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What You Need To Know About The Baby Before The Shoot?

What You Need To Know About The Baby Before The Shoot?

Photographing infant is a rewarding yet demanding job especially for amateur photographers. You will feel good after having a possibility to do something spectacular and still you might encounter some challenges which need you to be flexible. You’ve to be ready before the baby photo shoot to make it successful. What you need to know about the baby before the shoot? Allow us to share some fundamental infant portrait photography hints that beginner photographers should know before the baby photoshoot

What things you need to know about the baby before the shoot?

PC: Golden Tales
If you’re looking forward to a successful day of child photo shoot, try to make sure that your subject is in deep sleep before the baby photo shoot. Most children are of course unforeseen and can be pretty irritable sometimes, particularly when around strangers. Getting toddlers familiarized with you is a very challenging that that is subjective to each toddler’s behavior. Sometimes you just do not have that much of time in your hands. Therefore, placing the infant into sleep is a large benefit to you the photographer before the baby photo shoot.

PC:Golden Tales
When it is time for the shoot, the child will most probably get tired and is more than likely get into a bout of deep slumber. Advise parents to make certain the baby is completely fed and has eaten a couple hours before the baby photo shoot.

A completely fed infant will most obviously be in a great mood when compared to a hungry infant, who will be very easily irritable. Remind breastfeeding moms to avoid hot or chili dishes. Eating spicy food may affect the quality of milk made by the mother and might even upset the baby’s stomach before the baby photo shoot. 

This may impact the sleep and mood of the infant so which causes it to be almost impossible to attain excellent photos since the infant might be irritable and crying all through the session. There’s one thing that most photographers like professional wedding photographers, love to do when doing a child’s photo shoot – that is using different props. It simply enhances the baby’s adorable image and makes him/ her look more adorable. You might have the infant wear perhaps a hat or perhaps a headband or place perhaps a stuffed toy nearby. Make sure that all props to be utilized by the infant are freshly laundered and free of dirt or pointed objects or any other before the baby photo shoot.


PC: Golden Tales
Check the cameras to know if all are working well before the baby photo shoot. Have a look also at your components and ensure everything is just working and if not fix them prior to the scheduled shoot. To maintain the child safe all through the photo session, you should get an associate or possess a parent to take the baby. The assistant may catch the infant just in case it rolls over or about to fall. If you are planning for your newborn baby’s photo shoot soon than make sure you hire well-experienced professional baby photographers, like those in FlatPebble, to make sure all the above-mentioned requirements are met properly.

All pictures credit: Golden Tales

How To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party?   

How To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party?  

Throwing a perfect Birthday party for their little ones is every parent’s dream. Right from getting the right paper cups, to hosting a big bunch of kids, with utmost safety and precautions is a task. You also have to ensure that everything is top notch and everyone is having fun. To be honest, it’s a big responsibility, with a lot to handle at once. Let’s start with the things that you need to go through, for throwing a birthday party that leaves happy memories for your child, until the next one of course.

Here are a few things you can look into:

  • Try understanding the latest fad your kid is into off late. It can be a particular video game, a book’s character, a movie that’s recently hit the market. 

  • Once you are done determining the theme and budget you’d want for your perfect birthday party, you can start collecting crafts that reflect your theme. This will prevent you from spending too much.
  • Kids get to picture themselves as a part of that magical world they fancy so much. For example, you can keep the theme around Harry Potter if your child enjoys it.
  • You can later use these as ornamentation for your kid’s room, to keep up the spirit going.
  • Among the main things for a car, a racing theme is tires. You can integrate a lot of tires in your seating arrangement. For a Bob the Builder theme, you can get black and gray construction paper and make cool cutouts with them.
  • Since kid’s parties are generally daytime affairs, try using colorful graffiti and balloons and cutouts that uplift the mood.
  • Preparing a guest list with your child and ensuring that everyone important to them is available is important. You don’t want your kid to feel bummed out for not having their best friend around to celebrate.
  • Do ensure you make it clear if the parents of your little guests are invited to stay, especially for the toddlers.
  • Next, plan up to the menu thoroughly and smartly. Keep it simple with finger foods they can eat while moving around like fries or nachos or pizzas. This way, you won’t have to worry about sitting them down every time you serve.
  • Prepare whatever you can, in advance and deep freeze to avoid keeping the thing for the last minute.
  • In case you plan to order food from outside, ensure that you book it well in advance. The cake can be ordered/baked suiting the theme of your party.
  • Don’t forget to play around with the decorative candles.
  • Keep games and music as per the taste of child. Prepare your playlist at least a week before the party, for being one of the most important things, it can also be neglected pretty easily, during the last minute chaos, and no party likes bad music.
  • Games and craft sessions will eep the little ones hyper and happy. They get to showcase their abilities to throw the ball in the bucket or just dance around. It will keep up their enthusiasm.
  • Do ensure you get good thoughtful return gifts for the party, for those are the things kids really look forward to.
  • While you plan the perfect birthday party, ensure to keep the cameras charged up so that you can capture your child’s fond memories with their friends.

Best Return Gift Ideas

Best Return Gift Ideas

A birthday party sounds fun and all exciting but parents surely find it a little hectic. Arranging for all the decorations, food and on top, all comes the tiny return gifts that kids remain excited about until the end of the party. And wait! It cannot be chocolates. Long gone is the time when using pencil bags and chocolates were considered to be the best return gifts. Return gifts should not only be for the sake of it. The best return gift ideas are always the ones which arouse some amount of curiosity within the kids. Here are some the of the best return gift ideas for your kiddo guests at the birthday party.

  1. Fun Magnets

As kids, remember how we were fascinated with magnets and irons? Don’t think that kids nowadays will not be thrilled by magnets. If the magnets are fun and quirky, they will not only be excited about it but also will be too eager to put them on their fridges and cupboards.

  1. Wallets

Colourful and cute wallets will surely interest children. Isn’t it cute when kids take out a ten rupee not or a coin from their pocket? Imagine how happy they would be to finally find a place to store them!

  1. Coin Banks

Now many of you may think that it is a weird idea to give children piggy banks as return gifts. Childhood is a prime time when kids pick up on things for the rest of their lives. Giving cute piggy banks will not only interest them as an item. It will also give them a push towards understanding what saving feels like.

  1. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscopes can be fun to just laze around with. Thought trains of kids go haywire and this return gift idea will do exactly that. The reflections and patterns in a kaleidoscope are surely going to cheer up the kids after the end of the birthday party!

  1. Encyclopaedias

Go for this return gift idea if your kid’s friend bunch is mostly bookworms. Encyclopaedias are going to interest them even more than the birthday cake.

  1. Personalised items

Personalisation makes every other product fun. Children will love products with their names on it, be it a keychain, towel or t-shirt. You can also go for gender specific gifts like pink headgears for girls and blue bowties for boys!

  1. Drawstring backpacks

Children are generally way too excited about any new thing they receive. If you do not want the return gifts to go to waste the next day itself, go for things that are useful. Now, normal backpacks are not great return gift ideas per se but drawstrings are different.

  1. Kid Umbrellas

This will make for a crazy gift if your kid’s birthday is during the monsoon season. Bright colours or their favourite cartoon prints on umbrellas can make for a great return gift idea.

  1. Sippers

No, I’m not talking about the normal black, pink or blue sippers. With new sippers out in the market, the old ones have become boring. Look for the animal ones where the horns or the trumpets shape out in the form of the straw. You can also go for the cartoons themed ones!

  1. Glow in the dark stars

Glow in the dark will never be out of fashion as one of the best return gift ideas ever. Those little glowing stars and moons in their dark rooms get their imaginations all stirred up. It will definitely be a counted as a cool return gift within the kids.

Best Games For A Birthday Party

Best Games For A Birthday Party

At birthday parties, apart from the yummy cake and snacks, one of the things that kids look forward to the most is playing the best games. They love winning some small shiny prizes and showing them off later. So if you are planning to throw a birthday party for your kiddo without including any interesting party games, be prepared to be the cause of disappointing of a bunch of innocent kids. Do you want to do that? Of course not! So let us discuss a few things you can do to include a few awesome party games in your child’s birthday party. Here are some best games for a birthday party.

Best games for a birthday party

Here is a swell and original idea for your kid’s birthday party:

Nowadays people have been throwing Oscar Academy Award themed birthday parties for their fellow family and friends members, particularly if that individual is an adult, but you may as easily throw an Oscar Academy Award themed birthday party for the children in your life as well too. That’s a good way to create a fancy birthday party environment that children would love. It also can help to make the birthday party more intriguing for the adults who’re attending as well. Moreover, you can have a fun string of party games where you can make kids act out famous movie scenes from their favorite movies and give out best actor and best actress awards. You can have a fun red carpet party games and you can organize events in a way that children can feel like little ladies and gentlemen.

You could get your kids involved too.

Little ones can get with preparing for the birthday party before it begins. They can cut out plus taping up construction paper stars along with other film themed decorations. Making a save red carpet that leads to your doorstep.  A red plastic table cloth makes for an excellent red carpet to put out in the birthday party. It’ll provide some protection for the carpeted regions in case there is a beverage spill. You can have cool light emitting diodes included in various party games to make them seem more interesting and attractive. Kids will love the lighted glow and you could find them turning off the lights in order that they could get an improved glowing effect. Another party game you can come up with is make-your-own snack routines. You can provide kids with cheese, chips, and variety of other topping and base, and they have to put them together to make their own appetizers. Go ahead and place the aerosol cheese on some crackers or open a can certainly of Vienna sausages.

In the party have the children nominate other guests. Use handwritten voting votes for various regions like Friendliest Guest and Funniest Joke Teller. This can turn out to another interesting game for your kids birthday party. Then you can collect up the votes and once you have counted the votes have an awards ceremony.

Candy it up:

In the ceremony give away chocolate, foil covered Oscars not to mention save one for the prestigious birthday guest. Let everybody give their very own discourse plus make the birthday boy or girl hold a speech thanking all of their guests for coming. For additional fun have someone serve as the paparazzi plus take souvenir pictures of the guests in front of a banner or on the red carpet.

While you have all these interesting games for your child’s birthday party lined up, you definitely will witness some epic moments. I’m sure you will want to capture and store with you forever. Make sure you go through our list of most experienced and talented photographers so that you can enjoy the birthday party as much as everyone else, instead of running around taking photos.

All PC: Click Baby

Kids Birthday: Do’s-Dont’s

Kids Birthday: Do’s-Dont’s

An outdoor pirate party appeared like a wise idea at that time. What’s the most beneficial age to start throwing a birthday celebration? A young child has pals, a unique taste in toys, and some expertise with cake and ice cream. It is important to not just go with the trend that every parent around as been following, know what your child wants. Pay regular attention what pleases him/her, e.g. their favorite cartoon character or series. Know the dos and don’ts of a birthday party

Here are a few dos and don’ts of a birthday party:

If you are planning a party for your one-year-old child, your birthday party will see more adult attendees than kids. Therefore, you need to be a perfect host and make sure that the adults enjoy the party as much as their young ones. Ensure that there is plenty of grown up food available along with appropriate beverages. Plan interesting games that involve parents participation along with their child.

They’ll enjoy more elaborate parties with topics and planned activities later on. Teach the child not to talk about her forthcoming party around those she didn’t invite. As children get older, they get conscious of where they stand in the societal pecking order, therefore it is best to invite someone that your kid spends time with on a daily basis. You already purchased a present for every child’s party, so your social duty was met. 

What if your child the one that is been snubbed?

Gradually explain that there wasn’t adequate space at the celebration or that it was restricted to very particular friends. Moreover, there is a big difference between parties thrown by lavish parents to create a social impression and party thrown by thoughtful parents who genuinely want their guests to have a good time. Therefore, while other moms throw complex and pricey parties for their three-year-olds, you can step up and give your kids what they actually deserve.

All a young kid this age truly cares about are cake, songs as well as presents in the company of buddies. Hence there is no harm if you go over the top with the celebrations that will involve rich themes, goody bags with birthday celebration size presents, as well as intricate cakes from gourmet bakeries. 

Obviously, it’s possible to have a theme party that is actually simple in scope. Let me give you an example if your daughter wanted a bug celebration for her third birthday then you can send out bee announcements to children around your neighborhood, hold a simple rubber bug search in the backyard and served a beautiful home-made ladybug cake.

Be particular as possible on your announcements and your invitations. The general rule is age five, however, this could vary, dependant upon your community and your kid. Simple: You obviously write on the invitation when the celebration starts and ends. Gently remind parents when they fall off their child.

Baby’s Day Out – Outdoor Baby Photography

Baby’s Day Out – Outdoor Baby Photography

Outdoor baby photography is something that immediately makes us think of a studio with pretty backgrounds, lights, and props. Every kind of outdoor shoot will have its photographic challenges. One thing which probably no one will tell you apart from a photographer is that outdoor natural light is the best to shoot a child. Let’s talk about how outdoor shoot can make a difference and how to get it just right.

Soft and natural light gives the face of a baby more pleasing colour and shape. Baby pictures are not only the cute, adorable but the fun and originality involved with every photo session matters a lot. Each outdoor photo shoot is an entirely new experience for the photographer when tailored especially to the infant’s characters. If your child is between two to four weeks while shooting, special measures need to be taken before a outdoor photo shoot.

Set it all up in the studio first including the baby and the props. See how it all looks and then let the baby doze off. This will prevent wasting time outdoor. There the chances of the baby waking up are more. If your child is around eight to ten months, try to contain them within walkers or crawlers. We know how disaster prone kids who are just learning to walk are.

The next thing to take care of is the outdoor safety of the child. Though there are less things to mess with your child outdoor, but there are things to be taken care of. There should be one baby always by his or her side while being photographed. He must take care of things like bugs and flies around the baby. Another person’s assistance is also suggested for he should always have an eye on the baby ensuring that they do not move much or stay sound asleep. Yet again, the photographer must be professional for he is the one who is going to guide the rest of the people include the parents.

You must always remember that newborn skin is utmost delicate. Therefore, exposure to sun rays outdoor should be taken care of and be under continuous check. If there is not enough shade for the baby to feel comfortable, you must make a shade artificially. If nothing else, you can opt for the large umbrellas. Always make sure that there is some amount of shade to protect the sensitive skin of the child. Never put a newborn under direct sunlight.

Also ensure that it a warm day outside and not way too windy for the baby. You don’t want your baby to catch a cold in the process of the photo shoot. If you want the baby to look towards the lens while shooting, you must keep something around the photographer to attract her attention. The easiest way to do that is to play music around the man behind the camera. It will immediately grab your little one’s attention and help the shoot.

Baby photography can be immensely fun outdoor. The only thing that you should take care of is so that it is safe at all points of time. If you have something to share with us regarding baby photography, we would love to hear it from you!

Checklist for Your Kid’s Birthday Party   

Checklist for Your Kid’s Birthday Party  

Autumn is the perfect time for throwing a kid’s birthday party since the weather is crisp and youngsters are eager to spend time with their pals beyond school. Today, parents are lucky to have more choices for kid’s parties than in the past in the past that go far beyond the classic at home bash. As you plan your child’s birthday celebration, keep these ideas at heart to offer a thrilling celebration that is perfect for the children of all ages and will offer everybody with a chance to end up with wonderful birthday memories. The autumn season only screams enthusiasm for children since it means they can go ahead and play outside. 

Whilst the climate is good, consider planning a backyard party including the best parts of the season. A petting zoo can incorporate a farm themed kid’s birthday party, or you might plan an action that allows them to engage in a dramatic play as they pedal via a backyard hamlet. From planting pumpkin seeds to paint a farm animal puzzle, you could readily integrate the autumn in your party’s theme. For many parents, among the greatest challenges of planning a birthday celebration for their son or daughter can be directing all that youthful energy into wholesome activities. Arranging a kid’s birthday party that revolves around your child’s favored sport readily solves this problem. 

From football to gymnastics, you can ensure that each guest will be excited to bask in their most favored sport whilst in the company of their friends. This idea is particularly popular for households whose guest list contains members of their child’s sports team. Older children have outgrown the idea of clowns and princess parties, but that does not mean they cannot have fun. Laser tag is a popular action for children today that hits a brand new level when they have ample room to operate and hide from their friends’ blasts. Birthday parties are an excellent opportunity to present children with challenges- and a climbing wall can be way more remarkable than the usual round of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, with safety precautions in position.

Your guests may use their problem-solving abilities and strength to master a new level of challenge at your party. It is important to plan activities that may be enjoyed indoors. Making fun crafts is a good way to stimulate discussion while keeping your guests entertained. From bottle cap bracelets to duct tape artwork and painted pottery, your guests may show off their imagination while making memories that double as favors for after the celebration has ended. Birthday celebration planning is easier when you have a wide range of ideas in your mind from which to pick to make your child’s special day, a memorable one.

Here is a quick list to go by, when throwing a party


  • Discuss the theme of the party with your kid.
  • Prepare a guest list well in advance, to avoid missing out on their friends.
  • Decide a date based on the availability of your kid’s close friends.
  • Prepare a list of things you’ll require for the whole event.
  • Keep your cameras and phone well charged for the party.
  • Pre-book the cake and/or the food, along with the venue (in case it isn’t a house party)
  • Make a schedule for all the activities you plan to engage the kids in, during the party.
  • Plan the menu well in advance, to ensure you have everything that you need.
  • Prepare as much as you can, before the main day- like preparing the party playlist or deep-freezing half-prepared food items.
  • Ensure that you decorate the place well, and avoid things that can break easily or can cause harm when the kids go wild.
Ensure that you keep the party favors ready and see off each guest personally, after the party.

Baby Photo Shoot Ideas For Home

Baby Photo Shoot Ideas For Home

Many might shiver in the words -photographing infants. It is indeed one of most ambitious photography genres ever. When infants sleep, they are immobile. When they move, they are all jiggly and wiggly. Babies are very difficult to predict, especially the newborns and up until at least four months. It is consistently the case that one finds trouble having infants to present a certain posture or be in compliance with the photographer’s wants. After a certain age, your baby will react to the noises you make, making it a tad bit easier for the photographer. They will start to grin and lift their heads to your silly and long funny sounds. Soon they will start recognizing voices. A baby photo shoot is not more hectic than fun. Here are a few baby photo shoot ideas for home which can inspire you if you’re planning on getting one for your baby.

Best baby photo shoot ideas for home

Get a prop

Throw pillows, toys, lego or whatever and let your baby have fun with them. It is indeed a treat to watch children play as if no one is watching. Capture those beautiful moments for the most candid shots ever. Documenting the first moments with his stuffed toys and candies will be something that your baby will hold on to forever.

Get a pet

There is no better friend to an infant than a pet. Be it a puppy or a kitty, kids and pets are adorable together. This photo shoot will capture the baby’s early years with his or her probable best buddy and it cannot get more special than that. Can it?

Get a theme

If you were a great fan of Harry Potter or loves Thumbelina, let this be the time to showcase your potential of being the most creative parent in the world. Make a studio in the comfort of your home, dress your baby up and design a dream world out of it. The classic sleeping beauty for your princess is a winner every time!

Get a chalkboard

It is funny how drawings around your baby can change the whole photography game. This kind of shoot will be the most camera-friendly when your baby is sleeping. These blackboard DIYs are cute, innovative and very much capable of giving your baby a character!

Get a doodle

Photoshop is a friend to you if you are planning a baby photo shoot for home. And doodling just takes it to the next level. Capture your baby in natural poses and then let your fun and creative side do the rest. Scribble funny dialogues and use a lot of colors for doodling. Make him look like a pirate or a prince, go crazy with your ideas!

P.S. – For more photo shoot ideas for home, check out the Instagram handle of Laura Izumikawa, mommy to Joey Marie Choi! Her creative prowess has taken baby photo shoot to a whole new level.

You also may want to consider these suggestions before starting the shoot. Put the child on a bed or anyplace else that’s soft. Next, lie on the bed next to the infant with the camera also lying on the bed. This could result in a great photo of the infant you photograph. Use pillows for support if your child is too wobbly and delicate to support herself. Be aware of the places you are shooting at and the things you are using. Remember to look out for the infant’s safety. If you have baby photo shoot ideas for home, feel free to let us know. We would love to hear from you. We are surely coming up with more on kids. Stay in touch. 🙂

All pics credit: Inderpreet

Photo shoots with Props

Photo shoots with Props

Nothing is in comparison to the tremendous joy that a baby brings to a family. Those cuddly joyful bundles just grow up in no time. No one can deny their utmost adorableness at almost everything that they do. Be it drooling every now and then, catching up with the sleepy sheep or pooping and giving away an ‘oops’ glance, countless moments add up to make their childhood a memorable one for the parents. A kids photo shoot with props influences the whole photo shoot. It is certain that babies grow up at an insane pace. Days seem like hours and years like months. They grow up even before the experiences materialize into feelings.

Why photo shoots with props?

Photo shoots or just photographs are important to have as children. Those things don’t only help the parents reminisce their child’s early stage of growing up but also helps the child see his own self and the miracle that he was when he grows up. If we recall the photographs we have as children, for most of us, it would be the one with the missing front tooth, one in the bathtub, the one with all the giggles but no clothes, the one during the fifth birthday and so on. Those were days that were plain with the photographs and simple with the emotions. But the world is changing and so are the photo shoot concepts for babies. Earlier anything around a child would become a prop.

Nowadays, things are exceptionally placed in the frames for it to compliment the baby. Baby photo shoots are not only cute and delightful but they are also highly creative and fun to be worked on. Indoors, outdoors, home studios, amusement parks or just a bed, the possibilities are endless now. Photographers are also giving their work an edge nowadays by tailoring the subject and concepts according to the baby’s and the parents’ personalities.

Cuteness is not the only things that these shoots bring to the plate these days. They are playful and exceptionally smart. Every day and regular objects can be used in a manner to make ordinary photos look out of the box. We have made a list of props that you can take inspiration from for the photo shoot of your baby.

Props you can use for the photo shoots.


There is the ordinary baby photo napping or playing on a hammock. And then again you could go crazy with your ideas. Set up the room like it is a beach.
Make your baby don a pair of oversized cool sunglasses or a beach hat.

2. Diaper cover sets

If your baby is too whiny about objects around him, you can go with the easy but beautiful choice of diaper sets. Pick up the dinky little diapers and make creative usage of those things other than just throwing them away when the deed is done.

3. Chocolates

No, we are not talking about the usual chocolate bars but candies, gummy bears, and gems. Those colorful with not only pop up the fun quotient of the photos but also make your child all giggly in the sugar, honey and lollipops.

4. Stuffed toys

Soft toys are the ever so favorite choice amongst parents. And why should it not be? They are the perfect things to go alongside your baby, just as pretty and adorbs!

5. Colorful furniture

By furniture, we don’t only mean furniture. Apart from baby chairs, colorful cots and swings, there can also be bricks, blocks or legos. There can be nothing more exciting than letting your happy baby just play on his own
and the photo shoot take its desired course.

6. Faux furs

Make your baby sleep in furs and they are having their very own Thumbelina
moment, sleeping in feather or petals. Wrap her up in the exciting fleece and coats and built up the swag quotient of the photos.

7. Wings

Wings can turn your little one into a fairy, a birdie or anything fantastical of your choice. Give your giggly pooper wings and see the new heights that the photos reach.

8. Baby hats

The bizarre use of hats of kinds can look a very ordinary photo shoot turnabout in 360 degrees. Your cuddly little terror will also be amused with hats that come in different shapes sizes and forms. Play with the hats and the faces on your child. You will just never have enough of that fun!

9. Headbands

Any kind of headgear is actually going to make your baby look squishy and cuddly. Think of the animal ones; turn your baby into a bunny, puppy or a kitty! You can try out laces and knits and make patterns out of them. Or can also go for the many available options in the market.

10. Flowers and vegetables

While vegetables are quite an uncommon choice for its infamous relationship with babies, they could make for a notorious group of photos. Make sunflower headgears, cabbage dress or a swing of roses, this shoot could be more exciting than think. It is a fun choice but also be careful, for too close a contact
can make get your baby sneezey for the longest time.

11. Crates

Make the crates look like a fruit basket, birds nest or make a wrecking ship out of it. Imagine your cuddly baby boy playing around in a crateful of fruits, lying beside the hatching eggs of little birdies or in the sailor avatar, there to save the day. That’s a sight for sure.

12. Pet

Nothing compliments a baby more than pets do. Be it an angry boxer, lazy pug or a playful frenchie, the funny moments and crazy photos will just be countless. Pets as props, imagine! 😉

13. Blankets

If you want the photo shoot to have a very relaxing and cozy concept, go for blankets. Make the bed look like the morning sky or the night sky, with the sun, stars or even the moon. Wrap your baby up in the cutest of blankets and make a dreamy tale out of the entire setting. Blankets are best as props for a newborn baby.

You can share more with us in our comment box. We would love to hear from you. Happy Shoot. 🙂

All pics credit: Chocolate Box Photography

Top 5 Children/Babies Photographer from Mumbai on flatpebble.com

Here’s the list of some of the best photographers you can book to free the priceless moments with your litle ones. Birthday parties or Baby shoots, book a children/baby photographer on flatpebble within minutes.
  1. Abhilasha  – Abhilasha loves to tell stories through her pictures and about all the fun and frolic that forms the basis of every childhood. She manages to capture the innocence in their eyes and pure zest for life that seems to be bursting out of their little sparkling eyes. Its important to be comfortable with the kid for a Baby photographer to get those right moments, and Abhilasha does that effortlessly.
                                                    Click here to View Abhilasha’s Children/Baby Photography portfolio
  2. Bhushan  –  Bhushan has an eye to capture the tender and varied emotions of the children which become memories that the parents can cherish for a lifetime. Birthday parities or Baby shoots, capture all those sweet memories of your little ones that you can cherish for a life time.
                                               View Bhushan’s Children/Baby Portfolio
  3. Abhijit  – The baby whisperer Abhijit  has been able to gouge out the perfect expressions on the faces of these angelic children at their best. He has captured these children in their natural environments doing what they love most such that their true spirits come out.
                                                            Click here to View Abhijeet’s Children /baby Portfolio
  4. Nishchay – Almost all of his photographs have cheerfully bright sunlight oozing out of them. The lighting combined with dynamic colors and natural outbursts of laughter, Nishchay punctuates all of his masterpieces with purity that almost equals that of a child which makes him one of the go to photographers to capture some of your child’s best years.
                                                              Click here to check Nischay’s Children/Baby Portfolio
  5. ND Photography – He brings out the raw untainted emotions of a child. The photo manages to express the beauty of a child’s thoughts. In most of their photos, a sense of unrestrained joy and excitement scream out to the viewer and the cuteness factor is just an added advantage.
                                                         Click here to view ND Photography’s children/baby portfolio