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Ready for your engagement?

Ready for your engagement?

Hey, have you watched the movie “Vivaah”? The film revolves around the journey of a couple who got engaged and are waiting to get married. This is one of my favorite movies. It’s a general view that in arrange marriage love happens after getting married, but if you have got this valuable time between your engagement and marriage then let the love blossom. Talk to each other on every topic, understand the feelings of your partner, know about your new family, try to connect with them with the help of your partner. All this will help you to build a great relationship. Looking fabulous on each occasion related to your wedding day is natural and important as well. So, why not watch out this video for getting that fab look.


Video credit: Beauty Mantra

We know that engagement period is very challenging for a bride-to-be, you will feel pressurize that how you will adjust yourself in a new family, with new family members, and with a totally new way of living. But always remember that someone there is waiting for you so eagerly. Leave all your tensions behind and embrace the new life which is soon going to be the key for all your happiness. Hope you have liked this video and writing. Do share your words with us. “Happy new beginning dear.”

Latest Wedding Inspirations

Latest Wedding Inspirations

With brides switching to pastel colored Lehengas and grooms switching from Sherwanis, into classy tuxedos, the wedding inspirations are no doubt, set for a constant change. Every couple feels the need to be different, while still following the traditional ways of celebrating their vows. If you can hear the wedding bells already, it is your que to start planning the event and looking for wedding inspirations that make for a brilliant concept and define your sense of style.
Here are a couple of wedding inspirations that can help you figure your wedding:

1) Bohemian celebrations:

The Bohemian culture represents a free soul indulging into the beauty of arts. Well, if you anywhere relate to this concept, this is one good theme to go by. You can have exceptionally enticing patterns subtly filling up spaces like pretty little scribbles- be it the whole venue, or your dress. You get to play with laces, embroidery and flowers- all at once and indulge into everything chic.

2) Drones flying around:

Many a times, it is impossible to set up a crane to take all those luxurious shots from up above and it is definitely impossible to have someone take those manually. That’s where drones have made our lives much easier with their immense mobility. We can capture some amazingly refreshing angles; pan out and pan in video clips- endless possibilities of creativity and wedding inspirations.

3)Venue Vineyard:

Deciding the venue for your wedding ceremonies or engagement function can be quite a pain. You can consider some good vineyard for such events, where the widespread lands and pretty landscapes are sure to lift the spirits of all guests attending. You can have some majorly fun décor working its’ magic and allow your ceremonies to be some fond memories with these kind of wedding inspirations.

4) Vignette Saga:

The whole idea of these wedding inspirations revolve around as to how well you can play with the décor, throwing the perfect lighting to add that mysteriously dreamy effect. This theme requires a little extra attention, where you need to pay some extra attention to the details.

5) Wedding Greens:

Apart from the pastels and rose gold, the one color that is really doing the rounds, is bottle green. As shabby as the name sounds, the color beautifully intermingles with the traditional gold. Not just the wedding garments, but a bottle green theme color with golden hues does justice to the intention of poise.

6) Proposal Shot:

It is quite a feeling to have your proposal clicked by a professional or a good friend, so that you can go back and always cherish those memories. Imagine having the perfect pictures to show your grandkids, when you tell them your perfect love story.

7) Crystal:

Crystals have been beautifying our homes and offices tremendously all this while, why not just set them right on duty during our wedding as well. They just epitomize a priceless elegance and create a picturesque décor for the guests to dwell into.

8) Timeless sass:

Giving your wedding a retro effect, takes us back to a whole new level of sass. Times when winged liners and elegant buns have returned to take over your look, it is a marvelous idea to have some minimalistic embellishes and vintages rule your wedding.

9) Pakistani mix:

These are wedding inspirations to take in from the neighboring country’s fashion industry, which is quite remarkable. With straight-cut long kurtas and pencil pants already such a hit in the market, we must not fail to observe them for their wedding wear. The highly embellished dresses blended in with a lot of net and then their palazzos – they steal our hearts for sure.

Things To Prioritize While Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Things To Prioritize While Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer – just like the term “Google” as well as “Facebook” has become common household phrase throughout the world today. The wedding photographer has evolved to have the same popularity. Through the years, photography has developed as well as changed, moving away from the more conventional style graphics to a candid un-posed style of filming that catches the individuals in actions, living life, and experiencing reality.

This type of photography has become more of fashion statement with most of the celebrities opting for it. They are later posted on various social media platform and paparazzi play their significant roles too. Therefore, it is nothing less than a phenomenon.

It is difficult to to comprehend what wedding photographer is best suited to your needs. It is the best to have a general idea what are the ongoing trends among the wedding photographer s along with the other basics of wedding photography. There are different types that you can go for other than just candid photography too, for example: with photo-journalistic wedding photographer. It is nearly as if you can sense the breath that the person is respiring. The laughter seems as if you can really hear it ring in your ears. 

Wedding photographer uses this style of photography to tell a narrative throughout the pictures. It is nearly as if you’re watching a documentary where a particular tone is set as well as the occasions are relatable to the person considering the pictures. Through the years, people started to waiver from the conventional direction from the photographers. Instead, the minutes were allowed to explain as natural and organically as possible. The term Wedding photojournalism was really written by Denis Reggie, a former sports turned wedding photographer, in 1980. He, along with others in the genre believed that this design of photography was more remarkable and valuable. 

Each wedding photographer has her or his own opinion of photography and looks in the style very objectively. Despite the fact that content is the key element in shooting in a marriage original style, selecting what to take images to draft, how to accurately expose it, the manner the image must be cropped, and editing techniques are also among the important characteristics you will have to concentrate on. Since in the photography design the interpretation is up to the audience, it’s rare that two wedding photographer s may ever translate the same picture or the same photograph the same manner. A wedding photographer constantly does his best to somewhat melt into the background while filming a wedding. 

While photographers do come up with and collect groups for wedding group pictures and formal photographs, the primary style centres on the way you want your wedding to be remembered. For example, you might prefer providing marriage and engagement pictures in the albums in a chronological order. This kind of wedding photography it is extremely essential that the pictures be viewed in order. Photojournalism is a type of photography that represents the telling of the history and this way, the viewer may see and encounter the day moment to moment.

Fall In Love With A Punjabi Wedding

Fall In Love With A Punjabi Wedding

There is no celebration bigger than the celebration of two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together in holy matrimony. While somebody’s wedding is one of the most memorable days for two people in love, it is by no means a small occasion for the guests that attend the wedding. The guests in addition to being happy for the newly-weds also expect a wedding that they too remember for a very long time.

India being a country of many religions and faiths consequently has a lot of different rituals for marriages. It is wrong to call one sort of wedding better than the other. However, most people can tell you that a Punjabi wedding happen to be one of the most eventful and entertaining affair. Here are some of the things that you can be assured to enjoy in a garden variety Punjabi wedding and will definitely make you fall in love with them.

Lavish Food and Drinks

One of the first things that come into anybody’s mind when talked about a Punjabi wedding is food. Punjabi people while being big time foodies also find immense pleasure in making sure their guests eat even after their tummies are full. One thing that you can be sure of is a variety of delicacies that will rise up to the occasion. So before going to a Punjabi wedding, make sure your stomach is ready to be filled.

Apart from being passionate foodies, Punjabis are known to handle their drinks. Rarely will you find a Punjabi wedding function which does not have a variety of alcoholic beverages to choose from. Even if the hosts do not drink, they keep that option available for the guests which just makes them the loveliest hosts. This kind of hospitality is surely going to make you fall in love with the Punjabi wedding.

Different Functions

A wedding function only lasts a few hours, but a Punjabi wedding consists of many functions leading up to the actual day  when the couple gets hitched. The series begins with an engagement ceremony followed with a Sagan. The next function is the Haldi ceremony which is followed by the actual day of the wedding. Lastly, in some cases there is even a wedding reception party. Usually the entire series of events altogether last for almost a week.

Grande Arrangements

North Indians, Punjabis in particular, are known to be extravagant and grandeur by nature. A Punjabi family even for a casual party will go overboard and spend more than required, so one can only imagine the extent they go to when it comes to a wedding. Ranging from the venue down to the clothes of the wedding couple, simple or any of its synonyms is not something you would use to describe any of the Punjabi functions you attend.


We grew up watching romantic Bollywood movies that are majorly based on a guy meeting the girl of his dreams in a friend’s or a relative’s wedding where the spark ignites when the first time they dance together. Subconsciously, all the single people while attending a wedding look out for that somebody special. Whether it’s the entire atmosphere of the wedding or the fact that people are dressed to kill, Punjabi wedding functions surely remain incomplete without sparking a relationship or two between the bride’s and the groom’s side.



How Much Should You Invest In Your Makeup Artist?

How Much Should You Invest In Your Makeup Artist?

Ladies, you can invest huge sums of money and time for picking out the best clothes for any event, but still end up looking somewhat short of perfection if you don’t really have some good makeup on to compliment your style and complete the whole look. Combining your clothes with the right makeup techniques is actually the deal breaker that leaves you looking gorgeous. In today’s times, even men don’t shy away from some face powder and getting a quick touchup for some major events- take an example of all those TV anchors and celebs.

The whole idea of using makeup is to ensure that you feel confident about looking great and thus, carry yourself amazingly well with all that self-assurance. But many a times, we must have had experienced for ourselves, or had our friends comeback to us with the stories of disastrous makeup artists and how the whole look going horribly wrong due to their poor techniques.

Yes, we have all heard/experienced them- those stories of faux pass that still sometimes come back and haunt the victims through all the photographs that were captured during the event. This is exactly why one must always ensure that they have researched well for a good makeup artist and made the appointments well in advance.

Good makeup professionals use high quality products that are easy on your skin and last a longer time. Each of these products that is used by them, individually costs quite a fortune- especially with the range of products these professionals carry in their massive makeup bags to ensure that they have everything to pull off the most suitable look for you. Hiring a good makeup artist is a big factor, where they are not only professional but punctual as well.

They understand the value of time and techniques alike so that you don’t have to make excuses for turning up late at an event. Those last couple of hours before you head out, are quite crucial and equally chaotic. To maintain your calm and ensure that you have your eyeliner in place or you lipstick within the lines is a high risk task, though- outsourcing the makeup department to a professional makes things so much easier and glamorous.

You must always ask yourself this really important question- how much should you be actually spending on a makeup artist? Well, makeup artists charge you based on the kind of event you are planning to attend- whether it is a party, a daytime event, a wedding, etcetera. The costs of bridal makeup are on a higher note altogether as that involves a lot of precautions, punctuality and perfection.

The techniques used to come up with all sorts of looks vary from event to event. Some of your bridal makeup artists must also include ad hoc tasks such as the hair or draping the attire. The prices may vary from one to three thousand for an evening event, depending on the quality of their work and if they visit your place to prepare you for the event. A trial makeup session from a good makeup artist can range from three to four grands or more, while an average one must cost you one to three grands.

The total costs for the services can be varying- again depending on the skills of the professional. It can start with six grands or so and go up till a lakh or more. You must really decide your budget before you actually set out to hire someone, for these varying price ranges can have you end up paying more or less, with a high risk of resulting in an overall disappointment.

Make sure you get the makeup trails done before you actually hire someone for your wedding or engagement and that you are absolutely comfortable with their skills and techniques, while also ensuring that the makeup products they intend to use, are predefined to you and tested on your skin for any sort of allergies. In the end, the idea is to look absolutely gorgeous and rock that event.


Wedding photographers in Delhi

Wedding photographers in Delhi

Ensure your wedding memories are captured well. Read on to know more about the best wedding photographers in Delhi. Note – This list is in no particular order. The photographers have been selected based on bookings and customer reviews on flatpebble.com.

Wedding Photographers in Delhi

1.Priyanka Dev

In her own words, Priyanka wishes to capture everlasting memories and “immortalize those memories of genuine love and evoke emotions in the viewer”.

Priyanka’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography,Advertising, Children/Babies.

Click here to View Priyanka’s wedding photography portfolio

2.Bhaven Jani

He provides a range of services and be it an intimate affair or a lavish gathering, they work with the same enthusiasm and wish to infer with you at all necessary steps without interruption in your regular work.

Bhaven’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography,Engagements, Couple shoots, travel and fashion portfolios.

Click here to View Bhaven Jani’s wedding photography portfolio

3.Photographer’s Café

A studio with handpicked photographers, they use an organic, non-traditional approach to capture weddings and they focus on creating images that could be edgy, sexy, funny, honest and full of life, and could stand alone as works of art. The photographers constantly travel to destination weddings in India and many other locations worldwide. They are the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Photographer’s Café’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography, Candid photography, Wedding films, events, and more.

Click here to View Photographer’s Cafe’s Wedding photography portfolio

4.Anupam Dey

An engineer by education and a photographer by passion, Anupam has a penchant for capturing emotions that usually go unseen. He also loves capturing brides and the expressions that a bride showcases during a wedding. You can have Anupam Dey if you want to hire one excellent wedding photographers in Delhi.

Anupam’s area of expertise – Bridal Portraits and Candid Wedding Photography.

 Click here to View Anupam Dey’s wedding photography portfolio

5.Going Bananas Photography

A team of two people who want to know your story and give those candid moments a personal touch, and tell the story in an intimate way. While one excels in a photo-journalistic style of coverage, the other loves to play with angles and light. Two distinct styles that make sure nothing is missed!

Going Bananas’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography, Contemporary wedding, photojournalism, portraits.

 Click here to View Going Banana’s Photography’s portfolio

6.Ujjwal Vanvari

A photographer who lets his pictures do the talking, Ujjwal is also the winner of “Snap Trap 2013” organized by IIITM Gwalior. Rituals and customs are inherent in our weddings, and this is what he focuses on.

Ujjwal’s area of expertise – Contemporary Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography.

Click here to View Ujjwal Vanvari’s Wedding Photography portfolio

7.Sankar Kanhar

Photography requires an eye for detail, and Sankar makes sure that his photographs leave a long lasting impression. He also loves capturing family portraits and other events that establish the bond among people.

Sankar’s area of expertise – Wedding photography, wedding films, family portraits and fashion photography.

Click here to View Sankar Kanhar’s Wedding photography portfolio

8.Soumen Nath

Candid and Photojournalistic, Soumen’s images are completely realistic, un-staged & captures the gaiety and colors of Indian Weddings in an artistic way and captures those moments to be cherished forever. In his words, “I don’t just shoot photographs, I capture those fleeting moments and serve you on a platter, which would otherwise be lost forever”. Soumen uses his creative vision and artistic flair to produce beautiful timeless memories for you. Soumen Provides his services throughout India.

Soumen’s area of expertise – Candid wedding photography.

Click here to View Soumen Nath’s wedding photography portfolio

9.Tarun Justin

Capturing those precise moments is what Tarun excels in, and wishes to capture your togetherness with “light, composition and rhythm”. Tarun and his team hope and wish to create magic with their pictures.

Tarun’s area of expertise – Wedding photography, candid photography, Couple portraits, bridal portraits.

Click here to View Tarun Justin’s Wedding photography portfolio

10.Renuka Chauhan

She believes that photography is part of her soul and she feels the camera is an extension of her heart. She wishes to capture raw emotions and add her personal touch to her photographs.You can expect to see simple pictures in a new and unique angle.

Renuka’s area of expertise – Wedding photography and portraits.

Click here to View Renuka Chauhan’s wedding photography portfolio

11.Bharat Srinivasan

Weddings are full of moments and Bharath knows how to capture the happy moments . The small conversations to the silent moments, they all have the expressions that are worth capturing and he manages to capture what he sees and what he feels. Bharat knows how to capture the true emotions which remain uncaptured. He is one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Bharath’s area of expertise – Wedding Photography, Videography Event, Product, Architecture, and Industry.

Click here to view Bharat Srinivasan’s wedding photography portfolio

How much you have enjoyed this article on top wedding photographers in Delhi. Please share your words with us in our comment box.


We may not be able to get day light natural light shots while main wedding flow as most of the times Indian wedding are either Indoor or they happen during evening/ night time.

But 90% of the time we get to shoot the getting ready Images in the natural light. getting ready shot along with the details/ accessories shots are very important for us as this is the beginning of the wedding story we prepare for the couple.

So here are the few tips we recommend to achieve those editorialized shots while getting ready and also for the portrait / solo session .

– We always position our bride / groom toward the source of light like windows or door while getting ready or getting make up done. So incase there is any adjustment required in the terms of position of the furniture we recommend that is done one day in advance .

– Make sure the background has less cluttered as possible.

– It is always better to have a separate room to your self to avoid any background distraction

– It is good to make your makeup artist/ hair artist aware in advance that you will be getting these kind of shots done so you would need their support as well to achieve this.

– If possible please see the slide shows and story line we have under slide show menu on the website to understand this process. And we recommend you share them with the family and the makeup/hair artist as well for full corporation.



– Make sure you have one person who is responsible for your accessories / outfits so it is easier for us to interact with him/her while you are getting ready and we dont have to disturb you for the same.

 – We shoot dress/ outfit right before the hair/makeup start as sometime bride has to wear the dress before starting her hair and makeup.

– If you wish to have your Mom/dad or your bridesmaids in the shot while helping you getting ready like getting you into the dress / Putting on the veil etc. then we prefer that they get ready either before you or before these shots .


– List of Outfit/accessories we shoot during getting ready or right before you start getting ready.


Accessories (jewelry, garter, perfume, lipstick, hair piece, veil, shoes, flowers, rings, engagement ring, bridal party accessories, others)
Bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets
Bridesmaids outfits
flower girl Basket
Gift for the Groom if any


Accessories (jewelry, tie, cuff links, perfume, shoes, customized items – socks, flask – flowers, rings, bridal party accessories, others)
Gift for the Bride if any

Since Groom getting ready is very quick so we love to get  some shots where  groom is having fun with groomsmen like playing games, having drinks with groomsmen etc.

Top 5 Bridal makeup artist in Malaysia

Top 5 Bridal makeup artist in Malaysia

Looking great is as important as feeling good on your D-day. Choosing a great bridal makeup artist is as tough as choosing your groom. 🙂 Don’t tell me that you are not aware of the best bridal makeup artist in Malaysia! Don’t worry, we were also in the same court. But now we can clear all your confusions with this article. Every bride wants to look ravishing on her wedding day. This is one day where nothing short of perfection can come to pass. All your wedding work will need to do up with tiny details, that might or might not materialise.

Bridal makeup artist in Malaysia

Here, with this piece of writing, we are coming up with a list of top 5 bridal makeup artist in Malaysia to let you find the right style of makeup for your wedding day.


A bride of today’s generation loves the latest trends in makeup. More so if it is an event as big as a wedding. Don’t go anywhere, Ananti is the best bridal makeup artist in Malaysia, because the secret is, she knows that you love being traditional with a trendy twist. She has an expertise in engagement makeup,bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with a great mastery in hairstyle and Saree draping. Here, you have only one choice given by your bridal makeup artist, and this is to look marvelous.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Ananti


If you want to look flawless, then go for Surjeet, she is one of the best bridal makeup artists in Malaysia. This makeup artist excels at engagement makeup, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with expertise in hairstyle and saree draping. She is the one who you can rely on blindly for your bridal makeup. She promises outstanding bridal makeup with economical packages.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Surjeet


If you want minimalist and subtle bridal makeup, Veron will be the best choice. This bridal makeup artist really knows her work, everything from saree draping, hairstyle, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception makeup, and other party looks of your wish. She has the knack to have her brides at ease during their bridal makeup session. With an eye for perfection, she is one of the best bridal makeup artists you could hire in Malaysia.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Veron


SG is best known for her amazing makeup sense for engagement makeup, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look with expertise in hairstyle and saree draping. This makeup artist is one whom you can trust for such a big event of your life. If you are looking for an economical bridal makeup artist for your wedding, we can recommend SG.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: SG


Marvelous is going to be the word for you on your wedding event by Sofistiq. They will never let you down with their bridal makeup. Sofistiq is simply perfect in the field of bridal makeup. They understand the requirement and confusions of a bride with regards to their requirement and are completely able to take you out of all your fears. As a bride, you can trust Sofistiq for the engagement makeup, bridal makeup, wedding makeup, reception, and party look. Sofistiq is an expert in different hairstyles and saree draping. This bridal makeup artist can make you look miraculous and sensational at the same time.

Image Courtsey Makeup artist: Sofistiq

Whether you decide to do your own bridal makeup on your wedding day or utilize the services from a professional bridal makeup artist you need to search the best. Hope this article has helped in some way. We would love to share your words on this article. All your opinion and suggestions are welcome. Read our blogs to know more about bridal makeup. Happy makeup. 🙂

5 Tips on Bridal jewellery

5 Tips on Bridal jewellery

Shine like a star on your wedding day with your awesome bridal jewellery collection. We have the latest on bridal jewellery for you. Bridal jewellery is an essential part of a bride’s wedding trousseau. As a bride this is your right to look stunningly beautiful and your jewellery can add spark to your pretty bridal aura. How are you going to do all this? Here are 5 tips on bridal jewellery, which you can look upon before buying.

1.Budget and Invest wisely on your bridal jewellery

Set your budget to buy your bridal jewellery. As soon as your wedding date is fixed try to fix a budget for your wedding jewellery. That will help you to think of the right accessories at your price. One more aspect is jewellery take minimum two months or so to make, and if you want some exclusive design then you surely need some time in your hand. This will help you better marketing. One more piece of advice always buys trademark jewellery from trusted jewellers. The jewellery certificate is important, because in future if you want to sell it, that certificate will help in the evaluation of real price.
Don’ t invest on jewellery just to show off. In fact, spend wisely on your bridal jewellery. The heavy jewellery worn on the wedding day are a total waste in future, so buy what you can use in a better way.

bridal jewelry by luxepick

2.Bridal jewellery should match the bridal outfit

Your jewellery should match your wedding attire, otherwise, it can spoil your whole bridal look. You can’t wear a much heavy jewellery on your engagement day with your not so heavy Saree. So choose carefully.

bridal jewlry by luxepick

3.Detachable bridal jewellery

Today, you can have the option of detachable jewellery in the market. These multi-wearable jewellery is like a boon to the bride. Wedding necklace can turn into beautiful pendants or small necklaces. Even earrings come in detachable form, you can wear it hanging or like tops. Those are really cool to spend on.

4.Rent or Buy jewellery

The question is why rental jewellery when you can easily afford the real one? The answer is by taking the choice of rental jewellery you can be smart and gorgeous at the same time. Rental jewellery are available on reasonable prices and most of us don’t like to wear our heavy wedding jewellery again, instead, we love to keep it safe in safe. So why to waste your money on something which you will not use in future.

5.Match your jewellery with the wedding functions

Match your jewellery according to the wedding functions. You can’t wear heavy jewellery for your engagement like you can’t wear a light jewellery on your wedding day. For Engagement, Mehndi, and Sangeet you can wear light jewellery because the focus will be on the ring, hand, and your dance moves respectively. 😉

bridal jewlry by luxepick

Reception and cocktail parties are fun and you can freely experiment with your clothes and accessories on these occasions.You should wear heavy jewellery on your wedding day but that should match your wedding attire. As you don’t overdo with your bridal makeup, so you don’t overdo with your bridal jewellery.

Your Maa will surely love it if you will wear her jewellery on your wedding day. Your mother’s jewellery can add emotional value to your life. The simplest way is, let it be classy with your modern touch. How much you loved this article on “5 Tips for bridal jewellery”. Share with us your thoughts and suggestions. Happy reading. 🙂

All Image Courtsey: Luxepick

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Indian bridal makeup trends 2016

Wooohooo! See what we have in our basket today? “Indian Bridal makeup trends 2016.” We have everything in our platter for you, to know more about the latest Indian Bridal makeup trends. Weddings are fun and can be adventurous if you are going to try new trendy bridal hairstyles, Saree draping, and wedding makeup this time. Let’s jump and try new indian bridal makeup trends this wedding season.

Why a professional Indian bridal makeup artist?

Now every bride wants to hire a professional makeup artist who can take care of the demands of would-be bride. Bridal makeup artists use international products, that are long-lasting and never look over-done. These professional bridal makeup artists are also aware of the latest Indian bridal makeup trends.

bridal makeup captured by Candid Affair

Image courtesy:Candid Affair


Your bridal makeup artist should know how to create a perfect base for wedding makeup and it starts with the right application of the foundation. If not blend properly, it can leave patches on your face. MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior are some good brand, which you can trust on.

Mineral makeup

Love that flawless look then goes for mineral makeup. That offers a dewy look and stays longer on your face. Mineral makeup is one of the most popular Indian bridal makeup trends, as it gives you a three-dimensional look and goes well with your bridal attire. The best brands are MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior.

bridal makeup clicked by WeCapture

Image courtesy:We Capture

Go bold and bright

Go with smoky and smudged eye makeup this season’s one the hottest Indian bridal makeup trends. Golden and bronze eye shadow is a great hit with brides. We would recommend, MAC, Bobbi brown, Sephora, Krylon, YSL,and Dior. False eyelashes can only enhance your beautiful eyes.

Lipsticks for bride according to Indian bridal makeup trends

Bold red lipsticks are still popular with the brides and will remain so in the list of Indian bridal makeup trends. Colors like matte reds, hot corals, mineralised peaches, and hot pink and fuchsia are in this season’s Indian bridal makeup trends. You can try colored liners for your sangeet, engagement,and reception. You can pair your red lipstick with winged eyeliner. You can try that to add instant glamour to your bridal look.

bridal makeup artistry clicked by Ankit

Image courtesy:Ankit

Why should a bride know Indian bridal makeup trends?

These days brides need a bride makeup artist who is more realistic and trendy in her approach. The advance makeup is more technical and well researched in Indian bridal makeup trends. Selecting a good makeup artist for you wedding day is a big commitment.

Hope, this article has helped and inspired you in some way. Your comments are always welcome. Stay in touch with our writing and your reading.

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