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5 Tips on Bridal jewellery

5 Tips on Bridal jewellery

Shine like a star on your wedding day with your awesome bridal jewellery collection. We have the latest on bridal jewellery for you. Bridal jewellery is an essential part of a bride’s wedding trousseau. As a bride this is your right to look stunningly beautiful and your jewellery can add spark to your pretty bridal aura. How are you going to do all this? Here are 5 tips on bridal jewellery, which you can look upon before buying.

1.Budget and Invest wisely on your bridal jewellery

Set your budget to buy your bridal jewellery. As soon as your wedding date is fixed try to fix a budget for your wedding jewellery. That will help you to think of the right accessories at your price. One more aspect is jewellery take minimum two months or so to make, and if you want some exclusive design then you surely need some time in your hand. This will help you better marketing. One more piece of advice always buys trademark jewellery from trusted jewellers. The jewellery certificate is important, because in future if you want to sell it, that certificate will help in the evaluation of real price.
Don’ t invest on jewellery just to show off. In fact, spend wisely on your bridal jewellery. The heavy jewellery worn on the wedding day are a total waste in future, so buy what you can use in a better way.

bridal jewelry by luxepick

2.Bridal jewellery should match the bridal outfit

Your jewellery should match your wedding attire, otherwise, it can spoil your whole bridal look. You can’t wear a much heavy jewellery on your engagement day with your not so heavy Saree. So choose carefully.

bridal jewlry by luxepick

3.Detachable bridal jewellery

Today, you can have the option of detachable jewellery in the market. These multi-wearable jewellery is like a boon to the bride. Wedding necklace can turn into beautiful pendants or small necklaces. Even earrings come in detachable form, you can wear it hanging or like tops. Those are really cool to spend on.

4.Rent or Buy jewellery

The question is why rental jewellery when you can easily afford the real one? The answer is by taking the choice of rental jewellery you can be smart and gorgeous at the same time. Rental jewellery are available on reasonable prices and most of us don’t like to wear our heavy wedding jewellery again, instead, we love to keep it safe in safe. So why to waste your money on something which you will not use in future.

5.Match your jewellery with the wedding functions

Match your jewellery according to the wedding functions. You can’t wear heavy jewellery for your engagement like you can’t wear a light jewellery on your wedding day. For Engagement, Mehndi, and Sangeet you can wear light jewellery because the focus will be on the ring, hand, and your dance moves respectively. 😉

bridal jewlry by luxepick

Reception and cocktail parties are fun and you can freely experiment with your clothes and accessories on these occasions.You should wear heavy jewellery on your wedding day but that should match your wedding attire. As you don’t overdo with your bridal makeup, so you don’t overdo with your bridal jewellery.

Your Maa will surely love it if you will wear her jewellery on your wedding day. Your mother’s jewellery can add emotional value to your life. The simplest way is, let it be classy with your modern touch. How much you loved this article on “5 Tips for bridal jewellery”. Share with us your thoughts and suggestions. Happy reading. 🙂

All Image Courtsey: Luxepick

5 Tips on Bridal jewelry
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5 Tips on Bridal jewelry
5 Tips on Bridal jewelry. Bridal jewelry is an essential part of a bride's wedding trousseau. As a bride this is your right to look stunningly beautiful and your jewelry can add spark to your pretty bridal aura.
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