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10 Best Makeup Trends of 2017

10 Best Makeup Trends of 2017

Makeup trends have the power to uplift just any look of yours and turn it into a glamorous affair. It is a little bit of efforts with exceptionally amazing outcomes. You need to know the right makeup trends, trick and techniques to get your look sorted. It is easy to commit a faux passé by wearing the wrong kind of shades with differing combinations that result in an absolute mismatch. Thus, one must remain extremely careful as to what outfit that are planning on wearing and as to what really the occasion is. 

It isn’t all that difficult to get your wing-liner in place, along with a multitude of other techniques- all you need is a bit of practice and a lot of patience to get your makeup trends sorted. Here are a couple of makeup trends to go by, in 2017 and ensure that your makeup taste and skills are up to date:

  • Navy tinted Smokey eyes: Like Smokey Eyes aren’t glamourous enough, we now have a midnight mystery at hands, with this latest navy tinted Smokey eyes are among the latest makeup trends. They go gorgeously well with just anything- a chic bandeau or an elegant long gown.
  • Highlighting it right: This look of Shay Mitchel surely wooed a lot of hearts out there. The way highlighting plays with the topography of her face, is just brilliant. The nude shades over the eyes and the lips compliment this subtle emphasis and are a trick to learn from.
  • Rosy Lips and brassy eyes: Let’s just take a minute to adore this look. With brassy eyes lids harmonizing so well with those rosy lips, all you need to complete this look is crystal jewellery. Voila! It is an elegant look that must be mastered immediately.
  • Bold Matte: Amongst the 2017 makeup trends, bold matte lips are a must by default. They just boost your look to a whole new level and attracts so much attention to your face just instantly.
  • Metallic Eyes: One party look, every celebrity swears by. Metallic eyeshades have always been an on and off affair that we just can’t let go. It is classy and can be twisted around in so many brilliant ways.
  • Fuller Brows: If there is one thing that carries forward from last year’s trends pretty amazingly, well, apart from the matte lips, it is the fuller eyebrows. People just can’t get over as to how perfectly they elevate the whole look of your face and creates a beautiful drama to go by.
  • Color Makeup trends: Speaking of drama, we really have some bold new entries competing the other neutral shades, and how. These liners are not only attractive, they also make such a huge statement, completely owning your look.
  • Blush bombs: Your regular blush has managed to find more use in the makeup industry. With these latest makeup trends, the blush is done such that it not only covers your cheekbones pretty decently, it travels all the way up to the eyelids.
  • Orange is the new black: This new trick of using orange shades with just anything that fits, has managed to steal my heart. The orange color will smoothly sit on the eyelids and personify the look with much grace.
  • Half-flick: MAC has managed to create a riff, yet again with their latest half-flick eyeliner. This one just sits on your eyes, thinner than your regular cat eye, but making a statement just as well. You could rather call it a kitten-eye that’s a much more playful effect altogether.


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