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10 Awesome Kid Photography Tips

10 Awesome Kid Photography Tips

There she ways, all dolled up in her perfect little attire, glittering her way through the stage’s front and charming the audience with her hopping. Vaunting around in that little pink dress that she picked from the store all by herself- booming the cashier to “Hurry Up!” making everyone burst into a joyous laughter. My baby girl is growing up so fast, that it’s turning difficult to cope up with it. I just can’t get enough pictures and videos of her charming the world wherever she goes. The Sad part, she moves so fast, it’s tough to even get good shots of her and I just end up missing out on picture perfect memories!”

As a parent, you might want to immortalise days like these. Photograph them.

Here are a few kid photography tips:

If it is a group event, then you somehow have to draw your kid out from the bunch of them. If possible, you can easily utilize a telephoto lens with the capacity for zooming in much better. Turn the barrel of the lens, till your kid is in the center of the frame, while you can keep the backdrop out of focus by selecting a shallow DOF. Select the “sports mode” just in case it is a fast the kids are running around or creating a commotion, and avoid the blurry pictures from running your photography.

Spontaneity is one thing, we highly associate with the young ones- Why not capture it? It may be an innocent little moment or a flash of childish mega drama. You can also capture great expressions by letting the kid play, or possibly talk to them about something which that stimulates thoughts. Select a shallow depth of subject to maintaining your child as the prime focus of the opportunity; as well as a shutter speed that compliments this whole combination. Attempt to capture everyday things, but as opposed to asking your youngster to look a certain way, just allow them to have fun and do their thing. Bath time with lots of bubbles typically leads to shenanigans, use flash in case you have a dim lighting, and freeze the time. 

Note that if you have plenty of white and reflective material, the flash might appear as a white blob in the backdrop. Various special vacations prove to be a good chance for innovative shots, especially when you travel at least once a year that also helps to chart the kid’s growth. For an event like Halloween, go gaga over the multitudes pictures that you can take with your kids dressed up and ready for the night, utilizing fun backgrounds.

There will be those special days that you may want to capture, like the first school trip, or the very first time they could go out with their friends. If you’re coping with a teenager, work rapidly and do not force smiles or any unnatural poses. Get the group together to freeze any movement. Tell everybody to move in and smile, but do not take more than three shots, as teenagers lose patience pretty quick. Children grow rapidly so it is natural to feel the need to capture pictures of them regularly, just go with the flow and be a pro.

  • Give your kid a comfortable environment while clicking them. It eases them out and helps them enjoy the shoots, effortlessly.
  • You can just use some amazing grayscale effects to get brilliant results:.
  • You can either team up all your kids for a joint shoot, or you can invite their best friends for some good time getting clicked together.
  • The dress up part doesn’t have to be the typical boring everyday outfits. You can experiment with some fun clothes and can cook up a story around the concept, to pep up your kid.
  • You can capture beautiful portraits by letting the kids get comfortable about being clicked. They must understand the idea of taking pictures, to give their best shots.
  • Play with the natural lights, to give it a whole new level of pretty.
  • If the kid is comfortable around pets, don’t hesitate to bring in one. It makes the whole frame look adorable.
  • If your kid loves to dance, adjust your camera settings and get clicking.
  • You can capture your child’s stage performances by ensuring that you reach a little early for getting the perfect angle and adjusting the camera to the lighting around the place.
  • Throw in some cute props for them to enjoy, while you click them in good spirits.
10 Awesome Kid Photography Tips
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10 Awesome Kid Photography Tips
As a parent, you would love to immortalise days of your little one. Photograph them.
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