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10 Best Props For A Maternity Photo Shoot

10 Best Props For A Maternity Photo Shoot

The reason why you get your maternity photo shoot done is to be able to look back at all those pictures someday to have those memories and feelings that you collected for nine long months- come rushing back to you. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to hire a photographer who understands your ideas and can implement them on all those reflections of your maternity photo shoot. It is also equally important to have a clarity of ideas in your head and thus, know the exact things that you require. Gathering props for a maternity photo shoot can be really tricky. You have to have them such that they don’t wash over the main focus in the frame, your baby bump.

We have a couple of ideas for you that can help you pick out the perfect props for your much-awaited maternity photo shoot:

  • Tiara: Your little princess deserves that crown already. Make her feel royal with pretty little tiaras, where you can even play with warm lighting and give it a whole glamorous effect.
  • Bubble Gum: The whole idea of the baby about to pop out any day now, is not so subtly said with this fun little prop. Make it cuter with added dramatic expressions and voila! You have a really fun picture for your maternity photo shoot.
  • Messy Bed: This prop adds to the whole dramatics of “woke up like this” concept and you can throw some really classy drapes on, making it look neat and natural.
  • Bathtub: This is one of the personal favorites by far, adding some pretty flowers to milky water gives a really picturesque effect to the concept. You can play around with some lacy dresses to add to the bohemian feels.  
  • Flowers: Flowers always beautify and picture instantly. You can make use of flowers of your choice and figure out different ways to bring them in a single frame, elevating the picture and making it look all chirpy.

  • Signboards: Since we can’t really know your thoughts through a picture, not always at least- but there is always an option of saying it with signboards. “Bump Ahead” is one of those road signs that you can fish out and take pictures with. Else, you can even use the chalkboard to deliver the message.
  • Pets: Take the adorable quotient of your photographs to another level altogether by bringing in your pets for a couple of snaps. They make a lovely protector for you and your baby, why not put this expression of affection on a reel? The outcome is just an absolute charmer.
  • Books: One of your best companions during those nine months of pregnancy are books. They educate you, feed you the drama that you need, soothe you and what not. Why not bring them into the frame and make sure you remember where some of those excellent parenting tips actually came from.
  • Sonogram: The first picture ever taken of your little one. Science is definitely a wonder and you can use this wonder as a great prop for your maternity photo shoot. Let the world know what’s sleeping away peacefully in that massive belly of yours.

  • Baby shoes: The most adorable feature of a baby can be awarded to those tiny little hands and squishy little feet. We know how you can’t wait long enough before you can squish those feet and play with the baby all day. Use some tiny baby shoes to show just that emotion.


10 Best Props For A Maternity Photo Shoot
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10 Best Props For A Maternity Photo Shoot
10 Best Props For A Maternity Photo Shoot
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