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Best places for pre/post wedding shoots in Lucknow

Best places for pre/post wedding shoots in Lucknow

Lucknow has been a dominating name in the list of city of cultures and rich cuisines. In a city that has romance written all over it, finding a location for a pre or post-wedding shoot in Lucknow is a cakewalk. But we understand how busy you get before your wedding day and even the minute most work may seem like loads. Worry not, for we have curated the places which are best suited for beautiful pre or post-wedding photo shoots in Lucknow.

1. Bara Imambara

This colossal is one of the most attractive monuments in Lucknow. Apart from the enormous gateways, beautiful tomb, upper floors and gargantuan pillars, the intricately interwoven corridors of Bhulbhulaiyaa makes for amazing composition for a pre-wedding shoot.

bhool imambara

2. Dilkusha Kothi

Vast gardens and a lot of silence give this place the peace that is needed for an intimate couple shoot. The ruins of this place have told the history of Lucknow for the longest time. What better place to tell your love story?


3. Rumi Darwaza

This striking Indo-Islamic structure is a replica of the huge entrance gate of Istanbul. The photographer can include the exquisite architectural beauty and the panoramic views of the city, in the frames around you. This Awadhi hangover will not disappoint you.


4. Chota Imambara

Constructed on the surface of an artificial lake, this elaborate tomb has quite a serene ambience. What accentuates the beauty of this place by leaps and bounds are the vibrant chandeliers and tazia too. A striking red baradari or summer house can also add an edge to your photo shoot.

chotta imambara

5. Chattar Manzil

Chattar Manzil is famous for its exquisite architecture and its umbrella-shaped dome. If you want the old-world charm to feature in your photo-shoot, Chattar Manzil is a great choice for pre or post-wedding photo shoot in Lucknow.

chhatar manzil

6. Sikandar Bagh

This fortified area and garden is a mark of love on the soil of Lucknow, built in the memory of Queen Sikander Mahal. There is something about a pre or post-wedding shoot in a place which has been dedicated to love itself. It seems like the perfect place to embark the journey upon.


7. Safed Baradari

This place has heritage and history written all over it. This white marbled palace was once built to mourn Imam Hussain and his followers at Karbala. It now serves as perhaps the most pristine place for a photo shoot for the beautiful and aesthetic feelings that it evokes.

safed baradari 4

8. Kanshiram Memorial

With bronze murals, statues, gardens, and fountains, this vast stretch of land gives a variety of places to shoot at. If you want to add another dimension to your photo shoot, you can also take a detour at the Kanshiram Eco Green Garden.

Manyavar Kanshi Ram Smarak,Lucknow3

9. Shahi Baoli

These royal step wells are inspired by Persian architecture and you can guess well how beautiful it can be. Myth runs that the wells are well connected to the nearby river. Make your photo shoot fun and adventurous at this mysterious place apart from it being a unique edifice.


10. Kudia Ghat

The beautiful sun ups and sun downs over here are mesmerizing to watch. Strike a pose with your hubby on the rocks or make for a long shot from above the bridge; you cannot go wrong with this place. Romance will only ooze from the photo shoot.


Get your pre-wedding shoot done in the “City of Nawabs”. The stunning backdrop can definitely add to your love story. Create your love diary with Flatpebble. 🙂

What You Need To Know About The Baby Before The Shoot?

What You Need To Know About The Baby Before The Shoot?

Photographing infant is a rewarding yet demanding job especially for amateur photographers. You will feel good after having a possibility to do something spectacular and still you might encounter some challenges which need you to be flexible. You’ve to be ready before the baby photo shoot to make it successful. What you need to know about the baby before the shoot? Allow us to share some fundamental infant portrait photography hints that beginner photographers should know before the baby photoshoot

What things you need to know about the baby before the shoot?

PC: Golden Tales
If you’re looking forward to a successful day of child photo shoot, try to make sure that your subject is in deep sleep before the baby photo shoot. Most children are of course unforeseen and can be pretty irritable sometimes, particularly when around strangers. Getting toddlers familiarized with you is a very challenging that that is subjective to each toddler’s behavior. Sometimes you just do not have that much of time in your hands. Therefore, placing the infant into sleep is a large benefit to you the photographer before the baby photo shoot.

PC:Golden Tales
When it is time for the shoot, the child will most probably get tired and is more than likely get into a bout of deep slumber. Advise parents to make certain the baby is completely fed and has eaten a couple hours before the baby photo shoot.

A completely fed infant will most obviously be in a great mood when compared to a hungry infant, who will be very easily irritable. Remind breastfeeding moms to avoid hot or chili dishes. Eating spicy food may affect the quality of milk made by the mother and might even upset the baby’s stomach before the baby photo shoot. 

This may impact the sleep and mood of the infant so which causes it to be almost impossible to attain excellent photos since the infant might be irritable and crying all through the session. There’s one thing that most photographers like professional wedding photographers, love to do when doing a child’s photo shoot – that is using different props. It simply enhances the baby’s adorable image and makes him/ her look more adorable. You might have the infant wear perhaps a hat or perhaps a headband or place perhaps a stuffed toy nearby. Make sure that all props to be utilized by the infant are freshly laundered and free of dirt or pointed objects or any other before the baby photo shoot.


PC: Golden Tales
Check the cameras to know if all are working well before the baby photo shoot. Have a look also at your components and ensure everything is just working and if not fix them prior to the scheduled shoot. To maintain the child safe all through the photo session, you should get an associate or possess a parent to take the baby. The assistant may catch the infant just in case it rolls over or about to fall. If you are planning for your newborn baby’s photo shoot soon than make sure you hire well-experienced professional baby photographers, like those in FlatPebble, to make sure all the above-mentioned requirements are met properly.

All pictures credit: Golden Tales

Photo Props For Baby’s First Picture

Photo Props For Baby’s First Picture

A baby’s first few days in this world are full of amazement and wonder. For the first few days, the baby is slowly getting acclimatized to its environment. It is in the process of getting used to this new surrounding that it has been pushed out into. The first thing that a baby recognizes and get attached to is the mother.

The baby then slowly begins to comprehend and comes to terms with other things. This phase is a precious one. It lasts only for a few days and it is best advised to capture it in the form of beautiful pictures.

Moreover, as adorable as baby’s are on themselves, their cuteness gets exponentially magnified when they are paired up with interesting photo props. Below is a list of beautiful photo props that can be used to highlight the innocence of the baby in its first picture:

1. Blanket Burrito – 

Newly born babies are extremely susceptible to the environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Quits and blankets are used to protect them. However, given how cute babies look when they are cuddled up inside a soft fluffy blanket – I’d say that they make a perfect (not to mention safe) photo prop to opt for when it is your baby’s first picture.

2. Milk Bottle –

Among many of a new born baby’s firsts is learning to drink milk. Apart from breast feeding (which comes to a baby naturally), one of the first skills that a baby acquires is to learn to drink from a milk bottle. Initially they struggle to hold the bottle, trying to adjust it so that it doesn’t wobble. The whole process just redefines the limits if cuteness that you can take in, making it an ideal photo prop.

3. Pet Privilege – 

If you have a pet at home who is was as eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby as you were than this is the perfect gift you can give them. Not to mention it will make for a great picture to go up on your mantle-piece. You just have to take precautions for allergies that new born babies might have due to this choice of a photo prop. Hence make sure the poses are such that the animal is a little distanced from the baby.

4. Sea Creature –

Babies are essentially just out of an environment where they were submerged in water. So the photo props you can use in this picture can be innovative while depicting your baby like a sea animal. You can use a giant sea shell shaped cushion to support your baby or place your baby among rubber sea animals and other ocean related articles (keep in mind to sanitize these).

5. Hammock Joy – 

New born babies are asleep 80 percent of the time. There are few things that are cuter than a sleeping new born baby. And babies love to be cradle and rocked to sleep. Build a cozy little hammock in your house with fluffy and colourful sheets to make a beautiful photo prop. Place your baby in it and click away with this photo prop!

All PC: Click Baby

Creative Baby Photo Ideas

Creative Baby Photo Ideas

Take photos of your baby that you’ll cherish forever. With these creative baby photo ideas from Flatpebble, you’ll want to get your camera or the photographer into action.

Baby photography can go two ways usually:


Where the baby you are photographing is in an extremely amazing mood. Everything you plan turns out to be a success and all photographs you take are in a perfect angle.

Some creative baby photo ideas for you


Where the baby you are photographing is in an extremely irritable mood. Everything you had initially planned to do is not working out due to the frustrated parents who have been continuously trying to calm the baby and every angle you try the baby looks like it is upset with everything.

If you are a professional photographer who has organized numerous baby photo shoots in your career, you will probably be familiar with the harsh reality of how things can go bad when photographing babies. Therefore, to avoid such mishaps the only way to go is to pre-plan the shoot with the parents with loads of new creative baby photo ideas.

Given that the infant’s first portrait session is planned with baby photo ideas and prepared to go, it’s time to think about integrating several props to bump up the cute factor. These photography props for babies range in style out of your essential pleasant and innocent look, to the more sensational future child model pose. We hope that they’ll provide a springboard, if you’ll, to help further and hone your very own artistic vision. 

Angel Wings are among the best props for creative baby photo ideas because everybody knows that babies are nothing but small packages of joy were sent directly from paradise. Accentuate your small cherub’s innocence with some of the feathery angel wings. Experiment with different wing sizes and colors! Attempt creative baby photo ideas with the baby sleeping, sitting up or supported by several soft pillows to make a Sitting among the clouds look.

Sure your baby can be a small little stink weed at times, but he/she really is a small rosebud who is slowly blossoming right before your very eyes. Show off his/her ever increasing beauty with the employment of a sweet out sized flower headpiece. Throw in a grass green carpeting or blanket or transplant infant into his/her very own vessel to a cherished, one of a type shot that’s ideal for any garden loving family. 

From elaborate to typically built, a bench provides the ideal alternative to the age old prop dilemma. For infants, look for a bench those supplies ample supports as it’s likely they’ll be sitting, crawling – even resting – through the session. Keep a watch out for beautiful patterns and materials which will enhance your photo as opposed to overpower it. Baby in the Box is an idea that will never get old. It could look a bit plain in the beginning, but just a simple sturdy box or wooden crate could make for a spectacular new born baby portrait prop.

While coming up with brilliant ideas like this though, make sure you have hired the right photographer will a good background, for example like those in FlatPebble. Make sure that as you are coming up with lovely ideas you are constantly taking advice from your photographer and improvizing accordingly.

All PC:Golden

How To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party?   

How To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party?  

Throwing a perfect Birthday party for their little ones is every parent’s dream. Right from getting the right paper cups, to hosting a big bunch of kids, with utmost safety and precautions is a task. You also have to ensure that everything is top notch and everyone is having fun. To be honest, it’s a big responsibility, with a lot to handle at once. Let’s start with the things that you need to go through, for throwing a birthday party that leaves happy memories for your child, until the next one of course.

Here are a few things you can look into:

  • Try understanding the latest fad your kid is into off late. It can be a particular video game, a book’s character, a movie that’s recently hit the market. 

  • Once you are done determining the theme and budget you’d want for your perfect birthday party, you can start collecting crafts that reflect your theme. This will prevent you from spending too much.
  • Kids get to picture themselves as a part of that magical world they fancy so much. For example, you can keep the theme around Harry Potter if your child enjoys it.
  • You can later use these as ornamentation for your kid’s room, to keep up the spirit going.
  • Among the main things for a car, a racing theme is tires. You can integrate a lot of tires in your seating arrangement. For a Bob the Builder theme, you can get black and gray construction paper and make cool cutouts with them.
  • Since kid’s parties are generally daytime affairs, try using colorful graffiti and balloons and cutouts that uplift the mood.
  • Preparing a guest list with your child and ensuring that everyone important to them is available is important. You don’t want your kid to feel bummed out for not having their best friend around to celebrate.
  • Do ensure you make it clear if the parents of your little guests are invited to stay, especially for the toddlers.
  • Next, plan up to the menu thoroughly and smartly. Keep it simple with finger foods they can eat while moving around like fries or nachos or pizzas. This way, you won’t have to worry about sitting them down every time you serve.
  • Prepare whatever you can, in advance and deep freeze to avoid keeping the thing for the last minute.
  • In case you plan to order food from outside, ensure that you book it well in advance. The cake can be ordered/baked suiting the theme of your party.
  • Don’t forget to play around with the decorative candles.
  • Keep games and music as per the taste of child. Prepare your playlist at least a week before the party, for being one of the most important things, it can also be neglected pretty easily, during the last minute chaos, and no party likes bad music.
  • Games and craft sessions will eep the little ones hyper and happy. They get to showcase their abilities to throw the ball in the bucket or just dance around. It will keep up their enthusiasm.
  • Do ensure you get good thoughtful return gifts for the party, for those are the things kids really look forward to.
  • While you plan the perfect birthday party, ensure to keep the cameras charged up so that you can capture your child’s fond memories with their friends.

Best Return Gift Ideas

Best Return Gift Ideas

A birthday party sounds fun and all exciting but parents surely find it a little hectic. Arranging for all the decorations, food and on top, all comes the tiny return gifts that kids remain excited about until the end of the party. And wait! It cannot be chocolates. Long gone is the time when using pencil bags and chocolates were considered to be the best return gifts. Return gifts should not only be for the sake of it. The best return gift ideas are always the ones which arouse some amount of curiosity within the kids. Here are some the of the best return gift ideas for your kiddo guests at the birthday party.

  1. Fun Magnets

As kids, remember how we were fascinated with magnets and irons? Don’t think that kids nowadays will not be thrilled by magnets. If the magnets are fun and quirky, they will not only be excited about it but also will be too eager to put them on their fridges and cupboards.

  1. Wallets

Colourful and cute wallets will surely interest children. Isn’t it cute when kids take out a ten rupee not or a coin from their pocket? Imagine how happy they would be to finally find a place to store them!

  1. Coin Banks

Now many of you may think that it is a weird idea to give children piggy banks as return gifts. Childhood is a prime time when kids pick up on things for the rest of their lives. Giving cute piggy banks will not only interest them as an item. It will also give them a push towards understanding what saving feels like.

  1. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscopes can be fun to just laze around with. Thought trains of kids go haywire and this return gift idea will do exactly that. The reflections and patterns in a kaleidoscope are surely going to cheer up the kids after the end of the birthday party!

  1. Encyclopaedias

Go for this return gift idea if your kid’s friend bunch is mostly bookworms. Encyclopaedias are going to interest them even more than the birthday cake.

  1. Personalised items

Personalisation makes every other product fun. Children will love products with their names on it, be it a keychain, towel or t-shirt. You can also go for gender specific gifts like pink headgears for girls and blue bowties for boys!

  1. Drawstring backpacks

Children are generally way too excited about any new thing they receive. If you do not want the return gifts to go to waste the next day itself, go for things that are useful. Now, normal backpacks are not great return gift ideas per se but drawstrings are different.

  1. Kid Umbrellas

This will make for a crazy gift if your kid’s birthday is during the monsoon season. Bright colours or their favourite cartoon prints on umbrellas can make for a great return gift idea.

  1. Sippers

No, I’m not talking about the normal black, pink or blue sippers. With new sippers out in the market, the old ones have become boring. Look for the animal ones where the horns or the trumpets shape out in the form of the straw. You can also go for the cartoons themed ones!

  1. Glow in the dark stars

Glow in the dark will never be out of fashion as one of the best return gift ideas ever. Those little glowing stars and moons in their dark rooms get their imaginations all stirred up. It will definitely be a counted as a cool return gift within the kids.

Crazy Wedding Ideas

Crazy Wedding Ideas

Can’t seem to get enough ideas for your next wedding shoot? It is quite a tricky business, wedding photography, where you have to somehow keep the creative juices running in order to make each wedding look distinct from the previous one. Each couple is unique and they deserve to be captured in frames that suit their equation with each other. Getting everyone to pose as per your style makes no sense, for that’s not who they are. Try and make your subjects comfortable enough to be themselves around your camera. The trick is to make them look good while doing whatever they always do.

Personalize It

Analyse the traits of your subject- you can end up with an adventurous bride and a shy groom or people with various personalities. Get them to bring their essence out on the camera, instead of sticking to some clichéd poses. A bride to be can be just as beautiful in her streetwear, running around with shopping bags and planning everything ferociously, with her bridesmaids. Be sure to capture the moments where the mother teaches her little girl on how to go about the proceedings of traditional customs. Or where the groom’s father is fixing his son’s ensemble.

Be “Hatke”

Taking off to some hill station for a pre-wedding shoot is too mainstream. You can instead have the couple and a few of their close family and friends to dress up lavishly and take some fun shots in the city madness. Imagine the famous Beatles photograph, on the Zebra crossing, and try recreating that with the couple and their friends crossing the road in wedding ethnic wear.

Do Some Drama

Or you can save some travel cost and use a movie theatre for some dramatic shots at the wedding. You can even gather some amazing props and recreate the Great Gatsby shot with an Indian twist. Raid the parks with some fancy balloons or have a nice rock concert with the whole group rocking in fancy wedding clothes. You can even take the party to funky bar and have everyone pull off a Godfather.If anything, it’s always fun to sneak up into a library for some mischief. Let the books rescue you from the typical outdoor shoots and indulge into some devious shots of the two. Or how about introducing some dinosaurs using Photoshop and taking the wedding drama to a whole new level. Maybe you can add in some cupids running around the whole place.

Colour Crazy

There is ample amount of makeup lying around during weddings. Get in the bridesmaids to have some fun with all them colours and creatives, maybe even have fun with the guys dressing crazy. Gather in the pets and kids and create a fun set up at the wedding with all the added cuteness, where the bride and groom can be pretend parents of a whole army.

Music Madness

Get in those musical instruments that lie around the whole place and pump up the drama in the wedding with some happening beats, the groom could be play the ‘dhol’ while the bride gang could get on to do some bhangra  in the backdrop. The ideas are endless, and all you have to do is to just determine what fits. Voila! You have a perfect wedding album and some really satisfied clients.

Wedding Fears For Would-be Grooms

Wedding Fears For Would-be Grooms

You are the would-be groom and it is your big wedding. The one you and your fiancée, along with both of your families have been planning for weeks. It is obvious that your nerves will be on the edge till you are through with the ceremony. With so many verticals involved, so many services and so much of assistance from so many people it is obvious that a would-be groom will be worried that something might not turn out the way he had imaged it. He will be constantly afraid of the arrangements not being up to the mark and disappointing him. However, a would-be groom should know that every person, ever married faces this anxiety.

Brides are better at taking control over these situations usually. They know each and every detail of the services that will be there and are usually prepared for the worst. But they will worry too (often more than a would-be groom). A would-be groom can knock among the bride’s inherent fears out from the ballpark by looking like one million dollars on wedding day. As you will undoubtedly be made aware, the bride as well as the bridesmaids will start up big day by category in a salon where the bride as well as the party may get their hair, nails, and perhaps even make-up done. If they are going all out, the bride could have established for a massage whole with Ocean citrus herbal blends etc. 

Clearly, her journey to get in the wedding day begins a long time before, as your bride might have researched and analyzed hair salons or spas to find only the right spot to get everything right on big day. About 3 months prior to the marriage, find a salon that has experience in receiving bridegrooms prepared on the day of the wedding. A would-be groom should ideally schedule a consultation to get his own hair chopped leading up to the marriage. Three months is the ideal period of time to get that butchered own hair up to snuff and look perfect. 

Barber of a would-be groom – god bless him – has likely put a variety of trim lines in his hair which are going to show up in the marriage pictures. Three months of constant cutting by the same stylist may even that most out. A would-be groom may always return back to the barber after the wedding! Therefore, he should have final pre-marriage haircut no later than fourteen days prior to the big day. A would-be groom should be prepared to avoid breaking out into pimples like the senior high school weakling before the wedding. A trip to the spa or physician can make sure that his skin will look its best.

All in all when it comes to pre-wedding nervousness, when it is said that a bride frets more than a would-be groom does, it is said wrong. Both are equally worried for the ceremony and want every arrangement made to be delivered in the highest quality. This nervousness will significantly subside if the couple opts for reliable services like that of FlatPebble. So choose wisely and worry less!

Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

A newborn baby photo shoot is one of the most difficult subjects to work on for a photographer. They are fragile as well as unpredictable which makes them more of a challenge to work with. So much of a challenge that if photographers have excellent photos of toddlers in their profile it automatically becomes a part of their skill set. Photographers need all the assistance they can get from the parents to understand the baby better and customize their photo shoots accordingly.

While photographing kids and adults, the photographers just simply roll out verbal instructions and click away. This is not possible when it comes to newborn baby photo shoot, who haven’t learnedearnt to eat properly yet. Patience is the key here. While photographing new born babies, photographers will need to shift their angles, consider various perspectives and constantly shift around when the shot is not up to the mark.

As anyone with an infant knows, infants are going use their bodily functions every time they feel the need, even when it is in the middle of a sweet family photoshoot. Photographers from around the globe have uploaded uproarious images of babies when they caught the moment infants emptied their bowels on camera. These photographs are natural and candid. They showcase the real essence of how messy parenthood can be. How even with these small drawbacks, parents have to adapt to situations they never thought they would face.

As a photographer one needs to be prepared for such frequent and unpredictable emergencies during a photo shoot that involves a new born baby. There should be detailed conversation between the photographer and the parents before setting the dates for a photo shoot. As parents one needs to make sure that they are taking the necessary precautions according to the planned location of the photo shoot.

Take a physician’s opinion if you are planning to go for an outdoor photo shoot and carry necessary allergy medications with you, just in case. The risk is significantly reduced and it is definitely more convenient for you as well as the photographer if you opt to go for an indoor photo shoot. However in this case the photographer will have to be specifically paying attention to the flash and the lighting of his/her equipment.

Last but not the least – Let us talk about props. Be very careful and wise when it comes to the choice of props you will be using for the photo shoot. If your photographer has vast experiences in photographing babies then you have made a good choice. They might have props in mind that would be comfortable as well as beautiful. If not, then turn to the ever green option of research. Ask around your friends if they have had photo shoots like these, go through a few trusted blog columns. This will help you draft a list of probable props you can use on the big day.

All in all baby photography is a beautiful experience that you will remember for a lifetime. If you planning for one soon, you can go through our list of much experience photographers. They will take care of all the requirements that are mentioned above.

10 Things About Wedding Photography      

10 Things About Wedding Photography    

A wedding is all about glittering and glamourous personalities all over the place, looking their absolute best. They have such big aspirations of getting the best damn display pictures for the Facebook, where they no less than hot bod models. You’d be a genius if you instantly figures out everyone’s best angles and give them the absolute satisfaction of wedding photography- while also trying to figure out who amongst these people are actually pretty close to the bride and groom just to ensuring that their whole family gets sufficiently clicked.

To be honest, it’s not easy to be omnipresent and capture every single detail on your camera with wedding photography. Here are a couple of wedding photography hacks that you can incorporate to get the best results:

  • Advance Planning:

Analyze the amount of time it takes for you to research for a particular wedding and plan your wedding photography accordingly. Ensure that your clients give you a good enough window to strategize the whole event as per their schedule, where both the parties can understand the nitty-gritties of the whole thing.

  • Reviews:

Many a times, the couples have set their minds on certain wedding photography trends doing rounds, and wish to be clicked as per all that. As much as it is great to be trendy, it is also crucial to make sure that it fits. Make sure you have a fair idea of the location and discuss the wedding photography in advance, along with the kind of props that shall be used.

  • Friends and Family Background:

Many a times, it’s a huge bummer to realize after the whole event, that the main family members or best friends didn’t make it to the frames. Avoid those kind of mistakes in the wedding photography and make sure you’re familiar with the close ones in specific.

  • Team Spirit:

This is a common mistake that a lot of photographers tend to make, they try to run the show with minimum manpower. Avoid that kind of wedding photography where you have a really tough time coordinating with a small team and end up exhausting everyone’s creative juices. Having an assistant to help you handle the equipment won’t hurt, it makes it easy when they keep a track of all equipment, while you get to click away free-mindedly.

  • Coordination

Ensure you have someone from the couple’s side helping you coordinate their movements. Amidst all the crazy confusion, chaos and nervousness, it is natural for the bride and the groom to forget certain photoshoots scheduled. That’s when the coordinator steps in and ensures to inform you when the duo are ready to be shot- especially for the ones before the event.

  • Perfection

While it is natural to try and attain perfection in your wedding photography, it is also important to know as to when you must let go and move onto some other shot. This way, you won’t have to worry about boring anyone out by making them pose for too long, or you won’t miss any other important shots.

  • The Photographer in the Family:

It is great to have a person from the family playing around with their own camera, and there can be a lot of learning involved there, but do ensure to coordinate well with the family, in terms that particular person ruining your own shots by coming in the way too much. It can spoil your chances to actually click well and thus, impacting the quality of wedding photography.

  • Lighting:

Since lighting is the key aspect of wedding photography, be sure to coordinate a tour of the venue, well in advance and study the various lighting angles. This will save a lot of last minute chaos, where you’ll be ready with your positions sorted.

  • The Organizer

Have someone from the family to ensure that especially during family portraits, they keep a track in case someone goes missing- only to realize much later- for everyone’s disappointment.

  • Refuel

It is no doubt important to keep the pictures clicking, do make sure that you take sufficiently long breaks, while someone substitutes you, and keep yourself well fed. It can be really exhausting to handle all that equipment along with keeping your clients smiling for good pictures.

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