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10 Things About Wedding Photography      

10 Things About Wedding Photography    

A wedding is all about glittering and glamourous personalities all over the place, looking their absolute best. They have such big aspirations of getting the best damn display pictures for the Facebook, where they no less than hot bod models. You’d be a genius if you instantly figures out everyone’s best angles and give them the absolute satisfaction of wedding photography- while also trying to figure out who amongst these people are actually pretty close to the bride and groom just to ensuring that their whole family gets sufficiently clicked.

To be honest, it’s not easy to be omnipresent and capture every single detail on your camera with wedding photography. Here are a couple of wedding photography hacks that you can incorporate to get the best results:

  • Advance Planning:

Analyze the amount of time it takes for you to research for a particular wedding and plan your wedding photography accordingly. Ensure that your clients give you a good enough window to strategize the whole event as per their schedule, where both the parties can understand the nitty-gritties of the whole thing.

  • Reviews:

Many a times, the couples have set their minds on certain wedding photography trends doing rounds, and wish to be clicked as per all that. As much as it is great to be trendy, it is also crucial to make sure that it fits. Make sure you have a fair idea of the location and discuss the wedding photography in advance, along with the kind of props that shall be used.

  • Friends and Family Background:

Many a times, it’s a huge bummer to realize after the whole event, that the main family members or best friends didn’t make it to the frames. Avoid those kind of mistakes in the wedding photography and make sure you’re familiar with the close ones in specific.

  • Team Spirit:

This is a common mistake that a lot of photographers tend to make, they try to run the show with minimum manpower. Avoid that kind of wedding photography where you have a really tough time coordinating with a small team and end up exhausting everyone’s creative juices. Having an assistant to help you handle the equipment won’t hurt, it makes it easy when they keep a track of all equipment, while you get to click away free-mindedly.

  • Coordination

Ensure you have someone from the couple’s side helping you coordinate their movements. Amidst all the crazy confusion, chaos and nervousness, it is natural for the bride and the groom to forget certain photoshoots scheduled. That’s when the coordinator steps in and ensures to inform you when the duo are ready to be shot- especially for the ones before the event.

  • Perfection

While it is natural to try and attain perfection in your wedding photography, it is also important to know as to when you must let go and move onto some other shot. This way, you won’t have to worry about boring anyone out by making them pose for too long, or you won’t miss any other important shots.

  • The Photographer in the Family:

It is great to have a person from the family playing around with their own camera, and there can be a lot of learning involved there, but do ensure to coordinate well with the family, in terms that particular person ruining your own shots by coming in the way too much. It can spoil your chances to actually click well and thus, impacting the quality of wedding photography.

  • Lighting:

Since lighting is the key aspect of wedding photography, be sure to coordinate a tour of the venue, well in advance and study the various lighting angles. This will save a lot of last minute chaos, where you’ll be ready with your positions sorted.

  • The Organizer

Have someone from the family to ensure that especially during family portraits, they keep a track in case someone goes missing- only to realize much later- for everyone’s disappointment.

  • Refuel

It is no doubt important to keep the pictures clicking, do make sure that you take sufficiently long breaks, while someone substitutes you, and keep yourself well fed. It can be really exhausting to handle all that equipment along with keeping your clients smiling for good pictures.

Best Games For A Birthday Party

Best Games For A Birthday Party

At birthday parties, apart from the yummy cake and snacks, one of the things that kids look forward to the most is playing the best games. They love winning some small shiny prizes and showing them off later. So if you are planning to throw a birthday party for your kiddo without including any interesting party games, be prepared to be the cause of disappointing of a bunch of innocent kids. Do you want to do that? Of course not! So let us discuss a few things you can do to include a few awesome party games in your child’s birthday party. Here are some best games for a birthday party.

Best games for a birthday party

Here is a swell and original idea for your kid’s birthday party:

Nowadays people have been throwing Oscar Academy Award themed birthday parties for their fellow family and friends members, particularly if that individual is an adult, but you may as easily throw an Oscar Academy Award themed birthday party for the children in your life as well too. That’s a good way to create a fancy birthday party environment that children would love. It also can help to make the birthday party more intriguing for the adults who’re attending as well. Moreover, you can have a fun string of party games where you can make kids act out famous movie scenes from their favorite movies and give out best actor and best actress awards. You can have a fun red carpet party games and you can organize events in a way that children can feel like little ladies and gentlemen.

You could get your kids involved too.

Little ones can get with preparing for the birthday party before it begins. They can cut out plus taping up construction paper stars along with other film themed decorations. Making a save red carpet that leads to your doorstep.  A red plastic table cloth makes for an excellent red carpet to put out in the birthday party. It’ll provide some protection for the carpeted regions in case there is a beverage spill. You can have cool light emitting diodes included in various party games to make them seem more interesting and attractive. Kids will love the lighted glow and you could find them turning off the lights in order that they could get an improved glowing effect. Another party game you can come up with is make-your-own snack routines. You can provide kids with cheese, chips, and variety of other topping and base, and they have to put them together to make their own appetizers. Go ahead and place the aerosol cheese on some crackers or open a can certainly of Vienna sausages.

In the party have the children nominate other guests. Use handwritten voting votes for various regions like Friendliest Guest and Funniest Joke Teller. This can turn out to another interesting game for your kids birthday party. Then you can collect up the votes and once you have counted the votes have an awards ceremony.

Candy it up:

In the ceremony give away chocolate, foil covered Oscars not to mention save one for the prestigious birthday guest. Let everybody give their very own discourse plus make the birthday boy or girl hold a speech thanking all of their guests for coming. For additional fun have someone serve as the paparazzi plus take souvenir pictures of the guests in front of a banner or on the red carpet.

While you have all these interesting games for your child’s birthday party lined up, you definitely will witness some epic moments. I’m sure you will want to capture and store with you forever. Make sure you go through our list of most experienced and talented photographers so that you can enjoy the birthday party as much as everyone else, instead of running around taking photos.

All PC: Click Baby

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends


Bold Modern Times

Gone are the days where the only tasks allocated to a bride would be to follow the instructions from her elders and get really nervous or shy when bringing in the tray of teacups or whenever someone from the groom’s family spoke to her. The brides now are much more outspoken and are fully capable of running the whole show by themselves. The bride and groom these days actively take part in all the wedding preparations and shenanigans.

The Contemporary Stand-Out

With changing trends, brides and grooms are also saying good-bye to a bygone era of embracing everything flowery. Instead, they are adopting a more contemporary approach of sparkle, shimmer and shine- in a classic, elegant manner. Time to let the sparkly sequinned table cloths- magnificently adorned with glittery jam jars and wonderful bloom displays, take over the traditional marigold streamers. Couples aim to allow their day to be a rendering of them, bring in a touch of sophistication, romance and most of all, fun.

The Clan Unites

Guests are received with warm welcomes and fancy welcome kits waiting for them, in their hotel rooms- consisting of all sorts assorted dry fruits, biscuits, and etcetera. The wedding trends concept of destination is used to re-bond and reconnect with the long lost family and friends, while being on a joint vacation.

Pretty Palates

Using colours to address their happiness is among the new wedding trends, the wedding couples seek the decor with a difference. Instead of the typical reds and yellows, couples opt for different new combinations like magenta, orange and yellow, or green, golden and blues. A lot of wedding trends even witness the usage of more subtle pastels. Brides have long ditched the traditional red ‘lehengas’ and switched to either pastels or rose gold or other pretty shades.

Why Just Ethnic?

No wedding trends are complete without the three day ceremonies of Mehandi, Sangeet, Haldi, Pheras and the grand reception. Some even tend to throw a separate reception for their friends or work colleagues. These are the ceremonies where the bride and groom tend to ditch the traditional clothes and don a gown with an ethnic touch and tuxedos, respectively.

Sangeet Sorted

The Sangeet is one of the major weddings trend these days, are a bigger event that the pheras themselves. People plan and prepare themselves for this ceremony, weeks in advance, where the whole itinerary is prepared and songs are sorted as per each family person. This is the most fun part, where everyone come together and spend hours practicing their steps. The actual day of Sangeet everyone gets to taste a little nervousness before they get on to the grand stage for their part of the performance. These wedding trends are all just a great way of coming together for some fun. This of course, requires to be captured lavishly on tape, so that everyone can later sit and enjoy the little things the miss out during the whole chaos.

That’s when a good team of photographers and videographers step in to add to the wedding trends. Couples pay a huge sum to not just get the usual shots clicked, but have some fun and creativity shot right. The whole concept of using cranes and drones to perfectly capture the high running enthusiasm and emotions, is just blissful. No doubt, it’s a huge responsibility on the team to ensure the glitter and glamour is done justice to, and everyone gets to enjoy their contribution to the saga.
Using copious props and large balloons finished with fantastic fringes, create some real visual points around the room, which certainly gets guests’ attention. With the new trends setting in, I’s just safe to say that creativity is something that is constantly changing the way we look at the wedding trends these days. 


Latest Wedding Inspirations

Latest Wedding Inspirations

With brides switching to pastel colored Lehengas and grooms switching from Sherwanis, into classy tuxedos, the wedding inspirations are no doubt, set for a constant change. Every couple feels the need to be different, while still following the traditional ways of celebrating their vows. If you can hear the wedding bells already, it is your que to start planning the event and looking for wedding inspirations that make for a brilliant concept and define your sense of style.
Here are a couple of wedding inspirations that can help you figure your wedding:

1) Bohemian celebrations:

The Bohemian culture represents a free soul indulging into the beauty of arts. Well, if you anywhere relate to this concept, this is one good theme to go by. You can have exceptionally enticing patterns subtly filling up spaces like pretty little scribbles- be it the whole venue, or your dress. You get to play with laces, embroidery and flowers- all at once and indulge into everything chic.

2) Drones flying around:

Many a times, it is impossible to set up a crane to take all those luxurious shots from up above and it is definitely impossible to have someone take those manually. That’s where drones have made our lives much easier with their immense mobility. We can capture some amazingly refreshing angles; pan out and pan in video clips- endless possibilities of creativity and wedding inspirations.

3)Venue Vineyard:

Deciding the venue for your wedding ceremonies or engagement function can be quite a pain. You can consider some good vineyard for such events, where the widespread lands and pretty landscapes are sure to lift the spirits of all guests attending. You can have some majorly fun décor working its’ magic and allow your ceremonies to be some fond memories with these kind of wedding inspirations.

4) Vignette Saga:

The whole idea of these wedding inspirations revolve around as to how well you can play with the décor, throwing the perfect lighting to add that mysteriously dreamy effect. This theme requires a little extra attention, where you need to pay some extra attention to the details.

5) Wedding Greens:

Apart from the pastels and rose gold, the one color that is really doing the rounds, is bottle green. As shabby as the name sounds, the color beautifully intermingles with the traditional gold. Not just the wedding garments, but a bottle green theme color with golden hues does justice to the intention of poise.

6) Proposal Shot:

It is quite a feeling to have your proposal clicked by a professional or a good friend, so that you can go back and always cherish those memories. Imagine having the perfect pictures to show your grandkids, when you tell them your perfect love story.

7) Crystal:

Crystals have been beautifying our homes and offices tremendously all this while, why not just set them right on duty during our wedding as well. They just epitomize a priceless elegance and create a picturesque décor for the guests to dwell into.

8) Timeless sass:

Giving your wedding a retro effect, takes us back to a whole new level of sass. Times when winged liners and elegant buns have returned to take over your look, it is a marvelous idea to have some minimalistic embellishes and vintages rule your wedding.

9) Pakistani mix:

These are wedding inspirations to take in from the neighboring country’s fashion industry, which is quite remarkable. With straight-cut long kurtas and pencil pants already such a hit in the market, we must not fail to observe them for their wedding wear. The highly embellished dresses blended in with a lot of net and then their palazzos – they steal our hearts for sure.

10 Things You Should Know Before Your Pre Wedding Shoot

10 Things You Should Know Before Your Pre Wedding Shoot

You and your spouse are about to bid an adieu to your bachelor life. The excitement is running high for the both of you. Your pre-wedding phase is a hectic one. There are about a million things that you have to plan and keep ready. Both of your families are busy negotiating the do and don’t’s of the wedding. Advises, snippets of experiences, suggestions for your married life etc. keep pouring in from everyone you know. Well, in short your up-coming wedding is all that everyone close to you can seem to think about.

In the midst of this happy chaos you and your would-be need to take some quiet time out to organise a stunning pre-wedding shoot. This anticipatory phase that you both are going through is special in its own unique way. Moreover, for those who are having an arranged marriage,  pre-wedding shoot is a perfect opportunity to get to know your future life partner.

Here are a few things you should know to avoid regrets after your pre-wedding shoot:

1. Stay Natural

Most of the couples take being themselves for granted when it comes to  a pre-wedding shoot. For example, lets say you and your spouse like mountains. Then to do a  pre-wedding shoot on a beach just because it is what everyone around is opting for, is one of the worst mistakes you will make. Remember that if you are uncomfortable, it will reflect in your photos.

2. Why just one place?

This is where you take the phase “Change is the only constant” literally. Choose a couple of places or surroundings that are not connected to each other. For example, a field, an abandoned warehouse, your favourite car etc. Each place will add a unique dimension to your picture.  

3. Colour and Costume

Your dressing will set the tone of the  pre-wedding shoot. Matching, coordinated, contrast or mismatch, discuss how you want to be paired. Procrastination or ignorance in this regard will only be disastrous.

4. Props

This is the best and the most effective way to add some artistic creativity to your  pre-wedding shoot. There are no limits when it comes to props. From a simple swing set to a lavish tree house, you can take a simple thing and give it your own definition.

5. Destination Desire

This is a trend of  pre-wedding shoot which is slowly gaining massive popularity. You pick out a stunning exotic location with heavenly aesthetic scenery. Beauty of nature combined with your love is bound to translate magnificently in all your pictures.

6. Re-visit your memories

This  pre-wedding shoot is for those who have been long-time sweethearts. Revisit the places where your romance began and grew. Locate places which have contributed to be milestones in your relationship. It is among the best pre-wedding gifts you can give yourselves.

7. Call in the gang

Best friends play a crucial role in your personal lives. They have seen you through all the ups and downs of your relationships. So why not get them on board and give way to an epic group  pre-wedding shoot fun!

8. Not always about photos

Along with just these attractive stills, you can talk to your photographer to create small video snippets of both of you enjoying at your  pre-wedding shoot. These can later be strung together with your other photographs in an enchanting video of your dreamlike pre-wedding shoot.

9. Choose the right time

Appropriate lighting is an indispensable element in photography. Lighting is heavily dependent on time of the day. Therefore the wise way to go around have a talk with your photographer make sure you have appropriate lighting available for your  pre-wedding shoot.

10. Wedding Merchandise

Well now that you have a bunch of mind blowing photos, why not do a little flaunting? You can put these up on social media. You select the best one and have it printed on your wedding cards or create adorable little customized return gifts for your guests.

Kids Birthday: Do’s-Dont’s

Kids Birthday: Do’s-Dont’s

An outdoor pirate party appeared like a wise idea at that time. What’s the most beneficial age to start throwing a birthday celebration? A young child has pals, a unique taste in toys, and some expertise with cake and ice cream. It is important to not just go with the trend that every parent around as been following, know what your child wants. Pay regular attention what pleases him/her, e.g. their favorite cartoon character or series. Know the dos and don’ts of a birthday party

Here are a few dos and don’ts of a birthday party:

If you are planning a party for your one-year-old child, your birthday party will see more adult attendees than kids. Therefore, you need to be a perfect host and make sure that the adults enjoy the party as much as their young ones. Ensure that there is plenty of grown up food available along with appropriate beverages. Plan interesting games that involve parents participation along with their child.

They’ll enjoy more elaborate parties with topics and planned activities later on. Teach the child not to talk about her forthcoming party around those she didn’t invite. As children get older, they get conscious of where they stand in the societal pecking order, therefore it is best to invite someone that your kid spends time with on a daily basis. You already purchased a present for every child’s party, so your social duty was met. 

What if your child the one that is been snubbed?

Gradually explain that there wasn’t adequate space at the celebration or that it was restricted to very particular friends. Moreover, there is a big difference between parties thrown by lavish parents to create a social impression and party thrown by thoughtful parents who genuinely want their guests to have a good time. Therefore, while other moms throw complex and pricey parties for their three-year-olds, you can step up and give your kids what they actually deserve.

All a young kid this age truly cares about are cake, songs as well as presents in the company of buddies. Hence there is no harm if you go over the top with the celebrations that will involve rich themes, goody bags with birthday celebration size presents, as well as intricate cakes from gourmet bakeries. 

Obviously, it’s possible to have a theme party that is actually simple in scope. Let me give you an example if your daughter wanted a bug celebration for her third birthday then you can send out bee announcements to children around your neighborhood, hold a simple rubber bug search in the backyard and served a beautiful home-made ladybug cake.

Be particular as possible on your announcements and your invitations. The general rule is age five, however, this could vary, dependant upon your community and your kid. Simple: You obviously write on the invitation when the celebration starts and ends. Gently remind parents when they fall off their child.

15 Insane Makeup Ideas

15 Insane Makeup Ideas

While there are many videos doing the rounds where women apply crazy makeup hacks and turn their looks upside down. It’s a wonder as to what all techniques they use to look good and leave you with makeup goals to ponder.  Here are fifteen makeup ideas that you can use to change the way look:

  • Red lipstick as a color corrector:

    For those who have some serious dark circles, they can use some red lip color or maybe even shades of it, under their concealer. This functions as a color corrector and helps conceal the dark circles the best.
  • Blush on your lips:

    If you’re looking for a good nude effect on your pout, instead of actually getting some nude shades of lip color, you can instead use a primer and then a nice shade of blush for a nude effect. It looks refreshingly pretty.
  • Matte lip colors:

    Can’t find your favorite lip gloss shade in a matte version? Well, you can always use this hack where gloss can be made to look matte by using some powder and then gently blotting it with a tissue paper. Repeat this technique until you get the desired results.
  • Concealer as blemish fixer:

    Instead of fixing your whole look using a foundation, which can lead you to looking caked up, set your blemishes with a powder, after blending the concealer at places where it’s required.
  • Nivea Aftershave as a primer:

    Rather than using the regular primer, you can raid your boyfriend’s shaving kit and use an aftershave to go. This tightens the pores before the application of makeup and is a great alternative for a primer.
  • Beauty blender:

    This is the best tool for application and blending in the makeup, where you don’t have to worry about any stroke lines cause by makeup brushes. It’s quick and quite effortless.
  • Oil to clean your face:

    It is just a myth that oil ruins the skin by making it bloat and greasy. For any skin type, you can use coconut oil as an excellent makeup remover, where it not only helps you get rid of all the chemicals, it also nourishes and soothes your skin nicely.
  • Clear lip gloss as highlighter:

    In case you run short of a good highlighter to complete your look, you can always turn to a clear lip gloss to substitute for a similar effect. Be sure to blend it in neatly and give your face a classy look.
  • Lipsticks by your undertone:

    It is a big mistake committed by many, where they don’t understand their undertone while making purchases. Always buy lip colors based on your undertone, warm or cool. If your veins are bluish, it is termed as cool. Greenish veins are warm undertones. Playful shades such as fuschia and pink are for cooler undertones, while you must get peaches and oranges for warm undertones.
  • Lipstick for your whole face:

    This is a pretty amazing hack, that can save you a lot of efforts carrying around different sorts of makeup products. You can use various complimenting shades of lip colors to be used over your base. You can eyeshadow, highlight, blush, contour and what not- with some amazing techniques be blending it all in just perfectly.
  • Brown liner

    : As much as it sounds boring, a brown eyeliner can actually rescue any daytime look of yours with just the perfect subtlety. It tones down the whole look by adding a nice and delicate touch to it.
  • Filling eyebrows:

    As much as many girls shy away from this technique, filling up the eyebrows gives them an instant boost and is one of the most impactful makeup tricks ever. It just completes the whole look of the face.
  • SPF and pictures

    : Ever wondered why your face comes all white and weird in some party pictures? Blame it on the SPF. Foundations with high SPF are bad for pictures are they reflect the light and makes your skin all flashy.
  • Bronzer looks better than blush:

    This is one of the best tricks for summers, substituting blush with a bronzer. It looks really natural and glows neatly on your skin.
  • Ice for the skin:

    This is one of this best ways to avoid sweating and ruining your looks. Be it any hefty function or a party, where you might just dance your feet off, icing your skin one night before the event helps shut the sweat pores, making it easy for your makeup routine.

Cake Smashing Session

Cake Smashing Session

The Smash Cake tradition is taking on US and UK by fire. It will not take long for a fun and adorable tradition like this to spread to the rest of the world. While it is not much of a tradition per se, it is most certainly a trend-turned-tradition. On the first birthday of a baby, cake smashing session is the highlight. A cake is specially made for him or her. It is up to the kid what they want to do with it. Here is everything that you should know about a cake smashing session.

What exactly is the Smash Cake:


The smash cake is a very small frosted cake made especially for the baby. It is generally prepared for the first birthday of the baby. Usually, it is single layered and comes alongside the decorated main cake. As a part of the celebration, the cake is kept in front of the baby and they can throw it, eat it, drool on it or do whatever they want to do with it. Sounds fun right? It is.

History of the Smash Cake:


The history of the cake smashing session is still unknown to the world. One of the theories says that it is done for the baby’s first real mouthful and experience of sugar. The other theory originates from a Mexican tradition called Mordida. In Spanish, Mordida means to bite. On the first birthday of the child, the birthday boy or girl’s face is shoved into the cake by his or her parents for them to take their first bite of cake.

How to prepare:


It is funny to think about a preparation for a cake smashing session. After all, it is all about smashes and demolition. But let us help you out with a few basics. Unclothe your baby down to only his diaper. They don’t need no clothes on. Get disposable table clothes, towels, a new set of clothes and soap handy. If you want to watch another round of cuteness overdose after the cake smashing session, throw your baby into the sink or the bathtub for clean up!

Not every baby will dive deep:


Your baby will taste the cake for the very first time.  It is not predictable how they would react. It is different from baby to baby. Some kids get too excited and go face first into the cake. The cake smashes all over their faces which is adorable to watch. Some babies take their own sweet time to figure out the cake smashing session. They do what they best- explore. And that is a treat to watch!

Keep a photographer or camera handy:


The Cake Smashing Session is a messy but funny affair. Your baby is going to undergo something which would probably top the list of his or her hilarious moments in life. These are the times which are going to get hilarious. You don’t know how your baby is going to react. The more unpredictable it gets the more curiosity it evokes. Babies’ reactions are priceless and every moment is worth capturing.

10 Awesome Kid Photography Tips

10 Awesome Kid Photography Tips

There she ways, all dolled up in her perfect little attire, glittering her way through the stage’s front and charming the audience with her hopping. Vaunting around in that little pink dress that she picked from the store all by herself- booming the cashier to “Hurry Up!” making everyone burst into a joyous laughter. My baby girl is growing up so fast, that it’s turning difficult to cope up with it. I just can’t get enough pictures and videos of her charming the world wherever she goes. The Sad part, she moves so fast, it’s tough to even get good shots of her and I just end up missing out on picture perfect memories!”

As a parent, you might want to immortalise days like these. Photograph them.

Here are a few kid photography tips:

If it is a group event, then you somehow have to draw your kid out from the bunch of them. If possible, you can easily utilize a telephoto lens with the capacity for zooming in much better. Turn the barrel of the lens, till your kid is in the center of the frame, while you can keep the backdrop out of focus by selecting a shallow DOF. Select the “sports mode” just in case it is a fast the kids are running around or creating a commotion, and avoid the blurry pictures from running your photography.

Spontaneity is one thing, we highly associate with the young ones- Why not capture it? It may be an innocent little moment or a flash of childish mega drama. You can also capture great expressions by letting the kid play, or possibly talk to them about something which that stimulates thoughts. Select a shallow depth of subject to maintaining your child as the prime focus of the opportunity; as well as a shutter speed that compliments this whole combination. Attempt to capture everyday things, but as opposed to asking your youngster to look a certain way, just allow them to have fun and do their thing. Bath time with lots of bubbles typically leads to shenanigans, use flash in case you have a dim lighting, and freeze the time. 

Note that if you have plenty of white and reflective material, the flash might appear as a white blob in the backdrop. Various special vacations prove to be a good chance for innovative shots, especially when you travel at least once a year that also helps to chart the kid’s growth. For an event like Halloween, go gaga over the multitudes pictures that you can take with your kids dressed up and ready for the night, utilizing fun backgrounds.

There will be those special days that you may want to capture, like the first school trip, or the very first time they could go out with their friends. If you’re coping with a teenager, work rapidly and do not force smiles or any unnatural poses. Get the group together to freeze any movement. Tell everybody to move in and smile, but do not take more than three shots, as teenagers lose patience pretty quick. Children grow rapidly so it is natural to feel the need to capture pictures of them regularly, just go with the flow and be a pro.

  • Give your kid a comfortable environment while clicking them. It eases them out and helps them enjoy the shoots, effortlessly.
  • You can just use some amazing grayscale effects to get brilliant results:.
  • You can either team up all your kids for a joint shoot, or you can invite their best friends for some good time getting clicked together.
  • The dress up part doesn’t have to be the typical boring everyday outfits. You can experiment with some fun clothes and can cook up a story around the concept, to pep up your kid.
  • You can capture beautiful portraits by letting the kids get comfortable about being clicked. They must understand the idea of taking pictures, to give their best shots.
  • Play with the natural lights, to give it a whole new level of pretty.
  • If the kid is comfortable around pets, don’t hesitate to bring in one. It makes the whole frame look adorable.
  • If your kid loves to dance, adjust your camera settings and get clicking.
  • You can capture your child’s stage performances by ensuring that you reach a little early for getting the perfect angle and adjusting the camera to the lighting around the place.
  • Throw in some cute props for them to enjoy, while you click them in good spirits.

Be the Coolest Bride

Be the Coolest Bride

Remember the stress we take when we have to attend a friend’s marriage in a few days? We start planning and scheduling parlor dates and cool makeup ideas just in time to look pretty for their big day. Imagine to what extent that stress will be magnified when it will be your turn to take the walk down the aisle on your wedding day. And well it is damn fair to be that nervous too. After all, you have most probably been planning for this day for a while now – weeks or maybe even months? So, how to be the coolest bride on your D-day?

Well, this article aims to ease some of that nervous energy on your big day. Why not make a style statement by a display of cool makeup ideas on your wedding day? Instead of following the quintessential trends that have been going around in that season, you can opt to stand out. Unleash your inner diva and go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding. 

How to be the coolest bride?

1. In the Spotlight

Your make-up should be structured in a way that you become the focus of any photograph that features you in it (even by mistake!). Usually, make-up artists opt to go for the safer nude or pastel pallets of color when structuring your basic look. This belief stems from the fact that you will need to look fresh and charming through the day. Not vulgar and lost in the brilliant flood of night lights.

2. Bold Is Beautiful

Gone are the days when opting for bold shades and gold hues were considered to be an abomination. Nowadays you, the bride, must have a brand new look with cool makeup ideas and look the most amazing.

3. Keep It Ambiguous

You’ll have no time at all to go to a make-up artist to change your day make – up for an evening one. Therefore, make sure that your cool makeup ideas match both your outfits and ambiances.

4. No Last Minute Regrets

A last minute fix make-up in the bathroom isn’t appropriate for the self-respecting bride. Wedding make-up should be not only ideal but additionally long-lasting. Don’t economize money on bridal make-up artists as well as professional cosmetic products on your wedding day. 

5. The Colour Code

In case your wedding dress is in a pale shade, pick up cool makeup ideas with colors like light blue, light gray, and muted purple. In case the dress has a beige hue, concentrate on warm colors, like all tones of beige, sand, soft turquoise, as well as champagne.

6. Lip Love

The color of lipstick needs to be chosen in pastel, not bright colors. An exclusion is only if you put on a red wedding gown. In this case, the lips must be the second brilliant spot, and eye make-up should be minimal.

7. Tuning The Tone

When choosing a tone basis, you must be guided by skin tone. Not only the face but additionally the hands and décolleté. It is sensible to visit a solarium several times ahead of time so the skin can look far healthy and smooth.

8. Daylight Dilemma

Since the wedding timings are usually in the mid-day as well as the whole photo shoot normally happens in daylight, the alignment of the skin must be given particular attention.

Opt to stand out and unleash your inner diva. Go for these uber cool makeup ideas for your wedding and set a magnificent style statement!