheer that it’s not suited for those with acne on their face. Those who would need high coverage foundation to hide their scars, an airbrush makeup is not a good choice for them. 
  2. An airbrush makeup is more expensive than a regular makeup. It’s better to watch on your budget too. Don’t be coaxed into opting for this if it’s out of your budget or if it’s not correct for your skin type.
  3. It’s important to make sure that it’s actually being done by an airbrush makeup artist or a makeup artist who specializes in an airbrush makeup. Different makeup artists have a different style of work so be careful while you choose or it can go horribly wrong.
  4. If you have a lot of facial hair or baby hairs, they may still be visible in an airbrush makeup.
  5.  Don’t be taken in by the trend in the city ever. Apply what suits you and your skin.

PC: Sourav
You need to pick what is right for you. If your budget/skin type doesn’t call for airbrush makeup, don’t go for it; You can look just as flawless with regular makeup as well. At the same time, if you are investing in very expensive HD photography and cinematography and have a high budget for your makeup and you have oily, non-acne scarred skin, then it’s worth investing in airbrush makeup.

Looking for some good ones? Check out our curated lot of makeup artists on flatpebble.com. Find your dream makeup artist.

All PC: Chocolate Box  Photography

How to plan your Bridal look?

How to plan your Bridal look?

Why women are so conscious about their beauty? Why can’t they take their imperfection as their perfection? We believe they do take their natural beauty as their best asset and there is no harm in taking care of your asset. Every bride wishes to look picture-perfect. This would involve days of work and planning – in fact, several months of detailed planning. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride. This would involve days of work and planning. This article comes up with how to plan your bridal look?

The market is flooded with all kinds of beauty products which promises you with a glowing, flawless skin and makes you want to buy the skin products immediately. But do you even realize if they will suit your skin type or not? Well, most of the times you buy it because your favorite Bollywood star is promoting the skin essentials without even realizing if they would prove to be good or not.

How to plan your bridal look?

To avoid all this confusion and chaos, we are here with this article to make you aware of your own beauty routines. We have figured out some best beauty tips that you as a woman- must know. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride.

1.Beauty Vitamins

Do you wish to look the best in your wedding photographs? You need to ensure longer, shinier hair and radiant skin. You need to focus on the vitamins like Biotin that are found in the food items like bananas and peanut butter. These food items can reduce the hair fall and can also encourage the growth of shiny nails. You need to include iron content in your diet as well. Iron is found in food items like spinach and cashew nuts. Iron too can promote your hair and skin health.

2.You can try a new hair color

Look different and stylish on your wedding day. You can try new hair color with the help of an expert to get the right look.

3.Revamp your skincare regimen

Adapt some healthy skincare regime on your chart and try to follow that for a glowing skin. You can take the advice of some beauty professional and can start your beauty treatment few months before your wedding. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week.

4.Nutrients and fitness

Don’t go for a crash dieting, instead, choose something healthy and fit. Check out your fitness plans with a professional and follow that.

5.Makeup and hair tutorials

Start watching the Youtube tutorials for your hair. Try out some stylish makeup and hairstyle tricks to help yourself out after your marriage.

PC: SZ Photo

6.Teeth whitening

A Happy Dent smile is what you want for you on your wedding day. This is one of the most stylish trends followed by a would-be bride. Make your day the brightest one with your smile.

7.Beauty accessories

Go out on a shopping spree of the essential beauty accessories that you would need on the big day. These might include the essential hair accessories, makeup products, and customized accessories like small pieces of jewellery to adorn your overall look. You must ensure that your makeup kit is ready and intact a month before your wedding date. If you are confused about the list of items that you should buy for your wedding beauty and makeup, then you can take help from a professional beauty expert to help you out with the same.

Article cover photo credit: Chocolate Box

Things To Prioritize While Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Things To Prioritize While Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer – just like the term “Google” as well as “Facebook” has become common household phrase throughout the world today. The wedding photographer has evolved to have the same popularity. Through the years, photography has developed as well as changed, moving away from the more conventional style graphics to a candid un-posed style of filming that catches the individuals in actions, living life, and experiencing reality.

This type of photography has become more of fashion statement with most of the celebrities opting for it. They are later posted on various social media platform and paparazzi play their significant roles too. Therefore, it is nothing less than a phenomenon.

It is difficult to to comprehend what wedding photographer is best suited to your needs. It is the best to have a general idea what are the ongoing trends among the wedding photographer s along with the other basics of wedding photography. There are different types that you can go for other than just candid photography too, for example: with photo-journalistic wedding photographer. It is nearly as if you can sense the breath that the person is respiring. The laughter seems as if you can really hear it ring in your ears. 

Wedding photographer uses this style of photography to tell a narrative throughout the pictures. It is nearly as if you’re watching a documentary where a particular tone is set as well as the occasions are relatable to the person considering the pictures. Through the years, people started to waiver from the conventional direction from the photographers. Instead, the minutes were allowed to explain as natural and organically as possible. The term Wedding photojournalism was really written by Denis Reggie, a former sports turned wedding photographer, in 1980. He, along with others in the genre believed that this design of photography was more remarkable and valuable. 

Each wedding photographer has her or his own opinion of photography and looks in the style very objectively. Despite the fact that content is the key element in shooting in a marriage original style, selecting what to take images to draft, how to accurately expose it, the manner the image must be cropped, and editing techniques are also among the important characteristics you will have to concentrate on. Since in the photography design the interpretation is up to the audience, it’s rare that two wedding photographer s may ever translate the same picture or the same photograph the same manner. A wedding photographer constantly does his best to somewhat melt into the background while filming a wedding. 

While photographers do come up with and collect groups for wedding group pictures and formal photographs, the primary style centres on the way you want your wedding to be remembered. For example, you might prefer providing marriage and engagement pictures in the albums in a chronological order. This kind of wedding photography it is extremely essential that the pictures be viewed in order. Photojournalism is a type of photography that represents the telling of the history and this way, the viewer may see and encounter the day moment to moment.

15 makeup tips that nobody told you about

15 makeup tips that nobody told you about

Every great fashion moment begins with fantastic makeup. The social media is filled with makeup transformation videos that are really engaging to look at, but how helpful are they really. Getting a perfect look with cosmetics is a little tricky if you are not familiar with these simple but useful hacks:

  1. EyThe eyes are the focus of the facial skin as well as such, deserve the most attention. These eye make-up tricks will take you from day to night time, and from fresh to wonderful.
  2. Cosmetics are excellent tools and could make your eyes look innocent, stunning, sultry or sweet. It could nevertheless be amazing and fun without being overdone.
  3. If you are going for a fresh, weekend look, utilize a neutral shadow from the lash line to your forehead bone.
  4. A light bronze, gold or bone color may look excellent with brown, blue or green eyes.
  5. Apply a thin type of brown eyeliner on the top lash line only, and smear lightly with an angle brush or a q tip.
  6. Finish with mascara that fits your natural lash colour.
  7. A more professional look for day may include a darker eye shadow in the top of the light one, and combined from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. A thicker line of eyeliner on the lash line as well as a light spot of colour right along the lower lash line seems pretty and polished, not heavy.
  8. Just one layer of mascara on the very best lashes only completes the look.
  9. Attempt to find colour palettes which work collectively to best flatter your eye color and what you are wearing. You do not have to match your make-up to your garments, but a bit tie-in is fairly.
  10. Eye make-up tips for night may operate from remarkable to playful. When you are dressing to get perhaps a party or perhaps a night on the city, really something goes. 
  11. You would like to ensure your make-up compliments the outfit you are wearing, plus they whole looks works. Even though it is always intense and attention getting, it’s a bit difficult to pull off.
  12. Do not be scared of dark colors, but make sure you are creating depth. For perhaps a classic smoky eye, start with perhaps a light gray color all over the lid, lash line to forehead bone.
  13. Blend a darker gray or black shadow on the eyelid and into the crease, and utilize a light ivory tone to give some measurement near the interior corner of the eye.
  14. Smudge a black pencil over the top as well as lower lash lines, as well as finish with two coats of black mascara.
  15. The smoky eye may also be done with colors like plum, olive or shades of brown to get a current take on the classic look.

Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Importance Of Candid Photography At A Wedding

Candid photography plays an essential role on a wedding day. Moments that build up on the day are essentially unique to every individual in their own ways. Such fond memories and stages can never be recreated. Photographs are not only to reminisce but also to preserve those precious emotions which are not only limited to the bride and groom but also encapsulates their friends and family.

If you ask your parents about their wedding day, they would definitely recall what they felt and how in their heads but the photos during their era surely did not capture the entire essence of it. Candid
photography is hence, the new favourite of this generation.

While traditional photography was all about look-here-smile-please, candid photography does not at all believe in that mantra. This new vogue is all about unawareness. The candid photographer is
always on the move and has the eye of an eagle. At the time and also years later when these
captured moments will bring a smile to many faces, appreciation will also come for not just the
frames but the emotions too.

Let us look at a few reasons why you should try candid photography at your wedding as well instead of going for just the traditional one!

1. candid photography capture the emotions, just as they are. When the candid photographer captures, down the line a story is formed. As more and more of the moments unfold, so does the story. Couples usually miss out on the fleeting moments for they remain way too busy during the wedding itself. The traditional photographer too remains busy in clicking the much-required events and other family photographs. On the other hand, the candids capture the essential feelings that float on their faces. It is only later that the couple can really get to enjoy those precious stages, in form of candid photos and candid photography.

2. You are most beautiful when you are natural. This does not at all hint at the groom or the bride
without getting married without the use of any kind of cosmetics. When we say natural, we mean
the natural flow of sentiments and reactions. Imagine at some point in time, the bride sees her
mother beside her and it creates an emotional upheaval. All that the traditional photographer may
be doing then is capturing the fun and frolic around. Who is the one who will pay attention to and
capture the minute most details? None other than the candid photographer will.

3. The events in the wedding may be planned but there are many occurrences which are absolutely
unpredictable. One cannot anticipate when the bride feels like dancing or the groom and his friends
share a private joke. These are the times when reactions are priceless. Many times the traditional
photographer misses out on capturing these. The candid photographer, on the other hand, can nail
it when it comes to framing responses, be it funny, adoring or emotional.

4. Let us get it straight. It is quite annoying to be asked to look at the camera a million times during
the wedding and especially during the sacred ceremonies. What are you to do? Smile at the camera
when your feelings are way beyond just smiles? It is also quite a challenge to flash your teeth all the
time in the presence of unknown people and even your own ones. What candid photography does is
an alternate to this by providing a quiet coverage of the events.

5. Should we even talk about the circus that is made out of the array of lights which not only
brighten up the room but also blinds the bride and the groom? They almost make you feel like
jailbirds on an escape mission. The new age photographers use not only their impulse but also
modern gears and lenses which adjust with the lighting around and create beautiful shots, even
without too much illumination.

6. Timing is essential for candid photographers. Remember the time when the groom had to keep on
putting vermillion until the time that the photographer is pleased with the shot? Gone are those
days. Candid photographers don’t wait for the events to occur and then get ready to capture them.
They are on their toes all the time, no matter how small or how big the situation is. No more will the
groom have to hold the mangal sutra near the bride’s neck till the right shot is captured. Candid
photographers have proved themselves to be no hindrance in the occurrences of the wedding. The
will capture the most intricate details but will not intrude your space.

7. The wedding is not only and only about the bride and the groom. They have school friends, college
friends and then colleagues probably. To top it all there are family members and distant relatives. It
is a big fat Indian wedding and you just can’t turn away from those. There will be nostalgia, there will
be craziness. A candid photographer captures that beautifully for his focus is not on asking them to
pose but he captures it right at the moment. So rather than a stand-in-straight-line photo, the end
product may just be a gang of friends pouting for a selfie.

Candid photography involves a lot of patience and hence the end product is golden. They find
inspiration not from frames but majorly from the emotions that arise during the wedding. It is for no
reason that candid photography is the new wedding cool and old wedding albums are passé. Down
the way when you look back and glance through the candid captures of your wedding, you will be
compelled to be wowed at every frame.

Article PC: Candid Affair

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

We girls have so many things to look after in our weddings, such as makeup, jewellery, grooming and wedding lehnga. We want everything to be perfect in any event and after all looking pretty is our right. 😉

A good makeup artist can take care of your look and that can be corrected at the last minute too but if your wedding attire is not perfectly made, it’s going to be a huge problem. You can’t change your wedding lehnga at the last minute. So it’s better to think about it before you buy one. Here, we have come up with some suggestions on how to choose your wedding lehnga?

PC: CandidAffair

How to choose your wedding lehnga?

To avoid all the chaos or before picking up your best designer lehnga for your wedding, it is much important to know your body shape and the necessary changes you want to your wedding outfit. None of us are perfect so we should be aware of what looks best for us and what does not suits us. The wedding lehnga should be selected on the basis of these two factors only. A costly but ill-fitted outfit can kill your look but a perfect fitted dress can enhance your beauty. Be a million dollar bride with your awesome wedding lehnga. 

PC: CandidAffair

1. Wedding lehnga for an hourglass figure

An hourglass figure can be defined as a girl who is busty but with a shapely waist, curvy hips, and well-shaped legs. She might have heavy buttocks with small bone structure. A fishtail or a mermaid-style lehnga would compliment her hour glass shape. These types of wedding lehnga are fitted till the knee and then flares out till the bottom, accentuating the hip area beautifully. As a bride, you can pair a fishtail or a mermaid-style lehnga with a halter neck choli or a corset for getting that perfect wedding look. This combination will compliment your figure like no other.

2.Wedding lehnga for a Pear-shaped

A pear-shaped girl is usually small on top but heavy at the bottom. An A-line lehnga will suit her figure because they have flares from the waist to the hem. A pear-shaped bride should prefer this option for an elegant look. Puffy sleeves and ornate cholis would compliment the whole look as it will focus the upper part of the body.

PC: Umesh

3.Wedding lehnga for a Petite figure

A tiny framed woman can be considered as a petite one. They are quite easy and quick to dress up. Girls having this body type can go for a wedding lehnga that is not much elaborated. The embroidery and all other details like sequins and beads should be dainty to go well with your body structure. An A-line lehnga with an off-shoulder short choli will look best on you.

4. Wedding lehnga for a straight or ruler-shaped figure

A girl who has an upper and lower torso that is equal in width with an average bust, an undefined waist, a flat buttock and slender legs. A straight cut lehnga would compliment the bridal look of a straight-figured girl. These wedding lehngas resemble a wrap-around skirt in appearance. A panel-cut lehnga will also suit them as they are flattering, providing the right amount of flare to the outfit. To complete your wedding look you can choose a choli with a neckline that falls down below your collarbone giving your upper torso an elongated look.

5. Wedding lehnga for a cone shaped frame

A woman having a cone-shaped figure are exactly opposite to a pear-shaped woman. They have broader top and a narrower bottom. A flared or a circular lehenga which has a large circumference (big ghera) along with lots of pleats near the waist is the best option for a bride having such body structure. This way you can balance the both the parts of your body in the right way. Keep the choli not too ornate with preferably a plunging neckline to complete your wedding day look.

PC: Bhushan

Even if you are wearing a designer lehnga by tailored by some top designers of town you should watch your body type. Getting the right look on the happiest day of your life depends on many small things. Choosing a perfect wedding lehnga is one of them. Understand your body before buying one. All the best dear. Happy wedding.

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