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Why you need a bridal trial makeup?

Why you need a bridal trial makeup?

Why a bride needs a trial makeup before her wedding? This is crazy man, you don’t buy a dress without trying it for several times, right? Then, how you can do bridal makeup without a trial makeup for  your wedding? In our opinion, trial makeup is as important as a wedding outfit trials. It can ensure you of the bridal hair and makeup you want on your D-day. As a bride, you require looking for the bridal hairstyle,bridal makeup, and Saree draping before the arrival of your wedding day. You should not go with the makeup artist that do not offer bridal trial makeup.

PC Makeup artist: Dhanalakshmi

Schedule your bridal trial makeup

You can schedule your bridal trial makeup 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding day. This can give you the time to make changes and also your requirements will stay fresh in the mind of your bridal makeup artist.

Your face is your mirror

When coming for a trial makeup, your face should be free of any cream, moisturizer, foundation or any beauty product. Once your bridal makeup artist will get the type of your skin, he/she will choose the beauty products according to your skin requirement.

PC Makeup artist: Nirvana

Hair is important

When you are going for bridal trial makeup, hair consultation is a great idea. Wash your hair and dry it with no product on it. Let your makeup artist decide how and what else is required for your hair.

Bridal jewellery

Buy your bridal jewellery and have a trial with all your wedding jewellery you are going to wear on your D-day. That will give you an exact idea of your wedding look.

PC Makeup artist: Swati

Bridal Outfit

Bridal dress is much important because your makeup depends on your dress. The color combination, the look, the cut, and the fabric, all are important. If your dress is not ready then at least get the picture of your engagement, reception, and wedding outfit. This will let the makeup artist understand the type of wedding look you are going for.

Communicate your requirement with your bridal makeup artist

Communication is the key to a perfect bridal makeup. Your thoughts and opinions are important, so don’t ever hesitate to express it. A good makeup artist will listen to your needs and will spend time with you to ensure your desired look. Put your ideas and take the suggestions of your makeup artist. Together find a design that suits your personality during your trial makeup.

Hope, you have got the idea of on why a bridal makeup rehearsal is as important as wedding outfit rehearsal. Please write to us in our comment box, your words are welcome. Happy reading. 🙂

Why you need a bridal trial makeup?
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Why you need a bridal trial makeup?
Why you need a bridal trial makeup? A trial makeup is as important as a wedding outfit trials.
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