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7 reasons: why you should book for a pre-wedding shoot?

7 reasons: why you should book for a pre-wedding shoot?

Pre-wedding photo shoots are a session that you book with your photographer a couple of months prior to your wedding. Many of our Flatpebble couples book a pre-wedding shoot with us to get comfortable in front of the camera, and they will often use their images to add an extra personal touch to their wedding. Here are 7 reasons: why you should book for a pre-wedding shoot?

Even if you’re already married, in a relationship, or having a destination wedding you can use a Flatpebble photo shoot like this to get some beautiful pics of you and your life-partner.

1. Knock out camera nerves

How to get rid of those camera nerves? Encountering countless heads in front of a camera lens and being photographer between the crowd is an entirely different story. You may find yourself camera shy and without any idea of what you are supposed to do to deal with this. In hindsight, you may feel that you should have had a shoot with your photographer prior to the wedding to build rapport with them and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Booking a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer will give you an opportunity to get to know each other, and get a feel for what to expect on your big day. You’ll have an understanding of how your photographer will direct you on your D-day to get the best images. If you book a Flatpebble pre-wedding shoot, on the wedding day we can assure you’ll feel completely at ease, which will reflect in your photos of course.

2. You can use your pre-wedding photos in your reception slideshow

For something truly special, you can feature photos from your pre-wedding shoot and even the wedding day itself, at the reception. Set aside 5-10 minutes in the evening, pick some beautiful music to go with it, and wow your guests with a slideshow highlighting your love story.

3. Use it on your invitations cards

We recommend doing your pre-wedding shoot at least two months before your wedding day so that it gives us enough time to work with you on putting together a signature guestbook or canvas. It also leaves some breathing room before your wedding so that you’re not stressed or rushed. Some wedding couples also choose to use one or two of the best images from their shoot as part of their save the date or invitation cards.

4. Feature your Pre-wedding photos in your wedding album

A wedding album is a true storyteller. It tells the story of the biggest day of your lives and your love story. What better way to start your love story by including some images from your pre-wedding photo shoot? It’s a fun and informal way to start off your wedding album.

5. A beautiful wall art with your Pre-wedding photographs 

After getting married, of course, you’ll display some of your favorite wedding photos on your wall. How about mixing it up with a few fun and colorful prints from your pre-wedding shoot? Nowadays, couples love to display one or more of their favorite image on a canvas at the entrance to the reception, and then take it hope to hang up at home later.

6. Get photos in a different location to your wedding day

A pre-wedding session is perfect for getting photos done somewhere completely different to your wedding day. You may want to get photos at a certain spot where you often spend time together, or where the proposal happened. Or you may want it at night to feel that intimate vibes with your partner.

If you are going to have it on your wedding day, it’s always good to choose a location near to your wedding venue to maximize time for your location photos. 

7. Guide your photographer

The images from your pre-wedding shoots can help you to tell your photographer which photos you like and why so that they can focus on those type of images on your wedding day. This will help you to get the photos you were expecting on your D-day.

We are sure that we have convinced you enough about how important a pre-wedding shoot is? If not for any of these compelling reasons, book a shoot just to have some much-needed time out with each other. Get some gorgeous images from a Flatpebble pre-wedding shoot to keep forever.

Interested in booking a Pre-wedding photo shoot with us? Book now on Flatpebble.

All Pics Credit: 9 Blocks Photography

Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an Airbrush Makeup?

Why an airbrush makeup is relevant to Weddings?

Blame it on these awesome professional wedding photographers, I tell you! Airbrush makeup technology is the makeup industry’s way of keeping up with the photography technology that’s now available. HD (High Definition) video and photography can now capture details like no other. While earlier, Airbrush makeup was a movie / TV celebrity favorite for shooting, as wedding photographers shoot with such high-quality gear, they are likely to catch little flaws. 

PC: Sourav

Why an airbrush makeup is awesome? 

  1. It looks very even and gives a very natural look in comparison to foundation applied otherwise. You’ll look ‘naturally radiant’ even in your HD photos and videos. 
  2. It looks far from the typical dramatic look. Normally applied makeup usually settles and can appear in pores and wrinkles but not the same with it.
  3. You get that ‘almost nothing’ light feeling. It’s super light!
  4. It’s great if you already have good, clear skin and want that added flawlessness in your bridal or party look.
  5. If you have oily skin, it’s a great option because it’s unlikely to melt away like normal makeup that is applied otherwise. It stays but is not sticky. 🙂
  6. It’s long lasting makeup idea. It tends to stay put for 12-24 hours in a day.
  7. It’s more hygienic for your skin because there’s no direct contact with brushes, hands etc. 

Why an airbrush makeup is not so awesome? 
  1. If you have more pimples or acne, don’t choose this makeup type. It’s so sheer that it’s not suited for those with acne on their face. Those who would need high coverage foundation to hide their scars, an airbrush makeup is not a good choice for them. 
  2. An airbrush makeup is more expensive than a regular makeup. It’s better to watch on your budget too. Don’t be coaxed into opting for this if it’s out of your budget or if it’s not correct for your skin type.
  3. It’s important to make sure that it’s actually being done by an airbrush makeup artist or a makeup artist who specializes in an airbrush makeup. Different makeup artists have a different style of work so be careful while you choose or it can go horribly wrong.
  4. If you have a lot of facial hair or baby hairs, they may still be visible in an airbrush makeup.
  5.  Don’t be taken in by the trend in the city ever. Apply what suits you and your skin.

PC: Sourav
You need to pick what is right for you. If your budget/skin type doesn’t call for airbrush makeup, don’t go for it; You can look just as flawless with regular makeup as well. At the same time, if you are investing in very expensive HD photography and cinematography and have a high budget for your makeup and you have oily, non-acne scarred skin, then it’s worth investing in airbrush makeup.

Looking for some good ones? Check out our curated lot of makeup artists on flatpebble.com. Find your dream makeup artist.

All PC: Chocolate Box  Photography

Candid Photography at a Wedding, why?

Candid Photography at a Wedding, why?

As a girl, it is not even surprising anymore when you open your social media world to find a splatter of gaudy and amazing wedding photographs all over your news feeds. For your wedding, you also want the same! Well, you know it’s a hot trend and everyone from the hip-hop crowd of well-known celebrities to the simple girl-next-door dreams wants to have their entire wedding captured in a cool candid style. But it is not difficult to see the appeal. Candid photography at a wedding, why? A candid photography brings out and beautifully encapsulate the rainbow of emotions and feelings that are seen at a wedding. Then, why not break the age-long rules by giving your wedding a ‘candid twist’? Candid photography at a wedding will help you to feel alive with your wedding memories.

Candid photography at a wedding, why?

Breaking the monotony!

See, wedding is a once in a lifetime event for most of us folks here in India and therefore you should store it like any physical memoirs of this occasion of your lifetime, then it should be a thing that you are proud to show off, not embarrassed to look at yourself in future.

Do you want to be left making an excuse when you get old when someone says, “Hey! Let’s get some dust out of those old wedding photographs huh?” You know within a year or so I will walk down the aisle and down the bitter-sweet pill of marriage too, but you should make yourself a few notes when it comes to the kind of photography that will go on at your wedding. You should be able to recognize the quintessential the photos that we are talking about here are the ones without which any Indian wedding album is incomplete.

These photos have evolved over time and are subject to change according to the new fancy poster of a hit romantic Bollywood movie for the season. The photographers go like, “Bhabhiji, bhaiya ke saath woh DDLJ waala pose kijiye na??” and now it might be “Mehndi laga ke rakhna waala pose kijiye na??” Sometimes the couple gets the reference and is quick to obey, but god forbid if they don’t. The photographer will take this as an open invitation to come and manhandle you and your spouse into the required position for their ideal click.

Apart from being made to feel like a mannequin, there are these other typical photos where the photographer unceremoniously captures everyone eating at the delectable buffet line up. Or the ones where the photographer clicks a land space of a morose seated audience, who look like they are paid to be seated.

Paying a close attention to these photography clichés will help you to make mental notes of what not to do at your wedding! There is only one collective solution that you will be able to figure out – Candid Photography at a wedding.

Candid photography at a wedding carries the potential to make your wedding look as good as a fairy tale. Stolen glances among the couple, excitement among the peers on both bride and groom sides, satisfactory happiness among the elders and pure unadulterated chaos among the troupe of children. These are the perks that don’t end here. The crazy dance numbers by your besties add more to it. 😉

There are much more perks of opting for candid photography than the obvious advantage of having a bunch of photos that will make me look effortlessly royalty (Forever).

Don’t research through millions of ideal poses and stances through the google for your wedding or pre-wedding photo shoots instead jump for a candid photography. There are high chances that most of these you will forget by at the time of the event because come on, let’s face it, as a bride you will have enough on your plate already. Moreover, some of these stances might not actually look as good as you had thought they would.

Candid photography at a wedding saves you of all this distress – all you have to do is be your natural happy-self and enjoy getting hitched to the love of your dreams. Concluding it, we would like to say that there is a reason why candid photography at a wedding is a must – Happiness is best captured, not forced out in any case. Loads of love and wishes. Stay connected to us. 

All pics credit: Auromira

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends


Gone are the days where the only tasks allocated to a bride would be to follow the instructions from her elders and get really nervous or shy when bringing in the tray of teacups or whenever someone from the groom’s family spoke to her. The brides now are much more outspoken and are fully capable of running the whole show by themselves. The bride and groom these days actively take part in all the wedding preparations and shenanigans.

The Contemporary Stand-Out

With changing trends, brides and grooms are also saying good-bye to a bygone era of embracing everything flowery. Instead, they are adopting a more contemporary approach of sparkle, shimmer and shine- in a classic, elegant manner. Time to let the sparkly sequinned table cloths- magnificently adorned with glittery jam jars and wonderful bloom displays, take over the traditional marigold streamers. Couples aim to allow their day to be a rendering of them, bring in a touch of sophistication, romance and most of all, fun.

The Clan Unites

Guests are received with warm welcomes and fancy welcome kits waiting for them, in their hotel rooms- consisting of all sorts assorted dry fruits, biscuits, and etcetera. The wedding trends concept of destination is used to re-bond and reconnect with the long lost family and friends, while being on a joint vacation.

Pretty Palates

Using colours to address their happiness is among the new wedding trends, the wedding couples seek the decor with a difference. Instead of the typical reds and yellows, couples opt for different new combinations like magenta, orange and yellow, or green, golden and blues. A lot of wedding trends even witness the usage of more subtle pastels. Brides have long ditched the traditional red ‘lehengas’ and switched to either pastels or rose gold or other pretty shades.

Why Just Ethnic?

No wedding trends are complete without the three day ceremonies of Mehandi, Sangeet, Haldi, Pheras and the grand reception. Some even tend to throw a separate reception for their friends or work colleagues. These are the ceremonies where the bride and groom tend to ditch the traditional clothes and don a gown with an ethnic touch and tuxedos, respectively.

Sangeet Sorted

The Sangeet is one of the major weddings trend these days, are a bigger event that the pheras themselves. People plan and prepare themselves for this ceremony, weeks in advance, where the whole itinerary is prepared and songs are sorted as per each family person. This is the most fun part, where everyone come together and spend hours practicing their steps. The actual day of Sangeet everyone gets to taste a little nervousness before they get on to the grand stage for their part of the performance. These wedding trends are all just a great way of coming together for some fun. This of course, requires to be captured lavishly on tape, so that everyone can later sit and enjoy the little things the miss out during the whole chaos.

That’s when a good team of photographers and videographers step in to add to the wedding trends. Couples pay a huge sum to not just get the usual shots clicked, but have some fun and creativity shot right. The whole concept of using cranes and drones to perfectly capture the high running enthusiasm and emotions, is just blissful. No doubt, it’s a huge responsibility on the team to ensure the glitter and glamour is done justice to, and everyone gets to enjoy their contribution to the saga.
Using copious props and large balloons finished with fantastic fringes, create some real visual points around the room, which certainly gets guests’ attention. With the new trends setting in, I’s just safe to say that creativity is something that is constantly changing the way we look at the wedding trends these days. 


Be the Coolest Bride

Be the Coolest Bride

Remember the stress we take when we have to attend a friend’s marriage in a few days? We start planning and scheduling parlor dates and cool makeup ideas just in time to look pretty for their big day. Imagine to what extent that stress will be magnified when it will be your turn to take the walk down the aisle on your wedding day. And well it is damn fair to be that nervous too. After all, you have most probably been planning for this day for a while now – weeks or maybe even months? So, how to be the coolest bride on your D-day?

Well, this article aims to ease some of that nervous energy on your big day. Why not make a style statement by a display of cool makeup ideas on your wedding day? Instead of following the quintessential trends that have been going around in that season, you can opt to stand out. Unleash your inner diva and go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding. 

How to be the coolest bride?

1. In the Spotlight

Your make-up should be structured in a way that you become the focus of any photograph that features you in it (even by mistake!). Usually, make-up artists opt to go for the safer nude or pastel pallets of color when structuring your basic look. This belief stems from the fact that you will need to look fresh and charming through the day. Not vulgar and lost in the brilliant flood of night lights.

2. Bold Is Beautiful

Gone are the days when opting for bold shades and gold hues were considered to be an abomination. Nowadays you, the bride, must have a brand new look with cool makeup ideas and look the most amazing.

3. Keep It Ambiguous

You’ll have no time at all to go to a make-up artist to change your day make – up for an evening one. Therefore, make sure that your cool makeup ideas match both your outfits and ambiances.

4. No Last Minute Regrets

A last minute fix make-up in the bathroom isn’t appropriate for the self-respecting bride. Wedding make-up should be not only ideal but additionally long-lasting. Don’t economize money on bridal make-up artists as well as professional cosmetic products on your wedding day. 

5. The Colour Code

In case your wedding dress is in a pale shade, pick up cool makeup ideas with colors like light blue, light gray, and muted purple. In case the dress has a beige hue, concentrate on warm colors, like all tones of beige, sand, soft turquoise, as well as champagne.

6. Lip Love

The color of lipstick needs to be chosen in pastel, not bright colors. An exclusion is only if you put on a red wedding gown. In this case, the lips must be the second brilliant spot, and eye make-up should be minimal.

7. Tuning The Tone

When choosing a tone basis, you must be guided by skin tone. Not only the face but additionally the hands and décolleté. It is sensible to visit a solarium several times ahead of time so the skin can look far healthy and smooth.

8. Daylight Dilemma

Since the wedding timings are usually in the mid-day as well as the whole photo shoot normally happens in daylight, the alignment of the skin must be given particular attention.

Opt to stand out and unleash your inner diva. Go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding and set a magnificent style statement!

10 Reasons Why Smokey Eyes Look So Glamorous

10 Reasons Why Smokey Eyes Look So Glamorous

Kohl and smokey eyes were initially used by Egyptian women to supposedly protect themselves from eye ailments of any sort or from the harsh effects of the sunlight. It was used by the Indian women to protect their infant from any kind of evil or to even strengthen their eyesight. Whatever might be the reasons to use the cosmetic back then- we have surely come a long way since then. The whole concept of Smokey Eyes is nothing but a genius eye makeup technique that has managed to win the hearts of a million women across the globe. Smokey eyes are a trendsetter look, proudly worn by many celebrities and commoners with utmost confidence and panache.

You can easily achieve the look by using some extremely dark colors over your eyelids- just above the upper waterline and then slowly blending this with more neutral colors at the top, with extreme skills and caution. The whole idea is to create a nice gradient of contrasting colors and you can then finish the look using some nice highlighters and a finishing touch of kohl and mascara.
Here are the ten reasons why smokey eyes are bound to steal away a lot of hearts: 

  1. This makeup technique, when used correctly, withstands the power to uplift even the blandest of outfits and makes it look sizzling hot. 
  2. Depending on the shades that you use, you can pull of the Smokey Eyes with just any sort of attire- be it a formal pantsuit or a party dress.
  3. Smokey Eyes give you this bold confidence to sizzle away all evening, and attracts a lot of healthy attention your way.

  1. You can personalize this makeup technique to your tastes, by playing around with the color pallets that you use.
  2. Add an extra oomph factor and pull off a red-carpet look by adding some glitter to your Smokey Eyes, experimenting with the whole look and feel of the dazzle.
  3. You can add to the glamour and all that smolder, by wearing some hot new shades that you wouldn’t be able to wear otherwise at the risk of looking washed away.

  1. With Smokey Eyes, you can just get away with and hairstyle- it can be a scandalous bed head or you can tuck away your hair in a neat high pony.
  2. You play around with the intensity of this effect and proudly carry off this technique as a daytime stunner or a nighttime dazzler.
  3. Smokey eyes look the most glamorous when you have the strut to match the bold shades. Thus, make sure you feel the confidence you wear on your face.
  4. The most glamorous part about using this makeup technique is, that you don’t really have to worry much about the event you take the look too, you can always vary the whole thing by using different highlight techniques and throwing in some accessories here and there, and tone it as per your requirement.
PC used in the Article: Shashiclicks
Article Cover Photo Credit: ClapShot

How to plan your Bridal look?

How to plan your Bridal look?

Why women are so conscious about their beauty? Why can’t they take their imperfection as their perfection? We believe they do take their natural beauty as their best asset and there is no harm in taking care of your asset. Every bride wishes to look picture-perfect. This would involve days of work and planning – in fact, several months of detailed planning. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride. This would involve days of work and planning. This article comes up with how to plan your bridal look?

The market is flooded with all kinds of beauty products which promises you with a glowing, flawless skin and makes you want to buy the skin products immediately. But do you even realize if they will suit your skin type or not? Well, most of the times you buy it because your favorite Bollywood star is promoting the skin essentials without even realizing if they would prove to be good or not.

How to plan your bridal look?

To avoid all this confusion and chaos, we are here with this article to make you aware of your own beauty routines. We have figured out some best beauty tips that you as a woman- must know. To avoid any last-minute chaos, here are our bridal tips and a list of the top things and beauty regime for every bride.

1.Beauty Vitamins

Do you wish to look the best in your wedding photographs? You need to ensure longer, shinier hair and radiant skin. You need to focus on the vitamins like Biotin that are found in the food items like bananas and peanut butter. These food items can reduce the hair fall and can also encourage the growth of shiny nails. You need to include iron content in your diet as well. Iron is found in food items like spinach and cashew nuts. Iron too can promote your hair and skin health.

2.You can try a new hair color

Look different and stylish on your wedding day. You can try new hair color with the help of an expert to get the right look.

3.Revamp your skincare regimen

Adapt some healthy skincare regime on your chart and try to follow that for a glowing skin. You can take the advice of some beauty professional and can start your beauty treatment few months before your wedding. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week.

4.Nutrients and fitness

Don’t go for a crash dieting, instead, choose something healthy and fit. Check out your fitness plans with a professional and follow that.

5.Makeup and hair tutorials

Start watching the Youtube tutorials for your hair. Try out some stylish makeup and hairstyle tricks to help yourself out after your marriage.

PC: SZ Photo

6.Teeth whitening

A Happy Dent smile is what you want for you on your wedding day. This is one of the most stylish trends followed by a would-be bride. Make your day the brightest one with your smile.

7.Beauty accessories

Go out on a shopping spree of the essential beauty accessories that you would need on the big day. These might include the essential hair accessories, makeup products, and customized accessories like small pieces of jewellery to adorn your overall look. You must ensure that your makeup kit is ready and intact a month before your wedding date. If you are confused about the list of items that you should buy for your wedding beauty and makeup, then you can take help from a professional beauty expert to help you out with the same.

Article cover photo credit: Chocolate Box

How to Look Classy This Summer – Summer Trends

Summer trends are one of those reasons that requires a constant boost to bare all that blaze from the sun and at the same time look effortlessly gorgeous. It’s the right weather to get out all your shorts, camisoles, summer dresses and rock them with style. Whereas, in the bargain of wearing comfortable clothes like sweatpants, you must avoid looking clumsy and uncoordinated- for that can really kill all that summer trends charm.

With some great tricks rolled up your sleeves, it is definitely achievable to pull of the glam-bam and truly enjoy those summer-selfies. Even if you require wearing something long-sleeved to protect your skin from the scorching heat, don’t you fail to do it in style with summer trends.

Here are a couple of summer trends that give your wardrobe in interesting twist and make you look like an absolute stunner:

  1. Printed skirts:These chic skirts will never go out of fashion among the summer trends. You can pull them off with a button-down shirt or a lacey bandeau, they always work somehow, leaving you look as sassy.
  2. Wraparounds: Give your summer trends a big boost with nice printed wraparounds. They are absolutely easy to handle and quite comfortable for all that heat. Pair them with a good tank top and you’re good to go.
  3. Playsuits: If you have an agenda to accomplish when you go out, and that is bound to stretch into an evening affair, play suits always come to your rescue. You can later throw on a nice shrug or a jacket and make it an equally stunning evening look.
  4. Off-shoulders: These fun tops and dresses add such a huge glamour quotient to your summer trends. The bare shoulders make you look hot and are so manageable at the same time.
  5. Casual trousers: If you have a lot of travel coming your way, along with some serious work business where you’d prefer something comfortable, these trousers are your best option. They are so relaxing easy effortless to carry.  
  6. Denims: The classic denim shorts are always a must have summer trends piece. You can pair them with just anything and play around with your hair however you please, and they still look damn hot.  
  7. Embroidered Camisoles: Embroidery is one of the latest fads doing the rounds these days. The summery elegance that it brings to your attire, is just joyous to next levels. What’s more? You can look for some cool embroidered camisoles to pull off with some wraparounds of some denim shorts, they just go with everything.
  8. T-shirt dresses: Not only are these dresses easy on the eyes, they are such comfortable piece of clothing. You just don’t have to worry much about any pairings, but instead carry a nice summer bag to complete the look.
  9. Bohemian dresses: Among the classic summer trends, bohemian clothing are just a stunner you must own. Not only do they have a beachy look, but they also make you look really young and charming.
  10. Maxi dresses: A maxi dress can never go wrong, no matter the occasion. They always look ultra-chic and make you stand out. You can accessorize them generously or even add a nice sheer shirt to complete the look.

10 Best Makeup Trends of 2017

10 Best Makeup Trends of 2017

Makeup trends have the power to uplift just any look of yours and turn it into a glamorous affair. It is a little bit of efforts with exceptionally amazing outcomes. You need to know the right makeup trends, trick and techniques to get your look sorted. It is easy to commit a faux passé by wearing the wrong kind of shades with differing combinations that result in an absolute mismatch. Thus, one must remain extremely careful as to what outfit that are planning on wearing and as to what really the occasion is. 

It isn’t all that difficult to get your wing-liner in place, along with a multitude of other techniques- all you need is a bit of practice and a lot of patience to get your makeup trends sorted. Here are a couple of makeup trends to go by, in 2017 and ensure that your makeup taste and skills are up to date:

  • Navy tinted Smokey eyes: Like Smokey Eyes aren’t glamourous enough, we now have a midnight mystery at hands, with this latest navy tinted Smokey eyes are among the latest makeup trends. They go gorgeously well with just anything- a chic bandeau or an elegant long gown.
  • Highlighting it right: This look of Shay Mitchel surely wooed a lot of hearts out there. The way highlighting plays with the topography of her face, is just brilliant. The nude shades over the eyes and the lips compliment this subtle emphasis and are a trick to learn from.
  • Rosy Lips and brassy eyes: Let’s just take a minute to adore this look. With brassy eyes lids harmonizing so well with those rosy lips, all you need to complete this look is crystal jewellery. Voila! It is an elegant look that must be mastered immediately.
  • Bold Matte: Amongst the 2017 makeup trends, bold matte lips are a must by default. They just boost your look to a whole new level and attracts so much attention to your face just instantly.
  • Metallic Eyes: One party look, every celebrity swears by. Metallic eyeshades have always been an on and off affair that we just can’t let go. It is classy and can be twisted around in so many brilliant ways.
  • Fuller Brows: If there is one thing that carries forward from last year’s trends pretty amazingly, well, apart from the matte lips, it is the fuller eyebrows. People just can’t get over as to how perfectly they elevate the whole look of your face and creates a beautiful drama to go by.
  • Color Makeup trends: Speaking of drama, we really have some bold new entries competing the other neutral shades, and how. These liners are not only attractive, they also make such a huge statement, completely owning your look.
  • Blush bombs: Your regular blush has managed to find more use in the makeup industry. With these latest makeup trends, the blush is done such that it not only covers your cheekbones pretty decently, it travels all the way up to the eyelids.
  • Orange is the new black: This new trick of using orange shades with just anything that fits, has managed to steal my heart. The orange color will smoothly sit on the eyelids and personify the look with much grace.
  • Half-flick: MAC has managed to create a riff, yet again with their latest half-flick eyeliner. This one just sits on your eyes, thinner than your regular cat eye, but making a statement just as well. You could rather call it a kitten-eye that’s a much more playful effect altogether.

Kaala Chasma janchta oye! – Importance of Sunglasses

Kaala Chasma janchta oye! – Importance of Sunglasses

Do you use your Kaala Chashma to just pose for your selfies? Have you ever been like, “oh I have put sunscreen, what is the need of a sunglass”? Or maybe you just have overlooked wearing a sunglass for you are already carrying an umbrella. It is an area where many of us are mistaken. Sunglasses are as important as any other beauty product of daily use. Sunglasses provide necessary protection for the eyes.

Sunglasses are not just meant for flashy photos during vacations or when you are chilling in the pool. So what’s the significance of wearing sunglasses throughout the year? Take a look at the following advantages to understanding why we suggest the usage of sunglasses whenever you are out during the day.

The most obvious advantage of wearing sunglasses is the protection they offer from the sun’s dangerous rays. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, sun rays can harm the eyes in more ways than one way. Cancers of the eyelid make up for about five to ten percent of all skin cancers and might also lead to serious eye damage and face disfigurement. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, cataracts and macular degeneration may cause problems leading to eyelid cancers.

Squinting due to the sun is harmful to your eyesight. One thing that your optometrist may not have told you is that it is not only harmful to eyes but for your skin too. You must be wondering what squinting has to do with the skin. Let’s break the bubble and tell you that squinting causes your skin to wrinkle. Prolonged squinting causes wrinkles on the very sensitive skin around your eyes and will eventually damage your appearance. Hold on to those thoughts where you will find products that you think will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The truth is that there is no way to reverse the damage.

There is dust and debris on the road, apart from just sunrays. Those elements are present all year round, not just throughout the summer. People that suffer from dry eye syndrome often experience a rise in signs whilst in dry, windy environments. Special care must be taken in cases as such. The dusty roads can have an adverse effect on your eyes. It may not show immediately, but over time it is bound to have a negative impact.

A very practical thought that runs through my mind is that wearing sunglasses during driving does not only comfort you and your eyes but also for safety purposes. Sunlight glare increases your danger of getting into a vehicle accident, which is an essential reason for you to wear a sunglass during driving. In a way, it is not only about your security but of others on the road too. A thing as simple as a sunglass may prevent a collision on the road.

We hope that with this article we have put in light the favours sunglasses can so to you. You should not only think about your appearance and how beautiful you look with glares on. It is time that you also worried about the health of your eyes. Wear sunglasses, stay young and healthy, and look pretty. Have thoughts? Share them with us!


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